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Saturday, 22 May 1954
Pre-World Cup East-European Tour Match

Switzerland 2 England 0
The England B side were due to meet Greece, but recent earthquakes prevented that fixture.
St. Jakob Stadium, St. Jakob, Basel
Kick-off (CEST): tbc

Attendance: '14,000.'
Switzerland kicked-off  
[0-0] Norbert Eschmann shot grazed the crossbar
[1-0] Ferdinand Riva 9
 20-yard grand drive 'into the top left corner of the net'

[0-0] Dennis Wilshaw volley skimmed the crossbar
[2-0] Marcel Mauron 62
 'snapping up a pass by Riva about 13 yards from goal, he swung round and hammered the ball into the bottom left corner of the net'
there is no radio TV or Radio coverage
Officials Switzerland ruling on substitutes England Party
Josef Wershoven
West Germany.
Both countries agreed to dispense with the Continental and UK rulings on substitutes, by allowing the use of three substitutes for any reason and at any point.

There were no age or senior appearances restrictions for these B internationals
tbc tbc
Switzerland Team
Rank: No official ranking system established; Colours: probably white jerseys and black shorts.
Capt:   Manager:  
Switzerland Lineup
  Permunian, Antonio 23
280 days
15 August 1930 G AC Bellinzona
2 Neury, André 32
261 days
3 September 1921 RB Servette FC Genève 1890
3 Flückiger, Marcel 24
336 days
20 June 1929 LB Berner Sport Club Young Boys
4 Eschmann, Norbert 20
245 days
19 September 1933 RHB FC Lausanne-Sport
5 Eggimann, Oliver 35
114 days
28 January 1919 CHB FC La Chaux-de-Fonds
6 Fesselet, Gilbert 26
36 days
16 April 1928 LHB FC La Chaux-de-Fonds
7 Morand, Raymond 23
119 days
23 January 1931 OR FC La Chaux-de-Fonds
8 Hagen, Hans 26
349 days
7 June 1927 IR Grasshopper Club Zürich
Mauron, Marcel 25
58 days
25 March 1929 CF FC La Chaux-de-Fonds
Riva, Ferdinando 23
323 days
3 July 1930 IL FC Chiasso
11 Coutax nk nk OL nk
unused substitutes: not named
2-3-5 Permunian -
Flückiger -
Eschmann, Eggimann, Oliver -
Fesselet, Morand, Hagen, Riva, Coutax
Averages: Age 26 years 104 days¹⁰ Appearances/Goals
England Team


No official ranking system established; Colours: "England. in red and white...." the 1952 away uniform - Red collared short-sleeved jerseys, white shorts, red socks.
Capt: to be confirmed Manager: Joseph Richards, Barnsley FC & Football League Chairman
second match, W 0 - D 0 - L 2 - F 1 - A 4.
Team chosen by the Intermediate Selection Committee, headed by Joe Richards, on Friday, 21 May.
England Lineup
  six changes to the previous B match FINAL league positions (FL1 26 April, FL2/3N 29 April)
10   King, Raymond, tactical off 46th min. 29
280 days
15 August 1924 G Port Vale FC (FL3N TOP) 1 1ᵍᵃ
100 only B app 1954
2 Green, Kenneth 30
25 days
27 April 1924 RB Birmingham City FC (FL2 7th) 2 0
final B app 1954
101 3 Willemse, Stanley B. 29
272 days
23 August 1924 LB Chelsea FC (FL 8th) 1 0
only B app 1954
102 4 McGarry, William H. 26
346 days
10 June 1927 RHB Huddersfield Town AFC (FL 3rd) 1 0
only B app 1954
5 Dugdale, James R. 22
127 days
15 January 1932 CHB West Bromwich Albion FC (FL RU) 3 0
final B app 1954
6 Edwards, Duncan 17
233 days
1 October 1936 LHB Manchester United FC (FL 4th) 2 0
7 Hooper, Harry 20
342 days
14 June 1933 OR West Ham United FC (FL2 13th) 4 1
8 Quixall, Albert 20
286 days
9 August 1933 IR Sheffield Wednesday FC (FL 19th) 3 0
final B app 1954
9 Allen, Ronald, tactical off 46th min. 25
127 days
15 January 1929 CF West Bromwich Albion FC (FL RU) 2 0
final B app 1954
10 Wilshaw, Dennis J. 28
52 days
11 March 1926 IL/CF Wolverhampton Wanderers FC (FL CHAMPIONS) 2 2
final B app 1954
11 Robb, George 27
355 days
1 June 1926 OL Tottenham Hotspur FC (FL 16th) 3 0
final B app 1954
England Substitutes
scoreline: Switzerland 1 England 0
103   Thompson, George H., on 46th min. for King 27
249 days
15 September 1926 G Preston North End FC (FL 11th) 1 1ᵍᵃ
only B app 1954
104   Nicholls, John, on 46th min. for Allen 23
49 days
3 April 1931 IL West Bromwich Albion FC (FL RU) 1 0
only B app 1954
result: Switzerland 2 England 0
unused substitute: Eric Bell (Bolton Wanderers FC (FL 5th))
team notes: The first England representative match to have two substitutions made through the match.
2-3-5 King (Thompson) -
Green, Willemse -
McGarry, Dugdale, Edwards -
Hooper, Quixall, Allen
(Nicholls), Wilshaw, Robb.
notes: for the second half, Wilshaw played in the centre, with Nicholls taking Wilshaw's position.
Averages: (start)
Age 25 years 159 days
26 years 32 days
Appearances/Goals 2.2 0.2
              Match Report as appears in the The People, 23 May 1954

Is this to be woe, woe, week-end for English Soccer? Last night, in Basle, before 20,000 people, England "B" were humbled 2—0. Today the No. 1 England team tackles Hungary. The Basle beating, humiliating for England, was a tale of frittered chances and incredibly bad shooting.
Early in the second half England blasted in shots from all angles—over the bar, outside the posts, into the goalkeepers hands. And in the dying minutes of the game Wilshaw bored through twice—and shot wide twice. Nicholls headed a beautiful cross shot right into the keeper's hands from three yards out.
The Swiss goal came one in each half. Straight from the kick-off, Switzerland, playing calm Soccer, as though it was a practise game, swept down the field and right-half Eschmann missed narrowly with a powerful drive that grazed the bar. In the ninth minute, Morand, Swiss right-winger, took the ball down the wing and lofted it into the England penalty area. A scramble, a bad clearance, and the ball trickled to the fight of inside-left Riva. He fired, from three yards outside the penalty area, into the top left corner of the net. No blame to 'keeper Ray King. He was unsighted by his own defence. An equaliser seemed certain in the first half when Wilshaw volleyed a shot just outside the penalty area, but the ball skimmed the bar.
By previous agreement, both sides used substitutes in the second half. Out went King from goal, in came Thompson of Preston. Out went Allen from centre-forward, Wilshaw moved over and Nicholls came in at inside-left. The reshuffle improved the team play, but not the shooting. The second half was a succession of missed chances by England. Against the run of play, in the 62nd minute, a combined forward-passing movement ended with Mauron snapping up a pass by Riva about 13 yards from goal. He swung round and hammered the ball into the bottom left corner of the net. Thompson never had a hope of stopping it. After that the zip went out of England for some time, until that late, but oh so wild rally.
The Swiss team never rose to any great heights in either half, especially in the second. Standard of play was low all round, with the home team just about deserving their win. England were better man for man. If the forwards had only been able to shoot, they would have won with goals to spare. As it was, there was an obvious moral for England: let these Continental-tour teams get together for a few good practise games before sending them in against their opponents. Otherwise England's Soccer prestige abroad will go on declining.

              Source Notes
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