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Wednesday, 26 March 1952
International 'B' Friendly Match

Netherlands 0 England 1
Olympisch Stadion, Stadionbuurt, Amsterdam, North Holland
Kick-off: tbc pm

Attendance: 63,000 sold out
unknown kicked-off
[0-1] Bert Mitchell penalty 69
'hard and low into the net'
(Alberts handled Mitchell's shot)
There is no Television or Radio coverage
Officials Netherlands FIFA ruling on substitutes England
Leopold Sylvain Horn
35 (29 August 1916) Sittard, Netherlands
The Continental ruling of allowing two substitutes to replace injured players prior to the 44th minute, and a goalkeeper at any time, is in place.
tbc tbc
Netherlands B Team
Rank: No official ranking system established; Colours: probably Orange collared jerseys, white shorts, blue socks with white tops.
Capt: Louis Biesbrouck Selector: Team chosen on Tuesday, 18 March 1952 in The Hague
Netherlands Lineup
  Landman, Willem 29
348 days
13 April 1921 G Sparta Rotterdam
2 Odenthal, Johannes B., injured off late in first half 28
11 days
15 March 1924 RB Haarlemsche FC
3 Alberts, Jacues A. 26
28 days
27 February 1926 LB Stichting Betaald Voetbal Vitesse
4 Wiertz, Abraham 22
126 days
21 November 1919 RHB Amsterdamsche FC Door Wilskracht Sterk
5 Terlouw, Marinus 29
284 days
16 June 1922 CHB Sparta Rotterdam
6 Biesbrouck, Louis 31
35 days
20 February 1921 LHB Racing Club Heemstede
7 van der Kull, Piet 19
45 days
10 February 1933 OR Velseroorder Sport Vereniging
8 van Schijndel, Jan 25
22 days
4 March 1927 IR Schiedamse Voetbal Vereniging
9 van Melis, Noud 28
45 days
10 February 1924 CF FC Eindhoven
10 Lenstra, Abe M. 31
132 days
27 November 1920 IL SC Heerenveen
11 Clavan, Mathijs 23
15 days
11 March 1929 OL Alles Door Oefening Den Haag
Netherlands Substitute
  De Jong, on for Odenthal 30
116 days
1 December 1921 D Alles Door Oefening Den Haag
unused substitutes:  
2-3-5 Landman -
(de Jong), Alberts -
Wiertz, Terlouw, Blesbrouck -
van der Kull, van Schijndel, van Melis, Lenstra, Claven.
Averages: Age 27 years 266 days  
England B Team


No official ranking system established; Colours: The 1949 home uniform - White collared jerseys, blue shorts, red socks with white tops.
Capt: Ron Greenwood
only, W 1 - D 0 - L 0 - F 1 - A 0.¹
Manager: William Ridding, 40 (4 April 1911), appointed B team manager 12 March 1952 for one match, also manager of Bolton Wanderers FC;
only B match, W 1 - D 0 - L 0 - F 1 - A 0.
Trainer: Billy Wright (Portsmouth FC)
Team chosen by the Intermediate Selection Committee, headed by Harold Shentall, on Monday, 3 March.
England Lineup
  eleven changes to the previous B match league position (3 March)  
5   Ashcroft, Charles T. 25
267 days
3 July 1926 G Liverpool FC (FL 13th) 1 0ᵍᵃ
53 only B app 1952
54 2 Rutter, Charles F. 24
95 days
22 December 1927 RB Cardiff City FC (FL2 4th) 1 0
only B app 1952
55 3 Withers, Charles F. 29
202 days
6 September 1922 LB Tottenham Hotspur FC (FL 4th) 1 0
only B app 1952
56 4 Wheeler, John E. 23
244 days
26 July 1928 RHB Bolton Wanderers FC (FL 9th) 1 0
57 5 Greenwood, Ronald 30
136 days
11 November 1921 CHB Brentford FC (FL2 10th) 1 0
only B app 1952
58 6 Boyd, Leonard A.M. 28
136 days
11 November 1923 LHB Birmingham City FC (FL2 5th) 1 0
only B app 1952
59 7 Berry, R. John 25
299 days
1 June 1926 OR Manchester United FC (FL TOP) 1 0
only B app 1952
60 8 Taylor, John J. 27
197 days
11 September 1924 IR Luton Town FC (FL2 14th) 1 0
only B app 1952
61 9 Vaughan, Charles J. 30
338 days
23 April 1921 CF Charlton Athletic FC (FL 8th) 1 0
only B app 1952
62 10 Harmer, Thomas C. 24
53 days
2 February 1928 IL Tottenham Hotspur FC (FL 4th) 1 0
only B app 1952
63 11
Mitchell, Albert J. 30
64 days
22 January 1922 OL Luton Town FC (FL2 14th) 1 1
only B app 1952
unused substitutes: Bob Paisley (Liverpool FC (FL 13th)), Derek Hines (Leicester City FC (FL2 3rd))
team notes: When the team was announced, the right-back position was to be filled by either Phil Gunter (Portsmouth FC (FL 3rd)) or John Ball (Bolton Wanderers FC (FL 9th)), dependent on Portsmouth's participation in the FA Cup semi-final. Gunter got the nod, however, because of a strained back muscle, Rutter replaced him on 25 March.
The less than familiar names for this England 'B' match, was because most of the senior team and fringe players were involved in the inter-league match between the Irish and English Leagues played on the same night.
2-3-5 Ashcroft -
Rutter, Withers -
Wheeler, Greenwood, Boyd -
Berry, Taylor, Vaughan, Harmer, Mitchell.
Averages: Age 27 years 120 days Appearances/Goals 1.0 0

"Mr. Tom Whittaker, the Arsenal manager, has accepted an invitation to manage the England 'B' team in their matches with Holland at Amsterdam on March 26, Saarlandischer, in Saarbruecken, on May 18, and France 'B' in France on May 22". - Tuesday, 4 March 1952, The Yorkshire Post and Leeds Mercury.
"The Football Association announce that, in view of Arsenal's F.A. Cup semi-final tie on March 29, they have released Mr Tom Whittaker, their secretary/manager, from his position as manager to the England 'B' team in their match against Holland in Amsterdam three days earlier. Mr R. Ridding of Bolton Wanderers will take his place. Mr Whittaker did not make a request for release, but he was very pleased at the F.A's decision. He will still manage the England 'B' team during their continental tour in May."
- Wednesday, 12 March 1952, The Evening News


              Match Report by Charles Buchan, Daily News, 27 March 1952

ENGLAND'S penalty goal win was as cheerless as the weather here today. Only once in the second half when the Dutch forwards swarmed around the England goal for a brief spell, did the game raise a spark of enthusiasm among the 63,000 crowd.
Charlie Ashcroft, England's goalkeeper, nevertheless came through the match with great credit. Four times he made brilliant diving saves. I thought he earned a place in the England team against Scotland on April 5; he certainly won his way into the England party to tour the Continent in May. One daring save by Ashcroft led to the winning goal in the 24th minute of the second half. His clearance went to Mitchell who broke through the Dutch defenders, dribbled the ball round the advancing goalkeeper and shot. Left-back Alberts stopped the ball deliberately with his hand. And Mitchell sent the penalty award hard and low into the net.
The only other successes in the team England team which promised much, but achieved little, were Withers—he kicked and tackled strongly—Boyd and Mitchell. But I have little doubt that Messrs. Shentall and Richards, F.A. selectors present, made a note of Rutter and Taylor who showed good positional play and the right temperament. Late in the first half Mitchell collided with Odenthal in a plucky attempt to score. The Dutch right-back was taken to hospital with concussion and De Yong came on as substitute.
There was little understanding in the English ranks. The defence, with Greenwood and Rutter prominent, struggled through successfully, but the attack, apart from Mitchell and an occasional flash from Berry, failed to reach even an average standard. They allowed themselves to be outwitted by the slow moving Dutch defenders and fell into the offside trap so often it became monotonous. Even when they succeeded in working in a way through to the Dutch goal they finished weakly. Easy chances were thrown away. Once Taylor waltzed the ball round the goalkeeper then fired wide of an open goal. Harmer and Vaughan made many bad passes that spoiled promising movements. The Dutch side knew how to move the ball but were so slow and deliberate that they would have been no match for one of our top 2nd Division teams.


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