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Harry Goodhart

Old Etonians FC & Corinthians FC

3 appearances, 0 goals

P 3 W 2 D 0 L 1 F 14: A 3
67% successful


captain: none
minutes played:


  Professor Harry Chester Goodhart
Birth Saturday, 17 July 1858 in Wimbledon, Surrey
  registered in Kingston July-September 1858 Kingston was in the Surrey Registration County up until 1889
"GOODHART.—On the 17th inst., at Wimbledon, the wife of C.W. Goodhart, Esq., of a son." - The London Morning Post, Friday, 23 July 1858.

According to the 1861 census, the two year-old Harry C. is living at Rydes Gate, Wimbledon with his parents Charles Joseph, a tutor, Eleanor (née Murray) and his older sister, Margaret, and two servants.


According to the 1871 census, Harry C. is the eldest son in a family of four children. Living on Chesham Road in Brighton with four servants. His father now teaches at Cambridge.


According to the 1881 census, Harry Chester is residing in Trinity College in Trinity Street, Cambridge. No occupation stated.

"In 1877, he won the Newcastle Medal and a Foundation Scholarship at Trinity College. He graduated in 1881 with rare distinction as Second Classic and First Chancellor's Medallist, and with the still rarer distinction of being elected to a fellowship of his college a few months later. He was appointed a classical lecturer in 1883." - The Scotsman, Tuesday, 23 April 1895.
Marriage to Rose Ellen Rondel, on 6 July 1886 at St. Margaret's Church in Westminster
  registered in St George Hanover Square July-September 1886
"GOODHART—RENDEL.—6th inst., at St. Margaret's, Westminster, by the Rev. J.E.C. Welldon, D.D., headmaster of Harrow, assisted by the Rev. C. J. Goodhart, rector of Wetherden, Suffolk, grandfather of the bridegroom, Harry Chester Goodhart, Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge, to Rose Ellen, Rendel, eldest daughter of Stuart Rendel." - Bury & Norwich Post, Tuesday, 13 July 1886.
"When Professor Goodhart married in 1886 Rose-Ellen, the eldest daughter of Lord Rendel (then Mr Stuart Rendel), Prince Edward, at his own desire, was best man." - The Scotsman, Tuesday, 23 April 1895.
Children Harry and Rose Ellen Rondel had one son together. Harry Stuart (b.29 May 1887)

According to the 1891 census, Harry C. is a classical lecturer for Trinity College. Now married to Rose, with one son, Harry Stuart, and visiting his in-laws, Sophie Ellen Rendel, at Hatchlands, Clandon Street in Guildford.


In April 1895, Harry Chester Goodhart was a professor of Latin and Humanity in Edinburgh University.

Death Sunday evening, 21 April 1895 at 2 Drumsheugh Gardens, in Edinburgh, Edinburghshire, Scotland, of complications following influenza.
aged 36 years 278 days no registration found


"A sense of painful surprise will be felt in academic circles at the news, which we publish this morning, of the death on Sunday night of Mr. H. C. Goodhart. Professor of Humanity at Edinburgh University. He had been ill for six weeks t his residence, 2 Drumsheugh Gardens, a victim of the insidious complications following an attack of influenza; but those who knew his robust frame and manly vigour could scarcely have been prepared for a fatal termination of his malady. Four years ago he came to Edinburgh with a reputation for scholarship and successful teaching which justified the prediction that the traditions of the chair which Professor Sellar adorned would be safe in his hands. His death, so near the beginning of a brilliant career, has in it something of the tragic; and it is probably not too much to say that it has caused a loss not only to Edinburgh University, but to classical learning at large.
 "Professor Harry Chester Goodhart was in his thirty-seventh year. On the father's side, he was descended from an old line of clergy, his grandfather on that side, the Rev. Charles Joseph Goodhart, rector of Wetherden, in Suffolk, having but recently died. His maternal grandfather, Mr. George Murray, had, at one time, a connection with Edinburgh as headmaster at the Edinburgh Institution. He afterwards set up a school at Wimbledon, where he was joined by Mr. C. W. Goodhart, father of Professor Goodhart, and where in 1858 Professor Goodhart was born. At an early age he went to Eton as a King's scholar, and from the outset there his career was one of remarkable promise. He was a brilliant athlete as well as a good scholar. At Eton he was for two years in the cricket eleven. At Cambridge his prowess as a footballer gained for him in 1882 a place in the International Association team. He was one of the most brilliant of tennis players of the University, both of lawn tennis and of the Royal game. When he came to Scotland he took with ready enthusiasm to golf. In his own person he exhibited that happy development of the mental and physical powers which is the ideal of education."
 - The Scotsman, Tuesday, 23 April 1895.

Funeral Wednesday, 24 April 1895 at Lower Beeding, Horsham.
Probate "GOODHART Harry Chester of Trinity College Cambridge and of 2 Drumsheugh-gardens Edinburgh esquire died 21 April 1895 at 2 Drumsheugh-gardens Administration London 2 July to Rosa Ellen Goodhart widow.
Effects £3016 15s. 3d. in the United Kingdom" [2019 equivalent: £399,550].
  Rose Goodhart died on 12 April 1927 in France


Douglas Lammings' An English Football Internationalist Who's Who [1990] &

Playing Career

Club(s) Attended Eton College, making the XI in 1877, went onto Trinity College at Cambridge University, but did not receive a blue. Returning to football with the Old Etonians FC;
Corinthians guested for the team
Club honours FA Cup winners 1878-79, 1881-82, runners-up 1880-81, 1882-83;
Height/Weight not known


Douglas Lammings' An English Football Internationalist Who's Who [1990].

England Career

Player number One of four who became the 99th players (102) to appear for England.
Position(s) Centre-forward
First match No. 17, 3 February 1883, England 5 Wales 0, a friendly match at The Surrey Cricket Ground, The Oval, Kennington, London, aged 24 years 201 days;
Last match No. 19, 10 March 1883, England 2 Scotland 3, a friendly match at Yorkshire County Cricket Ground, Bramall Lane, Highfield, Sheffield, aged 24 years 236 days;
Individual honours The South (two appearances, 1ᵍ 1882-83)
Distinctions Father of Harry Stuart Goodhart-Rendel, an English architect and writer;
Despite his young age when he died, Goodhart was the second member of the 1883 team to die, four months after Arthur Cursham.

Beyond England

He was a lecturer at Cambridge between 1884 and 1890 and a Professor of Humanities at Edinburgh University between 1890 and 1895. - An English Football Internationalists' Who's Who. Douglas Lamming (1990). Hatton Press, p.108.
There were two good fellows I used to know  --How distant it all appears!
We played together in football weather,  And messed together for years:
Now one of them's wed
(referring to Goodhart), and the other's dead. So long that he's hardly missed
Save by us, who messed with him years ago. But we're all in the old School List.
- James Kenneth Stephen (a Jack the Ripper suspect)

The Numbers
parties Appearances minutes captain
3 3 270 0 none
minutes are approximation, due to the fact that many matches rarely stuck to exactly ninety minutes long, allowing time for injuries and errors.
3 2 0 1 14 3 +11 0 2 4.667 1 66.7 +1
All of his matches were friendly matches and played at a home venue

Match History

 Clubs: Old Etonians F.C. & Corinthians F.C. - three full appearances (270 min)

F.A. Committee (Charles Alcock) - three full appearances (270 min)x

Age 23 trial  
one appearance - The South vs. The North, January 1882.
Age 24    
one appearance - The North vs. The South, January 1883.

apps match match details comp res rundown pos

1 17 3 February 1883 - England 5 Wales 0
The Surrey Cricket Ground, Kennington
Fr HW   cf

one of four who became the 99th (102) players to appear for England
one of two who became the eighth Old Etonian to represent England
one of four who became the fifth Corinthian to represent England

2 18 24 February 1883 - England 7 Ireland 0
Liverpool Cricket Ground, Liverpool
Fr HW   cf
3 19 10 March 1883 - England 2 Scotland 3
Yorkshire Cricket Ground, Sheffield
Fr HL   cf