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Saturday, 15 February 1908
Home International Championship 1907-08 (25th) Match

Ireland 1 England 3 [1-1]

Match Summary
Ireland Party

England Party

Team Records

Solitude Ground, Cliftonville, Belfast, County Antrim
Attendance: 22,600 (a record Irish attendance);
Kick-off 3.30pm GMT

England - George Hilsdon ('The ball sent in looked to be going over, but dropped under the bar' 7, 'dribbled between the backs and putting the ball into the corner of the net' 83), Vivian Woodward ('a Wall corner followed by a close range shot' 80)
Ireland - Denis Hannon ('a finely directed powerful shot' 13)
Results 1901-14

Ireland won the toss, England kicked-off.

Match Summary





Referee - Thomas Robertson
43 (1 December 1864), Torrance, Stirlingshire, Scotland Football Association

Linesmen - David McCloskey, J.P. (Belfast Celtic FAC) and John Lewis (Blackburn)

  Goal Attempts  
  Attempts on Target  
  Hit Bar/Post  
  Corner Kicks Won  
  Offside Calls Against  
The 1907 International Football Association Board meeting:
Offside law modified and no neutral linesmen
  Fouls Conceded  

Ireland Team



No official ranking system established;
ELO rating 16th
Colours: Royal blue jerseys and white shorts
Capt: Billy Scott Selectors: Team chosen by Committee, at the Imperial Hotel, Belfast, on Saturday, 1 February 1908;
Ireland Lineup
  Scott, William E. 25 17 May 1882 G Everton FC, England 11 20 GA
  Craig, Alexander B. 21 2 April 1886 RB Rangers FC, Scotland 1 0
  McCartney, Alexander D. 28 14 November 1879 LB Belfast Celtic FAC 10 0
  Harris, Valentine 23 23 June 1884 RH Shelbourne FC 4 0
  Connor, James 30 22 September 1877 CH Belfast Celtic FAC 8 0
  McClure, George 22 26 July 1885 LH Cliftonville AFC 3 0
  Blair, John W. 26 19 November 1881 OR Belfast Celtic FAC 4 0
Hannon, Denis J. 20 31 January 1888 IR Bohemians FC 1 1
  Mercer, Harold V.A. 20 22 April 1887 CF Linfield FAC 1 0
  Burnison, Samuel 17
77 dys
30 November 1890 IL Distillery FC 1 0
  Young, Samuel 25 14 February 1883 OL Linfield FAC 3 0


reserves not known

team notes:

The original named line-up included Sunderland AFC's English McConnell and Aberdeen FC's Charlie O'Hagan were needed by their respective clubs. However, Newcastle United FC's right-back Bill McCracken was demanding a £10 match fee to represent his country (the same as what the England players were receiving). The IFA refused and McCracken was replaced by Alex McCartney.
McCracken was subsequently banned from playing for Ireland (until 1920), while soon after the IFA passed a motion to cap payments to professionals to £4.
McCartney was called in to replace Craig, who had taken McCracken's vacant spot at right-back. The original half-back line was made up of Burnison, Harris and McConnell. Burnison replaced O'Hagan at inside-left.  Connor was called into the centre, allowing Harris to go out right.
2-3-5 Scott -
McCartney, Craig -
Harris, Connor, McClure -
Blair, Hannon, Mercer, Burnison, Young.


Age 23.4 Appearances/Goals 4.3 0.0


England Team



No official ranking system established;
ELO rating 1st
Colours: White collared jerseys and navy blue shorts
Capt: Vivian Woodward, first captaincy Selectors:
In Charge: Richard Philip Gregson
The seven-man FA International Selection Committee, on Monday, 3 February 1908, at 104 High Holborn, London, along with the FA Cup third round draw.
60th match, W 43 - D 11 - L 6 - F 199 - A 53.
England Lineup
  Maskrey, Harry M. 27 8 October 1880 G Derby County FC 1 1 GA
  Crompton, Robert 28 26 September 1879 RB Blackburn Rovers FC 15 0
  Pennington, Jesse 24 23 August 1883 LB West Bromwich Albion FC 3 0
  Warren, Benjamin 28 7 May 1879 RH Derby County FC 7 0
  Wedlock, William J. 27 28 October 1880 CH Bristol City FC 4 0
  Lintott, Evelyn H. 24 2 November 1883 LH Queen's Park Rangers FC 1 0
  Rutherford, John 23 12 October 1884 OR Newcastle United FC 5 0
Woodward, Vivian J. 28 3 June 1879 IR Tottenham Hotspur FC 10 7
Hilsdon, George 22 10 August 1885 CF Chelsea FC 2 2
  Windridge, James E. 25 21 October 1882 IL Chelsea FC 1 0
  Wall, George 22 20 February 1885 OL Manchester United FC 2 0


Woolwich Arsenal FC's Andy Ducat.
2-3-5 Maskrey -
Crompton, Pennington -
Warren, Wedlock, Lintott -
Rutherford, Woodward, Hilsdon, Windridge, Wall


Age 25.3 Appearances/Goals 4.6 0.5


    Match Report

At Belfast, on Saturday, the 27th match, under Association rules, between Ireland and England produced not only some excellent football, but a most exciting contest. England won by three goals to one, and in so doing gained their 25th victory over the representatives of Ireland. They had, however, to work desperately hard for success, the home team offering such a strong defence in the second half that less than ten minutes from the finish the score stood at one goal all. Just afterwards, however, the Englishmen added a second point, and before the end arrived the Irish goalkeeper had been beaten a third time. Although once more defeated, Ireland emerged from the contest with much credit. They had to take the field without three of the men originally chosen, and yet made a close fight with the full strength of England. Winning the toss, the Irishmen in the opening half enjoyed a considerable advantage, the visitors having to face both wind and sun, but within seven minutes of the start an error of judgment on the part of Scott enabled England to take the lead. The ball, sent in by Hilsdon, looked to be going well over the goal, but it was up by the wind, and dropped just beneath the bar. A finely-directed shot by Hannon, with much power behind it, resulted in Ireland equalizing a quarter of an hour from the kick-off...

...only six minutes remained when from a corner, forced and admirably placed by Wall, Woodward scored at close range. The visitors now carried all before them. Scott stopped two fine shots, but he had no chance of preventing the third goal, Hilsdon dribbling between the backs and putting the ball into the corner of the net...

The game attracted an attendance of 22,000--a record for an Irish Association international. - The Times - Monday 17th February, 1908

Source Notes

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