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53 vs. Ireland

55 vs. Scotland

Monday, 18 March 1895
Home International Championship 1894-95 (12th) Match

England 1 Wales 1 [0-0]

Match Summary
England Party

Wales Party
Team Records

Recreation Ground, Queen's Club, Palliser Road, West Kensington, County of London
ttendance: 3,000; Kick-off 3.40pm GMT

Wales - Billy Lewis ('got the ball 30 yards from the posts and dodging Oakley, got in his shot' 69)
England - Rupert Sandilands ('made a short run and scored with a long shot' 74)
Results 1891-1900

England won the toss, Wales kicked-off.


Match Summary





Thomas Russell Park
33 (4 September 1861), Glasgow, Scotland

Linesmen - William Pickford, 33 (winter 1861 in Little Lever, Lancashire), Bournemouth (Hampshire FA treasurer) & F.T. Evans, Wrexham.

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England Team



No official ranking system established;
ELO rating 1st
Colours: White jerseys and navy blue knickerbockers
Capt: Charles Wreford-Brown, first certain captaincy, possible second Selectors: The seven-man FA International Selection Committee, on Saturday, 9 March 1895, at the Midland Hotel, Derby, following the Ireland match, along with the FA Cup semi-final draw.
23rd match, W 18 - D 4 - L 1 - F 96 - A 21.
England Lineup
  Raikes, George B. 22 14 March 1873 G Oxford University AFC & Corinthians FC 1 1 GA
  Lodge, L. Vaughan 22 21 December 1872 RB Cambridge University AFC & Corinthians FC 2 0
  Oakley, William J. 21 27 April 1873 LB Oxford University AFC & Corinthians FC 1 0
  Henfrey, Arthur G. 27 19 December 1867 RH Corinthians FC 3 2
  Wreford-Brown, Charles 28 9 October 1866 CH Old Carthusians AFC & Corinthians FC 3 0
  Barker, Richard R. 25 29 May 1869 LH Casuals FC & Corinthians FC 1 0
  Stanbrough, M. Hugh 24 2 September 1870 OR Old Carthusians AFC, Corinthians FC & Casuals FC 1 0
  Dewhurst, Gerard P. 23 14 February 1872 IR Liverpool Ramblers FC & Corinthians FC 1 0
  Smith, Gilbert O. 22 25 November 1872 CF Oxford University AFC, Old Carthusians AFC & Corinthians FC 4 1
  Gosling, R. Cunliffe 26 15 June 1868 IL Old Etonians AFC & Corinthians FC 4 2
Sandilands, Rupert R. 26 7 August 1868 OL Old Westminsters AFC & Corinthians FC 4 3


reserves not known

team notes:

England's unbeaten run has now reached a record seventeen matches, since March 1890. Their unbeaten 'Home' run is now extended to a record eight matches.
2-3-5 Raikes -
Lodge, Oakley -
Henfrey, Wreford-Brown, Barker -
Stanbrough, Dewhurst, Smith, Gosling, Sandilands
Notes: Sandilands and Dewhurst swapped wings after the Welsh scored.


Age 24.2 Appearances/Goals 2.3 0.7


Wales Team



No official ranking system established;
ELO rating 5th
Colours: White and red halved shirts, black shorts, black socks
Capt: James Trainer Selectors: Team selection chosen by Committee, following a series of trial matches, on Thursday, 7 March 1895.
Wales Lineup
  Trainer, James 32 7 January 1863 G Preston North End FC, England 12 42 GA
  Parry, Charles F. 25 early 1870 RB Everton FC, England 5 0
  Jones, David 27/28 1867 LB Chirk AAA FC & Bolton Wanderers FC, England 11 0
  Williams, George 32/33 1862 RH Chirk AAA FC 4 0
  Jenkyns, Caeser A.L. 28 24 August 1866 CH Small Heath FC, England 4 0
  Jones, John L. 28/29 early 1866 LH Ruddlan FC & Sheffield United FC, England 2 0
  Meredith, William H. 20 30 July 1874 OR Chirk AAA FC & Manchester City FC, England 2 0
  Davies, Joseph 28 summer 1866 IR Chirk AAA FC & Sheffield United FC, England 6 0
  Trainer, Henry 22 winter 1872 CF Wrexham AFC 2 2
  Pryce-Jones, Albert W. 24 26 May 1870 IL Newtown FC 1 0
Lewis, William 30/31 1864 OL Bangor FC & Chester FC, England 21 5


reserves not known

team notes:

The Welsh Selection Committee chose the teams to face Ireland and England at the same council meeting on 7 March 1895.
Jimmy and Harry Trainer were cousins
This is the oldest team to face England thus far.
Billy Lewis has scored a record four competitive goals against England.
2-3-5 Trainer -
D.Jones -
Williams, Jenkyns,
J.Jones -
Davies, Meredith, Pryce-Jones, Lewis, Trainer.


Age 26.9-27.3 Appearances/Goals 6.4 3.6


    Match Report

The eleven famous amateurs who were picked to play for England against Wales at the Queen's Club were not themselves yesterday, with the result that Wales were able to play a tie match. There was a want of dash about their game, and until the last quarter of an hour there was missing before goal all those swift shots which as a rule do finally triumph against even the best defence. The Englishmen, in fact, never got into their game. This was attributed to various causes. The warmness of the weather, the effects of Saturday's hard work, and the untiring energy of the Welsh full-backs and halves were all things that might have accounted for the absence of the brilliant rushes and the fine long passing usually so closely allied with these Corinthians' game. Perhaps the chief secret was to be found in this defence of Wales, whose halves and backs, in their keenness to break up the attack, did occasionally err in the matter of tripping.

...The English were frequently pressing, but at last the spectators were startled with a success for Wales. After long kicking by the backs Lewis, standing close by Oakley, got the ball and dribbled through and scored. It was a clever goal. The Englishmen played with much more spirit after this and in a few minutes Wreford-Brown sent the ball up to Sandilands, who outstripped the Welsh backs and, closing in from the left, kicked a fine goal...

...Of the 17 matches now played England have won 13 and Wales two, and two have been drawn. - The Times - Tuesday 19th March, 1895


It was on 18 March 1895 that questions were asked in the House of Commons about the widespread freezing of water supply pipes during the recent winter, in which some areas of London had been without water for several weeks. The president of the Local Government Board advised that householders, collectively, put their complaints in writing and the Board would be legally bound to respond. It was felt that pipes needed to be set deeper into the ground.

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