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Saturday, 30 March 1901
Home International Championship 1900-01 (18th) Match

England 2 Scotland 2 [1-0]

The Sports Arena, Crystal Palace Park, Penge, Kent
Boundary Changes in 1899 moved the Crystal Palace from Croydon to Penge

Attendance: 18,250;
Kick-off 3.30pm GMT

England - Ernest Needham ('the first notable incident was the awarding of a penalty' saved by Rennie after he came off his line).
England - Fred Blackburn (close range tap in, albeit offside 36), Steve Bloomer ('collared the ball and ran the full length of the empty field, equalised' 80);
Scotland - John Campbell ('a rocketer which scraped the paint off the underside of the bar' 48), Bob Hamilton (headed in a Walker cross, who had 'outmaneuvered Needham' 75);
Match Summary
England Party

Scotland Party
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Results 1901-14

England won the toss, Scotland kicked-off.


Match Summary





Referee - James Torrans

Linesmen - Percy Alexander Timbs, 35 (13 June 1865), St. Giles, London, England and Alexander R. Kirkwood, Airdrie, Scotland (Scottish F.A. President).

Although not played in the presence of Lord Roseberry, who was on the continent, it was watched by Lord Kinnaird, Sir Spencer Ponsonby-Fane, Mr Justice Bucknill and Sir Thomas Lipton.

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England Team



No official ranking system established;
ELO rating 1st
Colours: White jerseys and navy blue knickerbockers
Capt: Gilbert Smith, 13th, 14th or 15th and final captaincy Selectors: The seven-man FA International Selection Committee, on Saturday, 23 March 1901, following the FA Cup match at Molineux Ground.
42nd match, W 32 - D 6 - L 4 - F 166 - A 39.
England Lineup
  Sutcliffe, John W. 32 12 April 1868 G Bolton Wanderers FC 4 2 GA
  Iremonger, James 25 5 March 1876 RB Nottingham Forest FC 1 0
  Oakley, William J. 27 27 April 1873 LB Corinthians FC 16 0
  Wilkes, Albert 25 6 September 1875 RH Aston Villa FC 2 0
  Forman, Frank 25 23 May 1875 CH Nottingham Forest FC 6 1
Needham, Ernest 28 21 January 1873 LH Sheffield United FC 15 3
  Bennett, Walter 26 29 April 1874 OR Sheffield United FC 2 0
Bloomer, Stephen 27 20 January 1874 IR Derby County FC 14 25
  Smith, Gilbert O. 28 25 November 1872 CF Old Carthusians AFC & Corinthians FC 20 11
  Foster, Reginald E. 22 16 April 1878 IL Old Malvernians AFC & Corinthians FC 4 2
Blackburn, J.T. Alfred 22 20 July 1878 OL Blackburn Rovers FC 1 1


George Hedley (Sheffield United FC)

team notes:

Gilbert Smith overtakes Norman Bailey in becoming at record appearance holder in his final match.
Steve Bloomer extends his tally as England's record goalscorer.
2-3-5 Sutcliffe -
Iremonger, Oakley -
Wilkes, Forman, Needham -
Bennett, Bloomer, Smith, Foster, Blackburn


Age 26.0 Appearances/Goals 7.7 3.7


Scotland Team



No official ranking system established;
ELO rating 2nd
Colours: "[they] will wear the colours of the esteemed Scotch statesman, Lord Rosebery. This is the second year in succession that the compliment has been paid to his Lordship."
Capt: John Robertson Selectors: The Scottish Football Association Selection Committee, of seven members, chosen, following the cup matches, on Saturday, 23 March 1901;
Scotland Lineup
  Rennie, Henry G. 27 1 June 1873 G Hibernian FC 3 3 GA
  Battles, Bernard 26 13 January 1875 RB The Celtic FC 3 0
  Drummond, John 30 13 April 1870 LB Rangers FC 10 0
  Aitken, Andrew 23 27 April 1877 RH Newcastle United FC, England 1 0
  Raisbeck, Alexander G. 22 26 December 1878 CH Liverpool FC, England 2 0
  Robertson, John T. 24 25 February 1877 LH Rangers FC 7 1
  Walker, Robert 22 10 January 1879 OR Heart of Midlothian FC 4 0
Hamilton, Robert C. 23 13 May 1877 IR Rangers FC 6 9
  McColl, Robert S. 24 13 April 1876 CF Queen's Park FC 11 13
Campbell, John 29/30 1871 IL The Celtic FC 9 1
  Smith, Alexander 24 7 November 1876 OL Rangers FC 7 3


reserves not known

team notes:

Andrew Aitken replaced Neilly Gibson, who could not play because of a family bereavement.
2-3-5 Rennie -
Battles, Drummond -
Raisbeck, Robertson -
Walker, Hamilton, McColl, Campbell, Smith


Age 24.9-25.0 Appearances/Goals 5.7 2.2


    Match Report

Never perhaps has an international match been played on a ground in such a deplorable condition as was the sports arena at the Crystal Palace on Saturday, when the match between England and Scotland resulted in a draw, each team scoring two goals. Torrents of rain in the morning had left the turf almost under water. Large pools were visible, and at one time serious thoughts were entertained of postponing the match. Such a necessity would have caused great inconvenience, apart from the immediate disappointment and the determination to go through with the game at all hazards was undoubtedly the right course. As it happened events turned out better than could be expected. The rain ceased, the weather gradually brightened until the sun shone out quite brilliantly, and the play proved quite worthy of the occasion. The manner in which the teams overcame the difficulties with which they had to contend was quite extraordinary. The soft turf, completely soaked, afforded no sure foothold, and it was impossible to judge the pace at which the ball would travel on such a surface. But the men did not seem to be seriously troubled, and a splendid contest, which was drawn at two goals all, was the result of their meeting. After the first few minutes the football all round was extremely good, and the keenness of the struggle so great that the game will live long in the memories of those present. It needed some hardihood to brave the storms of the morning, and before the rain ceased the Palace ground presented a desolate appearance. With the first signs of improving weather, however, the spectators began to take up their positions, until the crowd reached 18,000--the numbers given in the official return being slightly above these figures.

From the only penalty kick of the match Needham failed to score, and it was less than ten minutes from half-time when the efforts of the Englishmen were rewarded by Blackburn scoring. He was standing so close to the goal when the ball came to him from loose play that the appeals for off-side were well warranted. They were unavailing, however, and England had a goal with which to start the second half...

...He was beaten by a long, high shot from Campbell about eight minutes from the change of ends, but for another twenty minutes he did wonderful work. A goal cleverly headed by Hamilton from a centre by Walker, who had taken the ball down to the corner flag, gave the Scots the lead, and at that point they looked to have the game in hand. But five minutes later Bloomer charged down a kick by Drummond, and, with only Rennie to beat, he placed England on equal terms again...

The match was the 30th between the countries, and the record in the series now stands :--Scotland 14 wins, England nine, and seven drawn games. - The Times - Monday 1st April, 1901

Source Notes

Trivia - Gilbert Smith won his twentieth appearance, overhauling Norman Bailey's record of nineteen.

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