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20th February

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21st February

22nd February
England On This Day
1869 Jack Reynolds born in Blackburn
1878 Geooffrey Wilson born in Horbling

1949 Tommy Clay dies in Southend aged 56 years
Sammy Day dies in Chobham aged 71 years

England team chosen for Wales
Walter Bennett signs for Sheffield United FC
England team chosen for Wales
1931 Home Championship Ireland 0 Scotland 0

1950 Bobby Gurney appointed at Peterborough United FC
1953 youth Wales 2 England 4 at Vetch Field
  1958 The Munich Air Disaster:
Duncan Edwards dies from his injuries

Phil Jones born in Preston
1968 Scotland team chosen for England
1978 B
West Germany 1 England 2 in Augsburg
1983 unofficial youth
Israel U21 1 England 4

England drop three to 27th in rankings
2004 under 17 Portugal 0 England 0 in the Algarve
2008 Steve Bull appointed at Stafford Rangers FC
2009 under 17 Portugal 2 England 0 in the Algarve
Michael Antonio joins Sheffield Wednesday on loan
2013 Harry Kane joins Leicester City FC on loan

Opposition On This Day

1906 Tom Griffiths (Wales) born
1909 Auguste Jordan (France),
Andy Anderson (Scotland) & Frank Wels (Netherlands) born
1928 Virgino Pariani (United States) born
1970 Wilmar Perez (Colombia) born
1972 Capucho (Portugal) & Rafał Siadaczka (Poland) born
1973 Paulo Rink (Portugal) born
1974 Bernie Raymond Blom (Netherlands),
Gilbert Agius (Malta) & Thomas Vatava (Czech Rep.) born
1981 Thomas Beck (Liechtenstein) born
1984 David Odonkor (Germany) born
1985 Georgios Samaras (Greece) born
1987 Carlos Carmona (Chile) born
1989 Roman Bezjak (Slovenia) born
1991 Jens Stryger (Denmark) born
1893 Asociación del Fútbol Argentino founded

2003 Eddie Thomson (Australia Manager) dies