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55 vs. Scotland

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Saturday, 7 March 1896
Home International Championship 1895-96 (13th) Match

Ireland 0 England 2 [0-1]

Match Summary
Ireland Party

England Party
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Cliftonville Gardens, Cliftonville, Belfast, County Antrim
Attendance: 12,000; Kick-off: 3.30pm GMT

England - Gilbert Smith ('put the ball into the Irish net...following a breakaway by the visitors' 40), Steve Bloomer ('scored a fine goal from a swift low shot out of a scrimmage' 75)
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Ireland won the toss, England kicked-off.


Match Summary





Referee - James H. Robertson
Scotland Football Association

Linesmen - John James Bentley, 35 (June 1860), Chapeltown, Bolton Wanderers FC & Mr. Thomas

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The 1895 IFAB Proposals:
The 1895 International Football Association Board Meeting:
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Ireland Team



No official ranking system established;
ELO rating 6th
Colours: Probably blue jerseys and white shorts
Capt: James Fitzpatrick, aged 20 years 79 days Selectors: Team chosen by Committee, on Tuesday, 3 March 1896;
Ireland Lineup
  Scott, Thomas M. 22 9 August 1873 G Cliftonville FAC 6 17 GA
  Ponsonby, John 19 May 1876
born in Dumbarton, Scotland
RB Distillery FC 4 0
  Torrans, Samuel 26 27 October 1869 LB Linfield FAC 16 0
  Fitzpatrick, C. James 20 19 December 1875 RH Bohemians FC 1 0
  Milne, Robert G. 25 1 October 1870
born in Inverarity, Scotland
CH Linfield FAC 7 0
  Gordon, Hugh 22 17 May 1873 LH Linfield FAC 2 0
  Baird, Gideon 18 1 June 1877 OR Distillery FC 2 0
  Turner, Edward nk not known IR Cliftonville FAC 1 0
  Stanfield, Olphert M. 27 26 February 1869 CF Distillery FC 26 10
  Peden, John 32 12 July 1863 IL Distillery FC 16 5
  Miskelly, James 25 1 December 1870 OL Glentoran FC 1 0


reserves not known

team notes:

Olphie Stanfield extends his tally as Ireland's record appearance holder. He is already their record goalscorer.
2-3-5 Scott -
Ponsoby, Torrans -
Fitzpatrick, Milne, Gordon -
Baird, Turner, Stanfield, Peden, Miskelly.


Age 23.6 Appearances/Goals 7.5 1.4


England Team

Rank: No official ranking system established;
ELO rating 1st
Colours: White jerseys and navy blue knickerbockers
Capt: Not known with any certainty. Selectors: The seven-man FA International Selection Committee, on Thursday, 20 February 1896 in Manchester.
25th match, W 20 - D 4 - L 1 - F 101 - A 21.
  The captaincy was probably given to George Raikes, at least according to Irish Saturday Night and The Irish Times. The London Times gives a first captaincy to Gilbert Smith, yet, Vaughan Lodge is also a possibility. Most sources do not specify any captain.
England Lineup
  Raikes, George B. 22 14 March 1873 G Oxford University AFC & Corinthians FC 2 1 GA
  Lodge, L. Vaughan 23 21 December 1872 RB Cambridge University AFC & Corinthians FC 4 0
  Oakley, William J. 22 27 April 1873 LB Oxford University AFC & Corinthians FC 2 0
  Crabtree, James W. 24 23 December 1871 RH Aston Villa FC 4 0
  Crawshaw, Thomas H. 23 28 December 1872 CH Wednesday FC 2 0
  Kinsey, George 29 20 June 1866 LH Derby County FC 3 0
  Bassett, William I. 27 27 January 1869 OR West Bromwich Albion FC 14 4 or 5
Bloomer, Stephen 22 20 January 1874 IR Derby County FC 3 4
Smith, Gilbert O. 23 25 November 1872 CF Oxford University AFC, Old Carthusians AFC & Corinthians FC 5 2
  Chadwick, Edgar W. 26 14 June 1869 IL Everton FC 6 3
  Spiksley, Frederick 26 25 January 1870 OL Wednesday FC 5 7


reserves not known
2-3-5 Raikes -
Lodge, Oakley -
Crabtree, Crawshaw, Kinsey -
Bassett, Bloomer, Smith, Chadwick, Spiksley.


Age 24.3 Appearances/Goals 4.6 1.6-1.7


    Match Report

The success of England by two goals to none was not the decisive thing that most football people had expected from the material of the brilliant side that was chosen to represent the Football Association against Ireland at Belfast on Saturday. But the weather and the ground had most to do with the rather ordinary nature of the match. The English, although here and there brilliant, never got thoroughly into their game, and their football near goal often lacked precision. Ireland played far better than they had done against Wales, who had beaten them by six goals to one in the previous week, and the changes in their half-back line seemed to be very beneficial. Association football in Ireland makes slow progress, and the executive have only a small field for selection as compared with the widespread excellence existing among English clubs...

In the closing minutes of the first half the English right wings--Bassett and Bloomer--got the ball up the ground, and Smith was able to place the lead with England...

Eventually Bloomer obtained a second goal, and England, beating off a sharp home attack, were left with the victory by two goals to none.

Of the 15 matches now played England have won 14, while the game in 1894 was drawn. The goal aggregate is--England, 91 goals ; Ireland, nine. - The Times - Monday 9th March, 1896

Source Notes

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