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England's Matches
the B team
The opposition countries also sent out their B teams, unless otherwise stated.

Between 1949 and 1958, the 'condition of selection' was that no player could play for the B team if they had accrued more than one British Championship appearance.
Season 1946-47


Walter Winterbottom

1 21 May 1947 - Switzerland 0 England 0 [0-0]

Season 1947-48
2 19 May 1948 - Switzerland 1 England 5 [0-3]
Wright, Mortensen (3), Pearson
England: Frank Swift, Alf Ramsey, Jack Aston, Bill Nicholson, Neil Franklin, Billy Wright ,Tom Finney, Stan Pearson, Stan Mortensen, Wilf Mannion, Bobby Langton. Reserves: Laurie Scott, Jack Howe, Henry Cockburn, Stan Matthews and Tommy Lawton.
- 22 May 1948 - Switzerland ? England ? [nk]
Mortensen (3) AW

Season 1948-49
3 15 May 1949 - Finland A 0 England 4 [0-1]
Olympiastadion, Helsinki
Mullen, Morris, Wilshaw (2) AW
England: Bert Williams, Bill Ellerington, E.Westwood, W.Harrison, L.Leuty, Jimmy Dickinson, E.Parsons, Johnny Morris, Dennis Wilshaw, Wilf Mannion, Jimmy Mullen.
(Part of a 26-man tour squad)
4 18 May 1949 - Netherlands A 0 England 4 [0-0]
Olympisch Stadion, Amsterdam
Rowley (3), Parsons AW
England: Ted Ditchburn, Bill Jones, E.Westwood, W.Harrison, L.Leuty, Henry Cockburn, E.Parsons, C.Gibson, Roy Bentley, Jack Rowley, Bobby Langton.
(Part of a 26-man tour squad)

Season 1949-50
5 18 January 1950 - England 5 Switzerland 0 [2-0]
Hillsborough, Sheffield
Gray, Baily, Rickett, Briggs, Froggatt
England: Ted Ditchburn, Laurie Scott, H.Swift, Bill Nicholson, Laurie Hughes, Jimmy Dickinson, W.Gray (Roy Bentley), Redfern Froggatt, T.Briggs, Eddie Baily, W.Rickett. Reserves: R.Middleton and W.Rickett
(Rickett replaced Jimmy Mullen and J.Shaw replaced Rickett as a reserve).
6 22 February 1950 - England 1 Netherlands A 0 [0-0]
St James' Park, Newcastle-upon-Tyne (43,068)
Lofthouse HW
England: R.Middleton, S.Milburn, Bill Eckersley, L.Quested, L.Leuty, Jimmy Dickinson, W.Walters, Nat Lofthouse, Len Shackleton, Wilf Mannion, Jimmy Mullen. Reserves: J.Fairbrother, Jackie Sewell, S.Milburn.
(Six days prior, Eckersely replaced captain H.Swift, Roy Bentley took the place of Redfern Froggatt and Lofthouse replaced Jackie MIlburn. Then four days prior, S.Milburn replaced R.Dicks, Leuty replaced Laurie Hughes, Shackleton replaced Roy Bentley, Mullen replaced Jack Froggatt).
7 11 May 1950 - Italy 5 England 0 [3-0]
Stadio Giuseppe Meazza, Milano
Capello (2), Boniperti, Burini, +1 AL
England: R.Middleton, Laurie Scott, Bill Eckersley, Bill Nicholson, J.Crosland, Willie Watson, J.Payne, R.Lewis, Jesse Pye, Eddie Baily, Bobby Langton. Reserves: J.Wright, Phil Taylor, E.Quigley.
(R.Lewis replaced Len Shackleton for rest of the tour).
8 17 May 1950 - Netherlands A 3 England 0 [1-0]
Olympisch Stadion, Amsterdam
Rijvers, Roosenburg, Lenstra
England: R.Middleton, Laurie Scott, Bill Eckersley, Phil Taylor, Bill Nicholson, Willie Watson, J.Payne, E.Quigley, Jesse Pye, Eddie Baily, Bobby Langton. Reserves: J.Wright, J.Crosland, R.Lewis.
9 21 May 1950 - Luxembourg A 1 England 2 [1-0]
Stade Municipal, Stad Lëtzebuerg
Lewis (2)
England: R.Middleton, Laurie Scott, J.Wright, Phil Taylor, J.Crosland, Willie Watson, J.Payne, E.Quigley, R.Lewis, Jesse Pye, Jimmy Mullen. Reserves: Bill Eckersley, Bill Nicholson, Eddie Baily, Bobby Langton.

Season 1951-52
10 26 March 1952 - Netherlands 0 England 1 [0-0]
Olympisch Stadion, Amsterdam (60,000)
Mitchell (pen) AW
England: C.Ashcroft, C.Rutter, C.Withers, Johnny Wheeler, R.Greenwood, L.Boyd, Johnny Berry, J.Taylor, C.Vaughan, T.Harmer, A.Mitchell. Reserves: R.Paisley and D.Hines.
(Rutter replaced P.Gunter).
International Trial
u/o 30 April 1952 - England 3 Great Britain and Northern Ireland Olympic 0 [2-0]
Arsenal Stadium, Highbury
Stubbs, Harmer (pen), French NW
England (team announced on 15 April): R.Reynolds, G.Wright, C.Withers, J.French, R.Greenwood, J.Hill, W.Walters, J.Taylor, Bobby Smith, T.Harmer, L.Stubbs.
(At least one change was made to the actual line-up, because at half-time W.Healey came on for F.Lock).
11 22 May 1952 - France Espoirs 7 England 1 [3-0]
Le Havre
Curyl, Cesari, Piantoni (2), Gaulon, Domingo, Kopa
England: E.Gregory, P.Gunter, S.Wicks, Johnny Wheeler, J.Kennedy, Ray Barlow, G.Astall, R.Foster, W.Grant, L.Shannon, D.Hawksworth.

Season 1952-53
12 11 March 1953 - Scotland 2 England 2 [0-1]
Easter Road, Edinburgh
McMillan, Morrison
Holden (2)
England: K.Nethercott, Ron Staniforth, Roger Byrne, J.Adamson, T.Cummings, Ray Barlow, J.Grainger, Albert Quixall, W.Holden, D.Lishman, D.Roper. Reserves: Sid Owen and J.Grainger.
(Staniforth replaced K.Green and Grainger replaced Arthur Milton)

Team selection is limted to players with no more than two full appearances

Season 1953-54
13 3 March 1954 - England 1 Scotland 1 [0-0]
Roker Park, Sunderland (21,048)
England: Ray Wood, Ron Staniforth, Roger Byrne, Ken Armstrong, J.Dugdale, E.Bell, H.Hooper, Don Revie, Ronnie Allen, Johnny Haynes, Brian Pilkington. Reserve: Stan Anderson.
(Hooper replaced original choice, Peter Harris).
14 24 March 1954 - West Germany 0 England 4 [0-1]
Glückauf Kampfbahn, Gelsenkirchen
Jezzard (3), Shannon AW
England: E.Burgin, Ron Staniforth, Roger Byrne, Ken Armstrong, H.Clarke, Duncan Edwards, H.Hooper, L.Shannon, Beddy Jezzard, Johnny Haynes, George Robb. Reserves: W.Bly, J.Shaw, J.Glazzard.
(Shannon replaced Don Revie)
15 16 May 1954 - Yugoslavia 2 England 1 [0-0]
Herceg (2)
England: E.Burgin, K.Green, J.Mansell, Ken Armstrong, J.Dugdale, E.Bell, H.Hooper, Albert Quixall, Beddy Jezzard, Johnny Haynes, George Robb. Reserves: G.Thompson, Duncan Edwards, Dennis Wilshaw.
(Part of a 30-man tour squad)
16 22 May 1954 - Switzerland 2 England 0 [1-0]
Riva, Mauron AL
England: R.King (G.Thompson), K.Green, S.Willemse, Bill McGarry, J.Dugdale, Duncan Edwards, H.Hooper, Albert Quixall, Ronnie Allen (John Nicholls), Dennis Wilshaw, George Robb. Reserve: E.Bell.
(Part of a 30-man tour squad)

Season 1954-55
pp 2 March 1955 - Scotland vs. England
Ibrox Park ,Glasgow
Match postponed because of a waterlogged pitch
England: Reg Matthews, Jimmy Meadows, Jimmy Langley, Ron Flowers, Trevor Smith, Duncan Edwards, V.Groves, Don Revie, R.Swinbourne, Dennis Wilshaw, Frank Blunstone. Reserves: Ken Armstrong and J.Hart.
17 23 March 1955 - England 1 West Germany 1 [1-0]
Hillsborough, Sheffield
Juskowiak (pen)
England: Reg Matthews, Jeff Hall, Jimmy Langley, John Wheeler, Trevor Smith, Duncan Edwards, H.Hooper, John Atyeo, R.Swinbourne, Johnny Haynes, W.Kiernan: Reserves: E.Burgin, J.Shaw and G.Turner.

Season 1955-56
18 19 October 1955 - England 5 Yugoslavia 1 [1-0]
Maine Road, Manchester
Atyeo, Jezzard (2), Perry (2)
England: Ron Baynham, T.McGhee, Jimmy Langley, John Wheeler, J.Kennedy, Ronnie Clayton, V.Groves, John Atyeo, Beddy Jezzard, Johnny Haynes, Bill Perry: Reserves: Reg Matthews, K.Barnes, J.Bradford.
(Matthews was replaced by Derek Ufton).
19 29 February 1956 - Scotland 2 England 2 [0-1]
Dens Park, Dundee (11,500)
Mulkerrin, McCulloch
Taylor, Atyeo
England: Reg Matthews, T.Cummings, Jimmy Langley, John Wheeler, J.Kennedy, L.Shannon, A.Finney, Peter Broadbent, Tommy Taylor, John Atyeo, Bill Perry. Reserves: not known
20 21 March 1956 - England 4 Switzerland 1 [0-1]
The Dell, Milton Road, The Common, Southampton
T.Taylor (3), Rowley
England: Reg Matthews, T.Cummings, J.Mansell, R.Morton, R.Gratrix, Duncan Edwards, Bryan Douglas, Ernie Taylor, Tommy Taylor, Arthur Rowley, David Pegg. Reserves: R.King, P.Gunter and Gerry Hitchens.
(Douglas replaced V.Groves)

Season 1956-57
21 6 February 1957 - England 4 Scotland 1 [3-0]
St. Andrew's, Birmingham (39,376)
Pilkington, Clough, Thompson, Hooper (pen)
England: F.Else, Don Howe, Peter Sillett, Stan Anderson, Trevor Smith, A.Marchi, H.Hooper, Peter Thompson, Brian Clough, A.Stokes, Brian Pilkington: Reserve: J.Adamson.
(A.Stokes replaced D.Durie).

Season 1957-58
Sheffield FC Centenary Match
u/o 23 October 1957 - Sheffield and District 4 England 5 [4-3]
Hillsborough, Sheffield
Quixall, Hawksworth (2), Howitt
Robson (3), Allen, McEvoy OG
England: F.Else, J.Bond, D.Evans, E.Colman, R.Gratrix, Ron Flowers, Bryan Douglas, Bobby Robson, Ronnie Allen, J.Barrett, Bill Perry. Reserve: A.Stokes.

Season 1977-78


Bobby Robson

22 21 February 1978 - West Germany 1 England 2 [0-0]
Rosenau-Stadion, Augsburg (8,000)
McDermott, Fairclough
England: Joe Corrigan, John Gidman, Alan Kennedy, Phil Thompson, D.Needham, D.Mortimer, Terry McDermott, Paul Mariner, D.Fairclough, M.Flanagan (Alan Sunderland), Gordon Hill (G.Owen).
Air New Zealand Tour
23 30 May 1978 - Malaysia A 1 England 1 [1-1]
Merdeka Stadium, Kuala Lumpur
England: Joe Corrigan, Viv Anderson, Alan Kennedy, Brian Talbot, S.Sims (G.Roeder), D.Needham, John Hollins (G.Owen), S.Daley, Paul Mariner, John Richards (D.Geddis), Gordon Hill.
u/o 3 June 1978 - Trans Tours United 2 England 2 [nk]
English Park, Cranford Street, Christchurch
Park (2 pens)
Speight, Talbot
u/o 5 June 1978 - Otago 0 England 6 [nk]
Hill (2), Talbot, Owen, Daley, Kennedy AW
24 7 June 1978 - New Zealand A 0 England 4 [0-2]
Talbot, Needham, Hollins, Hill AW
England: Joe Corrigan, Viv Anderson, Alan Kennedy, Brian Talbot, D.Needham, G.Roeder, John Hollins, S.Daley, John Richards (M.Speight), G.Owen, Gordon Hill (Paul Mariner).
25 11 June 1978 - New Zealand A 1 England 3 [1-2]
Anderson, Needham, Hill
England: Joe Corrigan, Viv Anderson, Alan Kennedy, Brian Talbot (M.Speight), D.Needham, G.Roeder, John Hollins, S.Daley (T.Langley), Paul Mariner, G.Owen, Gordon Hill (M.Eves).
26 14 June 1978 - New Zealand A 0 England 4 [0-2]
Talbot (2), Speight, Mariner AW
England: Joe Corrigan, Viv Anderson, Alan Kennedy, Brian Talbot, D.Needham, G.Roeder, John Hollins (T.Langley), M.Speight, Paul Mariner, G.Owen (S.Daley), Gordon Hill (M.Eves).
27 18 June 1978 - Singapore A 0 England 8 [0-1]
National Stadium, Singapore City
Anderson, Kennedy, Daley, Mariner, Langley, Hill (2), Eves AW
England: Joe Corrigan, Viv Anderson, Alan Kennedy, Brian Talbot (G.Owen), D.Needham, G.Roeder, John Hollins (M.Speight), S.Daley, Paul Mariner, John Richards (T.Langley), Gordon Hill (M.Eves).
Season 1978-79
28 28 November 1978 - Czechoslovakia 0 England 1 [0-0]
Daley AW
England: Joe Corrigan, John Gidman, Kenny Sansom, Brian Talbot, Brian Greenhoff (B.Hazell), M.Lyons, Laurie Cunningham, S.Daley, Alan Sunderland, D.Mortimer (G.Owen), M.Flanagan (Cyrille Regis).
29 12 June 1979 - Austria 0 England 1 [0-1]
(3,500) Match abandoned after 60 minutes: Floodlight Failure
Robson AabW
England: Joe Corrigan, Viv Anderson, Kenny Sansom, Steve Williams, B.Wright, Terry Butcher, Glenn Hoddle, Bryan Robson, Kevin Reeves, Tony Woodcock, Graham Rix.
Season 1979-80
30 15 October 1979 - England 4 New Zealand A 1 [1-0]
Leyton Stadium, Brisbane Road, Leyton, London
Almond OG, Flanagan, Hilaire, Hoddle
England: Phil Parkes, K.Bond. D.Peach, Brian Talbot (Ju.Fashanu), M.Waldron, G.Roeder, V.Hilaire, Glenn Hoddle, Alan Sunderland (R.Money), M.Flanagan, Graham Rix.
31 26 March 1980 - England 1 Spain 0 [0-0]
Roker Park, Sunderland
Osman HW
England: Joe Corrigan, Viv Anderson, Alan Kennedy, Alan Devonshire, Russell Osman, S.Elliott, Alan Sunderland, Bryan Robson, Paul Mariner, Garry Birtles, David Armstrong.
Season 1980-81
32 14 October 1980 - England 1 USA A 0 [0-0]
Old Trafford, Stretford, Manchester
Statham HW
England: Gary Bailey, B.Batson, Derek Statham, Brian Talbot, Russell Osman, S.Elliott, Peter Barnes, Steve Williams, Cyrille Regis (Kevin Reeves), Alan Sunderland, David Armstrong.
33 17 November 1980 - England 1 Australia A 0 [0-0]
St. Andrews, Birmingham
Sunderland HW
England: Gary Bailey, B.Batson (K.Bond), J.Bailey, Steve Williams, J.Gallagher, B.Wright, D.Mortimer, Alan Sunderland, Cyrille Regis (Tony Morley), Gordon Cowans, Peter Ward.
34 25 March 1981 - Spain 3 England 2 [2-0]
Estadio Los Palmenos, Granada
Alonso, Rubio (pen), Santillana
Statham, Martin
England: Joe Corrigan, B.Batson, Derek Statham, Steve Williams, Alvin Martin, S.Elliott, S.Mackenzie (P.Power), Kevin Reeves, Tony Morley, Alan Sunderland, Graham Rix.

Season 1984-85


Howard Wilkinson

35 13 November 1984 - England 2 New Zealand A 0 [1-0]
City Ground, Pavilion Road, Nottingham
Hodge, Mabbutt HW
England: Chris Woods, Gary Stevens, S.McCall (C.Gibson), Graham Roberts, Alvin Martin, D.Mountfield (N.Callaghan), Gary Mabbutt, Steve McMahon, Luther Blissett (Paul Goddard), Peter Davenport (Gary Lineker), Steve Hodge.

Season 1987-88


Graham Taylor

36 14 October 1987 - Malta A 0 England 2 [0-1]
Stadium Nazzjonali, Ħ'Attard
Sterland, Harford AW
England: David Seaman, Mel Sterland, Mt.Thomas, Steve McMahon (I.Crook), S.Bruce, C.Fairclough (Paul Parker), C.Johnston, A.Heath, Mick Harford, I.Snodin, K.Brock.
Season 1988-89


Dave Sexton

European Tour
37 16 May 1989 - Switzerland 0 England 2 [0-0]
Stadion Schützenwiese, Winterthur
Gascoigne, Schepull OG AW
England: Dave Beasant (S.Naylor), Gary Mabbutt, T.Mowbray, Gary Pallister (A.McLeary), Tony Dorigo, Paul Gascoigne, T.Hurlock, David Platt, D.Preece, A.Mutch (Paul Stewart), Steve Bull.
38 19 May 1989 - Iceland A 0 England 2 [0-0]
Laugardalsvöllur, Reykjavík
Hurlock, Bull AW
England: S.Naylor (Dave Beasant), Paul Parker, Gary Mabbutt, Gary Pallister (T.Mowbray), Tony Dorigo, Paul Gascoigne (T.Ford), T.Hurlock, David Platt, D.Preece, Steve Bull, Paul Stewart (A.Mutch).
39 22 May 1989 - Norway 0 England 1 [0-0]
Bull (pen) AW
England: S.Naylor (Dave Beasant), Gary Mabbutt, T.Mowbray (Gary Pallister), A.McLeary, Tony Dorigo, T.Ford, T.Hurlock (David Platt), S.Mackenzie, D.Preece, A.Mutch, Paul Stewart (Steve Bull).
Season 1989-90
40 14 November 1989 - England 1 Italy 1 [1-1]
Goldstone Ground, Brighton
England: Nigel Martyn (Dave Beasant), Paul Parker (Lee Dixon), Tony Dorigo, Michael Thomas, Tony Adams, Gary Pallister (A.Linighan), Dennis Wise (P.Beagrie), Paul Gascoigne, Steve Bull, David Batty, Mike Newell (P.Williams).
41 12 December 1989 - England 2 Yugoslavia 1 [1-1]
The Den, New Cross, London
Wise, Newell
England: Chris Woods (Nigel Martyn), Lee Dixon (Mel Sterland), M.Forsyth, David Batty, A.Linighan (Gary Pallister), Tony Adams, Dennis Wise, Paul Gascoigne, Ian Wright (M.Newell), P.Williams, P.Beagrie (G.Parker).
42 27 March 1990 - Republic of Ireland 4 England 1 [2-1]
Turners Cross, Cork
McLoughlin, Kelly (pen), Quinn (2)
England: Dave Beasant (David Seaman), Lee Dixon (I. Snodin), Nigel Winterburn, Carlton Palmer, A.Linighan, Tony Adams, Matt Le Tissier (Tony Daley), David Batty, P.Williams (Nigel Clough), D.Athkinson, Andy Sinton (P.Lake).
43 24 April 1990 - England 2 Czechoslovakia 0 [2-0]
Roker Park, Sunderland
Smith (2) HW
England: David Seaman (Dave Beasant), B.Borrows, Nigel Winterburn (D.Burrows), Neil Webb (Michael Thomas), Tony Adams, Gary Pallister (A.Linighan), Dennis Wise, Gordon Cowans, Alan Smith, M.Gabbiadini, Rd.Wallace (M.Le Tissier).
Season 1990-91


Lawrie McMenemy

44 11 December 1990 - Algeria A 0 England 0 [0-0]
Stade 7 Juillet 1962, Algiers


England: Nigel Martyn (J.Lukic), Mel Sterland (Michael Thomas), D.Burrows, Neil Webb, Gary Mabbutt, Gary Pallister (G.Ablett), Bryan Robson, Nigel Clough, Alan Smith (Danny Wallace), Ian Wright, Geoff Thomas.
45 5 February 1991 - Wales 0 England 1 [0-1]
Vetch Field, Swansea
Davis AW
England: Nigel Spink (Dave Beasant), B.Laws, D.Burrows, Michael Thomas, Gary Mabbutt, Earl Barrett, D.Gordon, Peter Beardsley, Steve Bull, P.Davis (Geoff Thomas), Mark Walters.
46 27 April 1991 - England 1 Iceland A 0 [0-0]
Vicarage Road Stadium, Watford
Clough HW
England: Nigel Spink, R.Joseph, Tony Dorigo, David Batty, Gary Mabbutt, Gary Pallister (Keith Curle), David White, Nigel Clough, L.Chapman (Brian Deane), Steve Hodge, Warren Barton (Paul Stewart).
47 20 May 1991 - England 2 Switzerland 1 [1-1]
Bescot Stadium, Walsall
Hirst (2)
England: Nigel Martyn, R.Joseph (Keith Curle), P.King, I.Bishop (J.Ebbrell), P.Elliott, Earl Barrett, D.Gordon (S.Slater), David Hirst, Brian Deane, Carlton Palmer, Graeme Le Saux.
Season 1991-92
48 18 December 1991 - Spain Olympic 0 England 1 [0-1]
Nou Estadi Castalia, Castellón
de la Plana, Valencia (4,000)
Merson AW
England: David Seaman, Earl Barrett, Nigel Winterburn, Neil Webb, Martin Keown, Keith Curle, David Rocastle, K.Campbell (S.Slater), David Hirst, Carlton Palmer, Paul Merson (Brian Deane).
49 18 February 1992 - England 3 France 0 [2-0]
Rangers Stadium, Loftus Road, Shepherds Bush, London
Merson, Dumas OG, Stewart HW
England: David Seaman (T.Coton), Keith Curle, Tony Dorigo, Paul Stewart, Gary Mabbutt, Gary Pallister, Paul Ince (Matt Le Tissier), Paul Merson, Ian Wright (David White), Carlton Palmer, Andy Sinton.
This B match was the first time that past, present and future England full team players made up the entire starting eleven.
50 24 March 1992 - Czechoslovakia 0 England 1 [0-0]
Stadion Na Streleckem Ostrove, Ceské Budejovice
Smith AW
England: Nigel Martyn, Earl Barrett, J.Dicks, David Batty, R.Jobson, Carlton Palmer, Andy Sinton, Michael Thomas, Alan Smith (Tony Dorigo), Alan Shearer (David Hirst), Matt Le Tissier.
51 28 April 1992 - CIS 1 England 1 [0-1]
Olimpiyskiy Kompleks Luzhniki Stadion, Moskva
England: David Seaman, Lee Dixon, J.Dicks, Neil Webb, Gary Mabbutt, R.Jobson, David Rocastle, Peter Beardsley (Graeme Le Saux), Alan Smith, Geoff Thomas, Lee Sharpe (Matt Le Tissier).
Season 1993-94


Terry Venables

52 10 May 1994 - England 4 Northern Ireland 2 [3-2]
Hillsborough, Sheffield (8,258)
Holdsworth, Merson, Bould, Scales
O'Boyle, Quinn
England: K.Pressman (Nigel Martyn), Warren Barton (R.Edghill), John Scales, Steve Bould, J.Beresford, R.Fox (N.Summerbee), Rob Lee, C.Bart-Williams (A.Stubbs), Paul Merson, D.Holdsworth, C.Sutton (C.Armstrong).
Season 1994-95
53 13 December 1994 - England 2 Republic of Ireland 0 [1-0]
Anfield Road, Liverpool
Cole, Fowler HW
England: K.Pressman (David James), Warren Barton, J.Beresford, Tim Sherwood, John Scales (Ugo Ehiogu), Neil Ruddock, Sol Campbell (Jamie Redknapp), Chris Sutton (Nick Barmby), Andy Cole (Robbie Fowler), R.Fox, Jason Wilcox.

Season 1997-98


Peter Taylor

54 10 February 1998 - England 1 Chile 2 [0-0]
The Hawthorns, West Bromwich
Neira (2)
England: K.Pressman, Keiron Dyer (Steve Guppy), Jason Wilcox (Jamie Carragher), R.Scimeca, D.Matteo, M.Hall, D.Huckerby, N.Quashie (Frank Lampard), Emile Heskey, Paul Merson, Ray Parlour (P.Murray).
55 21 April 1998 - England 4 Russia 1 [2-0]
Rangers Stadium, Shepherds Bush
Ferdinand, Le Tissier (3)
England: Ian Walker, S.Watson (J.Curtis), C.Serrant, D.Williams, W.Quinn, Jamie Carragher, Matt Le Tissier, Trevor Sinclair (Keiron Dyer), Les Ferdinand (Kevin Phillips), Nick Barmby (D.Johnson), Darren Anderton (Lee Hendrie).

Season 2005-06
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Sven-Göran Eriksson

56 25 May 2006 - England 1 Belarus A 2 [1-0]
Madejski Stadium, Reading (22,032)
Kutuzov, Kornilenko
Season 2006-07
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57 25 May 2007 - England 3 Albania 1 [2-1]
Turf Moor, Burnley (22,400)
Alan Smith, Stewart Downing (2).