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Ben Warren

Derby County FC, Chelsea FC

22 appearances, 2 goals

P 22 W 17 D 4 L 1 F 83: A 16
86% successful


captain: none
minutes played:


  Benjamin Warren
Birth 7 May 1879 in Newhall, Derbyshire [registered in Burton-upon-Trent, Staffordshire, September 1879].
Baptism 4 April 1880 in St. John's Church, Newhall

According to the 1881 census, Benjamin is the third of four children to Joseph Henry and Emily Sarah (née Staley). His father is a boiler maker. They live in Thorn Tree Lane in Newhall.


According to the 1891 census, Benjamin now has four more younger siblings, making him the third of eight, and along with their parents, they still all live at Thorn Tree Lane. his father is now a boiler maker and the publican of Thorn Tree Inn, oon the corner of Thorn Tree Lane and Wood Lane in Newhall.


According to the 1901 census, Benjamin, a 21-year old boiler maker, is living at home with his parents and ten of his siblings, he has four more younger siblings, making him one of twelve. They live at 201 Union Road in Newhall. His father is also still a boilermaker.

Marriage to Minnie Staley, on 21 October 1902 at Emmanuel Church, Swadlincote [registered in Burton-upon-Trent, December 1902]. Warren appears to have married his cousin.
Minnie remarried on 6 February 1928 to Edgar Hall of Church Gresley.
  According to the 1911 census, Benjamin is a professional footballer, married to Minnie, and they have four children, Harry, Lilian, Maurice and Granville, they also have one servant, living at Donard Villa at 18 Sunnyside in Newhall.
"Ben Warren is making excellent progress. The injured knee has improved much quicker than was anticipated
, and he is now exercising it quietly to strengthen the muscles. It is expected that in another three weeks he will be in harness again. - The Evening Telegraph and Post, Wednesday, 22 November 1911.
"Ben Warren, who has been suffering from an injury for some weeks, is lying seriously ill at his residence at Newhall. A doctor is in constant attendance, and Warren's condition this morning, when it was stated that brain fever had made its appearance, gave cause for considerable anxiety." -
The Evening Telegraph and Post, Wednesday, 6 December 1911.
"Late last night the famous International half-back was slightly better, and no immediate danger is feared". - Sheffield Daily Telegraph, Thursday, 7 December 1911.
"At a late hour on Thursday it was stated that Ben Warren was still delirious. It was hoped, however, that he had escaped brain fever". - Sheffield Daily Telegraph, Friday, 8 December 1911.
"There is little improvement to record in the condition of Ben Warren. On inquiry, yesterday, at his residence in Newhall, our correspondent learned that the patient had passed a somewhat more restful night. The exact nature of the illness has not been diagnosed. The trouble is mental rather than physical, and a Nottingham specialist has been called in." - Sheffield Daily Telegraph, Monday, 11 December 1911.

"Inquiries made on Saturday night elicited the fact that there had been no material change in the condition of Ben Warren, who is lying seriously ill. He has been removed to a private nursing home at Nottingham." - Sheffield Daily Telegraph, Monday, 18 December 1911.
"No improvement is recorded in the serious condition of Ben Warren, who is in a private nursing home at Nottingham, and grave fears are entertained of his recovery." - Sheffield Daily Telegraph, Wednesday, 20 December 1911
"Our Burton-on-Trent correspondent writes that the report that Ben Warren has had a serious relapse, is without foundation. The patient's relatives were informed yesterday that he had passed a fair night, though he had been somewhat restless. Warren is said to be making some progress, although from the nature of the complaint recovery must be somewhat slow." - Sheffield Daily Telegraph, Friday, 29 December 1911.
"Yesterday's bulletin stated that Ben Warren had passed a rather bad night. For several days there has been no apparent change in the condition of the patient." - The Derby Daily Telegraph, Friday, 5 January 1912.
"Ben Warren is still confined to a nursing home at Nottingham. He has not made any great headway towards recovery, although spasmodic improvements in his condition have been recorded." - The Yorkshire Post, Monday, 5 February 1912.
"Mrs Harry Warren, mother of Ben Warren (who is at present in a private hospital in Nottingham), died yesterday at Burton-upon-Trent." - The Evening News, Saturday, 10 February 1912
"Ben Warren has been removed from Nottingham to an establishment at Mickelover, nearer his own home. He is still far from having recovered"
. - The Manchester Courier, Monday, 11 March 1912.
"Yesterday morning, shortly before two o'clock, an amazing incident took place on Derby Road, Nottingham. Attention was attracted by a man in a nude condition crossing the open space between the fountain and the general cemetery gates. A man who happened to be drinking at the fountain also saw the mysterious figure, and was so alarmed that he ran off full speed along Alfreton Road. Other men followed the figure down Derby Road. The man was seen to be smoking a cigarette, and had nothing on but a collar and tie. As he passed down Derby Road he saw the men and shouted, "Good night, Jack." Anxiously they followed the nude man, and saw him indulge in weird antics. He jumped about the pavement and roadway, as though playing an imaginary game of football, and came back up the road again towards the men. The men went up to the weird football player and asked him what he was doing. He told them he was going to Trent Bridge to play in a football match. He had to be there by 3.30. A police-inspector arrived and, by persuading the unknown that he was being taken to the football ground, induced him to go to the Guildhall, where he gave the name as Ben Warren, of Derby County, and said that he lived at Derby. He made several references to having played with Steve Bloomer and other famous footballers, and, later, was recognised by a pressman as being the famous half-back. Warren's pitiable position is explained by the fact that on leaving Derby County Club a few seasons ago he went to Chelsea, and whilst there sustained injuries to his head and elsewhere, necessitating surgical operations. Eventually, he went to his home at Newhall, and afterwards to a public institution at Nottingham, where he remained some months, and was reported considerably improved. Warren, a week ago, was at Derbyshire County Asylum at Mickleover
(left), having been removed there from Nottingham Private Asylum. It is believed that he escaped from Mickleover, and walked to Nottingham, a distance of 20 miles." - The Courier, Thursday, 5 September 1912.
"The many admirers of Ben Warren will be very pleased to hear that not only is he greatly improved in health, but that there is the best reason for hoping that he will be seen in first-class football again during the present season. He is now in robust health, and apparently his old self again. He now states that his intention is to remove to Chelsea, and he is said to be preparing for his re-entry into First League football. His relatives now declare that he has been suffering from nothing more than a severe nervous breakdown."
- The Evening Telegraph and Post, Monday, 16 September 1912.
"Interviewed as to the accuracy of the statement that Ben Warren is rapidly recovering from his illness and that he will soon be able to play again for Chelsea, Mr. A.J. Palmer, assistant secretary of the Stamford Bridge club, emphatically described the rumour as 'mere piffle.' "I am sorry to say there is not the slightest truth in the statement. I wish there was, but it is certain that Ben Warren will not be fit to play for Chelsea this season, and personally I doubt whether he will ever again be well enough to play first-class football. Please publicly contradict the rumour." " - The Courier, Wednesday, 18 September 1912.
"At a meeting of the Management Committee of the League, held to-day in London, Mr. McKenna presiding, a request by Chelsea to select a representative team to meet a team chosen by London's League clubs for the benfit of the wife and children, still materially suffering in health, was immediately acceded to, and the president instructed to complete arrangements."
- The Nottingham Evening Post, Monday, 9 February 1914
"The benefit match for the wife and children of Ben Warren will be played at Chelsea on April 27."
- The Birmingham Daily Mail, Monday, 9 March  1914.
"The team to oppose a Southern eleven for the benefit of Ben Warren, the old international, at Chelsea, on April 27th, was selected as follows: Pearson; Crompton, Womack; Barbour, Roberts, McNeal; Meredith, Shea, Osborn, Bache, and Henshall."
- The Nottingham Evening Post, Saturday, 4 April 1914
"The Derby County full League team is to play in a match for the benefit of Ben Warren, at Swadlincote, on 30 April, if another club can arrange to meet them." - Birmingham Gazette, Saturday, 4 April 1914
"The Management Committee of the Football League met at Glasgow on Saturday, Mr McKenna, Liverpool, presiding. The following el
even was chosen to play against a team selected from the Football and Southern League clubs, in London, at Stamford Bridge, on Monday, April 27th, in a benefit game for Ben Warren:- Pearson (West Bromwich); Crompton (Blackburn Rovers), Womack (Birmingham); Barbour (Derby County), Roberts (Oldham); Meredith (Manchester United), Shea (Blackburn Rovers), Osborn (Preston North End), Bache (Aston Villa), Henshall (Notts County)." - The Burnley Gazette, Wednesday, 8 April 1914.
"The following eleven will represent the South against the North at Stamford Bridge next Monday in the match which is to be played for the benefit of Ben Warren's wife and family:- Molyneux (Chelsea); Shaw (The Arsenal), Colclough (Crystal Palace); White (Fulham), Logan (Chelsea), Grimsdell (Tottenham Hotspur); Walden (Tottenham Hotspur), Woodward (Chelsea), Davis (Millwall), McFadden (Clapton), McNeil (Chelsea)." - Birmingham Gazette, Monday, 20 April 1914.
"A match between players representing the North and South was played at Stamford Bridge yesterday for the benefit of the family of Ben Warren. There were 12,000 people. Changes were made in each side, but good teams took the field, and an interesting struggle was seen. Bache, the Villa captain, scored for the North after twelve minutes from a beautiful pass by Osborn. The South forwards played well, and McFadden, after missing one fine chance, equalised. The South showed fine form in the early stages of the second half, the forwards playing extremely well. Crompton deflected a shot from Davis, and on another occasion Pearson, the Albion goalkeeper, saved from Davis. After twenty-two minutes Grimsdell dribbled through, and though Compton saved, Ford got possession and scored for the South, who continued to have the better of matters. Woodward played well for the South. Result: S
OUTH 2, NORTH 1. - The Birmingham Daily Post, Tuesday, 28 April 1914.
"Derby County took a strong side over to Newhall on Thursday evening to play a team representing Past and Present members of Newhall Swifts for the benefit of the family of Ben Warren. There was a capital attendance and an interesting game, which was refereed by Mr. Arthur Latham, was witnessed. Steven Bloomer appeared at centre forward, and the members of the County team were Scattergood; Atkin, Skelton, Barber, Hardman, Bagshaw; Walker, Coulter, Moore, Neeve. The Swifts had requisitioned the services of Tremelling, Bowler, and Wileman, three of their former players, in addition to Commander, Mansfield, Redfern, Gulliver, R.Warren, T.Warren, H.Riddle and W.Warren. In the opening exchanges the Newhall men exercised considerable pressure, but their opponents were holding themselves well in hand, and the Swifts very rarely became dangerous. Once T.Warren shot yards over the bar when well placed. The home team at length were rewarded with a goal by Wileman, the shot taking Scattergood by surprise. Derby County then asserted themselves, Coulter heading into the net and equalising. The Swifts endeavoured to regain the lead, and Wileman passed to R.Warren, who shot straight for goal, but Atkin was in the way. At the other end Bagshaw brought Commander to his knees with a fine shot. The County were having matters very much their own way at this stage, and Walker scored a second goal. Moore added the third, and half-time arrived with the County leading by three goals to one. In the second half Moore got through again for the visitors and notched the fourth goal, beating Commander completely, and the game ended with the score—Derby County four, Newhall Swifts one." - The Derby Daily Telegraph, Saturday, 2 May 1914.
"At the final meeting of the committee responsible for the arrangements in connection with Ben Warren's benefit match, which took place at Gresley on April 20th, it was reported that after paying expenses amounting to £2 9s., a balance of £39 16s. 2d. was shown. The committee decided to make out a cheque in favour of Mrs. Warren for £40, and the difference of 3s. 10d. was made up so that this could be done. The balance sheet was as follows:—Receipts—Subscription lists £16 6s. 8d., S.H. Evershed £1. sale of tickets £23 1s. 9d., gate money £1 16s. 9d., additional subscriptions by committee 3s. 10d.  Expenses—Printing 10s., R.B. Hall £1 3s. 6d., match expenses 15s. 6d., balance in hand £40." - The Derby Daily Telegraph, Saturday, 23 May 1914.
"There has been some delay in closing the fund for the benefit of the dependents of Ben Warren owing to the difficulty experienced by the Chelsea officials in getting in the subscription lists and tickets. The total amount raised is £610, of which £337 represents the gate money of the benefit match and the rest subscriptions and sales of tickets. The amount raised by Robert Crompton is not incuded in this total." - The Nottingham Evening Post, Monday, 1 June 1914.
"The Ben Warren benefit fund amounted to £613." - The Nottingham Evening Post, Tuesday, 7 July 1914.
"Ben Warren, who contracted pneumonia a fortnight ago, is making good progress." - The Sports Argus, Saturday, 13 February 1915.
Death: 11pm, 15 January 1917 at his home in 18 Sunnyside, Newhall, aged 37 years 253 days [registered in Burton-upon-Trent, March 1917].
Certified insane on 4 September 1912.
"The death took place late on Monday night of Ben Warren. He was one of the finest exponents of the Soccer code in his day, and consistently found a place in the English team at right-half. Just over five years ago mental trouble put an end to his brilliant career, and unhappily there was never any improvement in his condition."
- The Nottingham Evening Post, Tuesday, 16 January 1917.
Funeral: on 20 January, at 3pm, in Newhall, interred in St. John's churchyard, Newhall (left).
Memorial: held at the United Methodist Church, Newhall, on Sunday evening, 18 February 1917. A large congregation was in attendance, including family mourners, representatives of various football bodies and old personal friends. The Rev. G.D. Elwood officiated.
Probate: Left £1002 1s. 8d. to his widowed wife, Minnie and solicitor, Alfred Henry Timms.

Douglas Lammings' An English Football Internationalist Who's Who [1990] & FindMyPast.com

Playing Career

Club(s) Played junior football in Swadlincote and Newhall, before playing for his local club, Newhall Town FC and Newhall Swifts FC. Derby County FC signed Warren in May 1898 as an inside-left, but moved to right-half, to become one of the best in the country. County went to Newhall to sign his brother, Dan. After 242 league appearances and nineteen goals, Chelsea FC then paid £1000 for him on 28 July 1908, beating other clubs to his signature, including Leicetser Fosse FC and Manchester City FC. Warren refused the temptation to move to London, instead, returning to Newhall after each engagement with Chelsea. He missed the second half of the 1909-10 because of having a cyst in his side. He was operated on in St. Thomas' on 21 December 1909. Having completed 92 league outings, scoring four goals, Warren sustained a knee injury that he never recovered from on 28 October 1911. It was in a league match that Chelsea won 4-1 at Clapton Orient FC, "the merit of their victory enhanced the fact that Warren was a passenger in the second half and had to be placed at outside-right.".
Club honours FA Cup runners-up 1902-03;
Individual honours Football League (five appearances)
Distinctions Father of Harry Warren (Southend United FC manager, 1940-56, Coventry City FC manager 1956-57).
The two testimonials held in 1914 in the name of Ben Warren, for the aid of his family, raised £653. The equivalent of £67,000 in 2015.
Height/Weight 5' 8", 12st. 0lbs [1906 & 1908], 5' 4" [1912].


Douglas Lammings' An English Football Internationalist Who's Who [1990].

England Career

Player number One of five who became the 312th players (313) to appear for England.
Position(s) Right-half
First match No. 86, 16 February 1906, Ireland 0 England 5, a British Championship match at Solitude Ground, Cliftonville, Belfast, aged 26 years 285 days.
Last match No. 110, 1 April 1911, England 1 Scotland 1, a British Championship match at Goodison Park, Walton, Liverpool, aged 31 years 329 days.
Major tournaments British Championship 1905-06, 1906-07, 1907-08, 1908-09, 1910-11;
Team honours British Championship shared 1905-06, 1907-08, winners 1908-09, 1910-11;
Individual honours None
Distinctions Died five after Charles Smith

Beyond England

No additional information, but a boilermaker by trade. - An English Football Internationalists' Who's Who. Douglas Lamming (1990). Hatton Press, p.261.


Ben Warren - Career Statistics
Squads Apps comp. apps Mins. goals ave.min comp. goals Capt. Disc.
22 22 15 1980 2 990 min 0 none none
minutes are an approximation, due to the fact that many matches rarely stick to exactly ninety minutes long, allowing time for injuries and errors.


Ben Warren - Match Record - All Matches
Type P W D L F A GD FTS CS FAv AAv Pts % W/L
Home 9 6 3 0 17 4 +13 0 5 1.889 0.444 83.3 +6
Away 13 11 1 1 66 12 +54 0 4 5.077 0.923 88.5 +10
All 22 17 4 1 83 16 +67 0 9 3.773 0.727 86.4 +16


Ben Warren - Match Record - By Type of Match
Type P W D L F A GD FTS CS FAv AAv Pts% W/L
British Championship 15 10 4 1 35 9 +26 0 7 2.333 0.60 80.0 +9
Friendly 7 7 0 0 48 7 +41 0 2 6.857 1.00 100.0 +7
All 22 17 4 1 83 16 +67 0 9 3.773 0.727 86.4 +16


Ben Warren - Match Record - Tournament Matches
British Championship Competition
Type P W D L F A GD FTS CS FAv AAv Pts% W/L
BC 1905-06 3 2 0 1 7 2 +5 0 2 2.333 0.667 66.7 +1
BC 1906-07 3 1 2 0 3 2 +1 0 1 1.00 0.667 66.7 +1
BC 1907-08 3 2 1 0 11 3 +8 0 0 2.667 1.00 83.3 +2
BC 1908-09 3 3 0 0 8 0 +8 0 3 2.667 0.00 100.0 +3
BC 1910-11 3 2 1 0 6 2 +4 0 1 2.00 0.667 83.3 +2
BC All 15 10 4 1 35 9 +26 0 7 2.333 0.60 80.0 +9
All Competition
Type P W D L F A GD FTS CS FAv AAv Pts% W/L
BC 15 10 4 1 35 9 +26 0 7 2.333 0.60 80.0 +9
All 15 10 4 1 35 9 +26 0 7 2.333 0.60 80.0 +9


Ben Warren - Match History
 Club: Derby County F.C. - 13 full appearances

F.A. International Select Committee - 22 full capsx

Age 26
1 86 17 February 1906 - Ireland 0 England 5, Solitude Ground, Belfast BC AW Start rh
2 87 19 March 1906 - Wales 0 England 1, Cardiff Arms Park, Cardiff AW Start rh
3 88 7 April 1906 - Scotland 2 England 1, Hampden Park, Glasgow AL Start rh
Age 27
4 89 16 February 1907 - England 1 Ireland 0, Goodison Park, Liverpool BC HW Start rh
5 90 18 March 1907 - England 1 Wales 1, Craven Cottage, Fulham HD Start rh
6 91 6 April 1907 - England 1 Scotland 1, St. James' Park, Newcastle-upon-Tyne HD Start rh
Age 28
7 92 15 February 1908 - Ireland 1 England 3, Solitude Grounde, Belfast BC AW Start rh
8 93 16 March 1908 - Wales 1 England 7, Cardiff Arms Park, Cardiff AW Start rh
9 94 4 April 1908 - Scotland 1 England 1, Hampden Park, Glasgow AD Start rh
Age 29
10 95 6 June 1908 - Asutria 1 England 6, Cricketer Platz, Wien tour AW Start rh
11 96 8 June 1908 - Austria 1 England 11, Hohe Warte Stadion, Wien AW Start 66 rh
12 97 10 June 1908 - Hungary 0 England 7, Millenáris Sportpálya, Buda-pesth AW Start rh
13 98 13 June 1908 - Bohemia 0 England 4, Stadión Letná, Praha AW Start rh
 Club: Chelsea F.C. - 9 full appearances  
14 99 13 February 1909 - England 4 Ireland 0, Horton Park Avenue, Bradford BC HW Start rh
15 100 15 March 1909 - England 2 Wales 0, City Ground, Nottingham HW Start rh
16 101 3 April 1909 - England 2 Scotland 0, Sports Arena, Penge HW Start rh
Age 30
17 102 29 May 1909 - Hungary 2 England 4, Millenáris Sportpálya, Buda-Pesth tour AW Start rh
18 103 31 May 1909 - Hungary 2 England 8, Millenáris Sportpálya, Buda-Pesth AW Start rh
19 104 1 June 1909 - Austria 1 England 8, Hohe Warte Stadion, Wien AW Start rh
Age 31
20 108 11 February 1911 - England 2 Ireland 1, Baseball Ground, Derby BC HW Start rh
21 109 13 March 1911 - England 3 Wales 0, The Den, New Cross HW Start rh
22 110 1 April 1911 - England 1 Scotland 1, Goodison Park, Liverpool HD Start rh