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64 vs. Scotland
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Saturday, 18 February 1899
Home International Championship 1898-99 (16th) Match

England 13 Ireland 2 [5-0]

Roker Park Ground, Association Road, Monkwearmouth, Sunderland, county Durham
13,000; Receipts: £558 17s 6d; Kick-off: 3.05pm GMT

England - Frank Forman ('Forman sent in a shot, rebounding off Milne's foot' 15), Fred Forman ('long high kick in off the upright' 20, 'put the ball thro' after Lewis had already cleared one shot' 52), Charlie Athersmith ('kicked' 25), Gilbert Smith ('out of the scrimmage' 32, 59, 60, 63), Steve Bloomer ('kicked' 40, 89), Jimmy Settle ('splendid shot' 53, 55, 80)
England - Jimmy Crabtree (missed penalty 46)
Ireland - Joe McAllen (penalty 65), James Campbell ('with only Hillman before, had no difficulty in scoring' 88)
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Ireland Party
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England won the toss, Ireland kicked-off.


Match Summary





Referee - Allen Hamilton
Queen's Park FC, Scotland

Linesmen - J. Howcroft, England and Thomas W. Gibson, Ireland

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The 1898 International Football Association Board meeting: Domicile: no action required
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England Team



No official ranking system established;
ELO rating 1st
Colours: White jerseys and navy blue knickerbockers
Capt: Gilbert Smith, seventh, eighth or ninth captaincy Selectors: The seven-man FA International Selection Committee, on Monday, 1 February 1899, at The Crystal Palace, London, following the trial match.
34th match, W 27 - D 4 - L 3 - F 145 - A 31.
England Lineup
  Hillman, W. John 28 30 November 1870 G Burnley FC 1 2 GA
  Bach, Philip 26 summer 1872 RB Sunderland AFC 1 0
  Williams, William 23 20 January 1876 LB West Bromwich Albion FC 5 0
Forman, Frank 23 23 May 1875 RH Nottingham Forest FC 3 1
Crabtree, James W. 27 23 December 1871 CH Aston Villa FC 7 0
  Needham, Ernest 26 21 January 1873 LH Sheffield United FC 8 1
Athersmith Harper, W. Charles 26 10 May 1872 OR Aston Villa FC 8 3
Bloomer, Stephen 25 20 January 1874 IR Derby County FC 9 17

Smith, Gilbert O. 26 25 November 1872 CF Old Carthusians AFC & Corinthians FC 14 10
Settle, James 23 September 1875 IL Bury FC 1 3
Forman, Frederick R. 25 8 November 1873 OL Nottingham Forest FC 1 2


reserves not known

team notes:

On 9 February, it was announced that Charlie Athersmith would take the place of Oxford University AFC's Gilbert Vassall. The Corinthian was needed to take the field as Captain in Oxford's varsity match against Cambridge University AFC.
Fred and Frank Forman were brothers.
Steve Bloomer extends his tally as England's record goalscorer.
2-3-5 Hillman -
Bach, Williams -

Fk. Forman, Crabtree, Needham -
Athersmith, Bloomer, Smith, Settle,
Fd. Forman


Age 25.2 Appearances/Goals 5.3 2.2


Ireland Team


No official ranking system established;
ELO rating 6th
Colours: Probably blue jerseys and white shorts
Capt: Joe McAllen Selectors: Team chosen by Committee;
Ireland Lineup
  Lewis, James 24 4 September 1874 G Glentoran FC 1 13 GA
  Pyper, John S. 21 9 January 1878 RB Cliftonville FAC 4 1
  Torrans, Samuel 29 27 October 1869 LB Linfield FAC 23 0
  Ponsonby, John 22 May 1876
born in Dumbarton, Scotland
RH Distillery FC 9 0
  Milne, Robert G. 28 1 October 1870
born in Inverarity, Scotland
CH Linfield FAC 14 1
  Cochrane, Michael 24/25 circa 1874/75 LH Distillery FC 4 0
Campbell, James 23 5 September 1875 OR Cliftonville FAC 7 1
  Mercer, John Thompson 21 27 March 1877 IR Distillery FC 4 0
  Waring, R. John nk not known CF Distillery FC 1 0
  Wattie, John nk not known IL Distillery FC 1 0
McAllen, Joseph C. 23 11 March 1874 OL Linfield FAC 2 2


reserves not known

team notes:

Jack Waring, Mick Cochrane and Jack Waring replaced Cliftonville's Jim Pyper, Jack's brother, Glentoran's George McMaster and Distillery FC's John Peden in the side.
2-3-5 Lewis -
Pyper, Torrans -
Ponsonby, Milne, Cochrane -
Campbell, Mercer, Waring, Wattie, McAllen.


Age 23.8 Appearances/Goals 6.4 0.3


    Match Report

The Irishmen sustained a crushing reverse at Roker-park, Sunderland, on Saturday. Completely overmatched from the start, they had to admit defeat from England by 13 goals to two. So thoroughly did the English team hold the upper hand that it was not until their own score held at 11 that Ireland gained their first point. The ground was a trifle soft and muddy, but was sufficiently firm to afford a fair foothold. The 12,000 spectators who were present were thoroughly rewarded for their attendance, as, though the match was so terribly one-sided, they had the pleasure of witnessing an exceptionally brilliant exposition of the game by the English forwards. The play might well be described as one long series of attacks on the Irish goal, only broken at rare intervals by breaks-away on the part of the Irish forwards, who scarcely ever were really dangerous...

Thanks largely to the skilfulness of Lewis, their goal-keeper, the Irish defence held up for the first quarter of an hour, but afterwards, it broke down entirely. In about 12 minutes four goals were obtained, and a fifth came soon afterwards...

...Then McAllen kicked a penalty goal, and shortly before time Campbell, the best of their forwards, taking advantage of an easy opening, scored their second point...

Of a brilliant front rank G. O. Smith, in the centre, stood out prominently, once more emphasizing the fact that in this position he has no superior in England. His judgment in passing to his wings, whom he kept together admirably, was splendid, while his shooting was hard, low, and frequent. Settle scored three times, Bloomer and Frank Forman twice each, and Athersmith and Fred Forman once each...

It should be stated that Ireland were not quite fully represented, three changes having been made in their side. - The Times - Monday 20th February, 1899

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