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Saturday, 11 February 1911
Home International Championship 1910-11 (28th) Match

England 2 Ireland 1 [1-0]

Match Summary
England Party

Ireland Party
Team Records

Baseball Ground, Shaftesbury Crescent, Derby, Derbyshire
Kick-off (GMT): 3.00pm.

Attendance: 20,000.

England kicked-off. Ireland won the toss
[1-0] Albert Shepherd 20
 steady aim and scored',
[2-0] Bobby Evans 87
 'Simpson shooting, the ball went across to Evans, whose shot Burnison barely stopped'
[2-1] Jim McAuley 88
'scored a great goal'

Match Summary





Referee - David Phillips

Linesmen - J.T. Ibbotson, Derby, and not known

The 1910 International Football Association Board meeting:
New ball, Players' boots and amended Poaching rules.

England Team



No official ranking system established;
ELO rating 1st
Colours: White collared jerseys and navy blue shorts
Capt: Bob Crompton, twelfth captaincy Selectors: The seven-man FA International Selection Committee, on Monday, 30 January 1911, following the trial match at Stamford Bridge.
76th match, W 56 - D 13 - L 7 - F 267 - A 66.
England Lineup
  Williamson, Reginald G. 26 6 June 1884 G Middlesbrough FC 2 2 GA
  Crompton, Robert 31 26 September 1879 RB Blackburn Rovers FC 30 0
  Pennington, Jesse 27 23 August 1883 LB West Bromwich Albion FC 14 0
  Warren, Benjamin 31 7 May 1879 RH Chelsea FC 20 2
  Wedlock, William J. 30 28 October 1880 CH Bristol City FC 20 1
  Sturgess, Albert 28 21 October 1882 LH Sheffield United FC 1 0
  Simpson, John 25 25 December 1885 OR Blackburn Rovers FC 1 0
  Fleming, Harold J. 23 30 April 1887 IR Swindon Town FC 6 4
Shepherd, Albert 25 10 December 1885 CF Newcastle United FC 2 2
  Woodger, George 27 3 September 1883 IL Oldham Athletic AFC 1 0
Evans, Robert E. 25 19 October 1885 OL Sheffield United FC 1 1


Leyton FC's & Wolverhampton Wanderers FC's Rev. Kenneth Hunt and Bristol City FC's Ginger Owers.

team notes:

Bob Crompton extends his tally as England's record appearance holder. This is the oldest team England have fielded thus far.
If the team selection had not been deferred for a week, Jock Simpson would have been selected as a Falkirk FC player. His transfer being completed on the evening of the 23rd January.
Bob Evans is the sixtieth player to score on his England debut.
Jim McAuley's goal, two minutes from time, ended England's hopes of keeping four Home clean sheets in a row. However, they did manage to go 444 minutes without conceding a Home goal.
2-3-5 Williamson -
Crompton, Pennington -
Warren, Wedlock, Sturgess -
Simpson, Fleming, Shepherd, Woodger, Evans.


Age 27.1 Appearances/Goals 8.9 0.7


Ireland Team



No official ranking system established;
ELO rating 22nd
Colours: Royal blue jerseys and white shorts
Capt: Billy Scott Selectors: Team chosen by Committee, on Monday, 30 January 1911 in Belfast, following their match against Wales;
Ireland Lineup
  Scott, William E. 28 17 May 1882 G Everton FC, England 20 42 GA
  Burnison, Samuel 20 30 November 1890 RB Bradford FC, England 5 0
  McCann, Patrick 29/30 1881 LB Glentoran FC 4 0
  Harris, Valentine 26 23 June 1884 RH Everton FC, England 14 0
  Connor, James 33 22 September 1877 CH Belfast Celtic FAC 12 0
  Hampton, Henry V. 22/23 1888 LH Bradford City FC, England 2 0
  Lacey, William 21 24 September 1889 OR Everton FC, England 8 1
  Hannon, Denis J. 23 31 January 1888 IR Bohemians FC 3 1
  McDonnell, John nk not known CF Bohemians FC 1 0
McAuley, James L. 21 24 November 1889 IL Huddersfield Town AFC, England 2 1
  Thompson, Francis W. 25 2 October 1885 OL Bradford City FC, England 5 2


reserves not known

team notes:

Rangers FC's Sandy Craig was the original choice left-back, his place going to Paddy McCann. Chelsea FC's English McConnell was replaced by Jimmy Connor.
2-3-5 Scott -
Burnison, McCann -
Harris, Connor, Hampton -
Lacey, Hannon, McDonnell, McAuley, Thompson.


Age 24.8-25.0 Appearances/Goals 7.4 0.4


    Match Report

England beat Ireland at Derby on Saturday by two goals to one.

The feature of the match was the good display given by the Irishmen, who quite held their own up to the interval, and, although subjected to a good deal of pressure for some time after ends had been changed, they attacked strongly at intervals and the England goal was frequently in danger. In marked contrast to the purely individual work which in the past has so often characterized Irish forwards, the two wings combined well, although the line as a whole was not entirely satisfactory. The half-backs were not very strong, but the two backs played a thoroughly sound game.

Although England won, the form shown generally was not good. The great hopes entertained of the right wing were far from being realized, and the forwards on the whole showed little combination. The wing half-backs, too, were repeatedly beaten by the opposing forwards, and the kicking and tackling of the backs were poor... - The Times - Monday 13th February, 1911

Source Notes

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Rothman's Yearbooks
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