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Wednesday, 24 March 1954
International 'B' Friendly Match

West Germany 0 England 4
Glückauf Kampfbahn, Zeche Consolidation, Gelsenkirchen, Nordrhein-Westfalen
Kick-off: tbc

Attendance: '42,000'; '45,000'
unknown kicked-off
  [0-1] Beddy Jezzard 12
seized on a pass bore thro' and shot from close range
[0-2] Les Shannon header 56
'his first shot smothered, scored with the second' from a Johnny Haynes thro' pass
[0-3] Beddy Jezzard 69
'Byrne and George Robb paved the way'
[0-4] Beddy Jezzard 90 HAT-TRICK
'after a fine solo dash'...'was laid on by Les Shannon'
There is no Television or Radio coverage
Officials West Germany FIFA ruling on substitutes England
West Germany Team
Rank No official ranking system established; Colours "the green-shirted Germans"
Captain   Manager Joséf Herberger, 56 (28 March 1897)
appointed in 1950
West Germany Lineup
  Kwaitkowski, Heinrich 25
251 days
16 July 1926 G BvB 09 eV Dortmund
2 Deinert, Rudolf 25
295 days
2 June 1928 RB TeBe Berlin
3 Erhardt, Herbert 24
261 days
6 July 1930 LB SpVgg Fürth
4 Lang, Walter 28
296 days
1 June 1925 RHB 1. FC Schweinfurt 05
5 Schäfer, Hans 26
156 days
19 October 1927 CHB 1. FC Koln
6 Harpers, Gerhard 26
12 days
12 March 1928 LHB SV Sodingen
7 Ernst, Otto nk not known OR not known
8 Lettl, Heinz 21
69 days
14 January 1933 IR FC Bayern München
9 Kreß, Richard 29
18 days
6 March 1925 CF Frankfurter SG Eintracht
10 Laszig, Otto 19
86 days
28 December 1934 IL FC Gelsenkirchen-Schalke 04 eV
11 Krämer, Hans 25
298 days
30 May 1928 OL FC Gelsenkirchen-Schalke 04 eV
unused substitutes: not known
team notes: Most newspaper reports state that Ludwig Kwiatkowski was in goal, Ludwig was a defender and played with SF Katernberg, and it was actually Heinz who was also the Dortmund goalkeeper between 1952 and 1966.
2-3-5 Kwaitkowski -
Deinert, Erhard -
Lang, Schaefer, Harpers -
Ernst, Lettle, Kress, Laszig, Kraemer
Averages: Age 25 years 139 days¹⁰ Appearances/Goals
England Team
Rank No official ranking system established; Colours The 1949 home uniform - White collared jerseys with blue shorts, socks not known.
Captain Ken Armstrong Manager Walter Winterbottom, 40 (31 March 1913), appointed as FA national director of coaching/team manager on 8 July 1946;
second, W 1 - D 1 - L 0 - F 5 - A 1.³ ninth of fourteen B matches, W 6 - D 3 - L 0 - F 26 - A 4.
  Team chosen by the Intermediate Selection Committee, headed by Joe Richards, on Monday, 14 March.
England Lineup
  five changes to the previous B match league position (14 March)  
9   Burgin, Edward 26
329 days
29 April 1927 G Sheffield United FC (FL 19th) 1 0ᵍᵃ
2 Staniforth, Ronald 29
345 days
13 April 1924 RB Huddersfield Town FC (FL 3rd) 3 0
final B app 1953-54
3 Byrne, Roger W. 24
197 days
8 September 1929 LB Manchester United FC (FL 5th) 3 0
final B app 1953-54
4 Armstrong, Kenneth 29
294 days
3 June 1924 RHB Chelsea FC (FL 10th) 2 0
94 5 Clarke, Henry A. 31
29 days
23 February 1923 CHB Tottenham Hotspur FC (FL 13th) 1 0
only B app 1953-54
95 6 Edwards, Duncan 17
174 days
1 October 1936 LHB Manchester United FC (FL 5th) 1 0
youngest B player
7 Hooper, Harry 20
283 days
14 June 1933 OR West Ham United FC (FL2 13th) 2 1
Shannon, Leslie 28
12 days
12 March 1926 IR Burnley FC (FL 4th) 2 1
96 9
Jezzard, Bedford A.G. 25
68 days
15 January 1929 CF Fulham FC (FL2 9th) 1   3  
=most B gls 1954
Haynes, John N. 19
158 days
17 October 1934 IL Fulham FC (FL2 9th) 2 0
97 11
Robb, George 27
296 days
1 June 1926 OL Tottenham Hotspur FC (FL 13th) 1 0
unused substitutes: Des Thompson (Burnley FC (FL 4th)), Jack Shaw (Sheffield United FC (FL 19th)), Jimmy Glazzard (Huddersfield Town AFC (FL 3rd))
team changes: The Selectors were farcically restricted. They could not consider players who were appearing in the FA Cup semi-finals on 27th March, or the Army and RAF teams, who are to play each other on the 25th.
Don Revie (Manchester City FC (FL 18th)) was the original named inside right until a groin injury ruled him out on 20th March. Les Shannon replaced him on the 22nd.
Billy Bly (Hull City AFC (FL2 14th)) was the original named reserve goalkeeper.
2-3-5 Burgin -
Staniforth, Byrne -
Armstrong, Clarke, Edwards -
Hooper, Shannon, Jezzard, Haynes, Robb.
Averages: Age 25 years 200 days Appearances/Goals 1.7 0.1
              Match Report as appears in the Daily News, 25 March 1954

FIVE thousand British troops, packed among the 40,000 Germans, tossed Union Jacks high into the air here today as England's 'B' team punctuated the second half with goals Nos, 2, 3 and 4.
Our selectors must have been pleased with those last 45 minutes when our youngsters played with poise and sometimes the brilliance of a great England team of the future.
Bedford Jezzard scored three of our goals. It was he who shot the heart right out of a poor German side. Ludwig Kwaitkowski, 25-year-old Dortmund goalkeeper, stood between Germany and Soccer disaster. He robbed Jezzard of three further goals and his gathering of crosses from the touch-lines was the finest I have ever seen—and the bravest as well.
Major England successes of the match, apart from Jezzard, were the Manchester United pair, left-back Roger Byrne and 17-year-old left-half Duncan Edwards.
Edwards, from Dudley, is in the mold of Wilf Copping. I hope our selectors name him next Monday to play against Scotland in Glasgow on Saturday week.
thousands of German eyes closed in suspense when this young giant moved into a tackle. I did not envy the five green-shirted German forwards. Harry Clarke also brimmed over with firm, but fair determination. Ultimately all the home forwards, woefully weak in the penalty area, had to listen to angry whistles from the terraces.
Byrne and Ken Armstrong, the Chelsea right-half, who did well after a shaky start, should also be at Hampden Park. And Johnny Haynes, Fulham's cheeky 19-year-old inside-left, did nothing to prejudice his chances. To the team manager, Walter Winterbottom, goes a share of the credit for this boost to our Soccer morale.
After Jezzard had snatched his first goal in 12 minutes, the white shirts of England retreated to pack the penalty area. That policy brought us to the brink of defeat—and silenced the khaki patches in the crowd. thousands of Germans, perched high in the silver birches in the Stadium car parks, risked their necks as they stretched to watch the green shirts storm round England's goal.
We had no forward, except Jezzard, sufficiently upfield to challenge the German backs or even the half-backs.
Fortunately, England, too, had a fine goalkeeper in Ted Burgin, but two good shots in the German attack might have won the game. Winterbottom's words at half-time changed the policy of retreat.
Kwaitkowski made three magnificent saves in the first five minutes of the second half before a fine pass by Haynes opened Germany's defence. Inside-right Les Shannon, his first shot smothered, scored with the second. In 66 minutes Byrne and George Robb paved the way for Jezzard's second goal, and his third, in 89 minutes was laid on by Shannon.
German football, I think, has reached a standard far higher than this team would indicate. Of 17 post-war international matches they have won 11 and drawn three. But only right-back Rudi Deinart, only Berliner in the line-up, and, of course, Herr Goalkeeper, measured up to that form.


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