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With the Covid-19 pandemic preventing fans from attending games, and all travel subject to severe restrictions, England's Under-17s could only play in training games against older-age-level club youth teams at St George's Park in the 2020-21 season. An international with Scotland was arranged for 10 October 2020, but when the Under-19s' game with Scotland at the same venue, two days earlier, was abandoned because the Scottish coach tested positive for Covid-19, St George's Park was closed down for the next five days and the Under-17s' game was cancelled.
Season 2020-21
   Justin Cochrane
Training Camp Games
u/o 11 November 2020 -
England 3 Derby County FC U18 1
St George's Park, Burton upon Trent
Thomas, Scarlett, Forson
Kelly Caprani
Divin Mubama was substituted at half-time, but then came back on in the 72nd minute.
England: A.Maguire, B.Norton-Cuffy, J.Clarridge (L.Jonas), Z.Awe, B.Chrisene (J.Hackett), D.Gyabi (I.Mabaya), A.Devine (T.Collyer), L.Hall (C.Webster), S.Perkins (O.Forson), D.Scarlett (D.Mubama), D.Mubama (S.Thomas).
u/o 14 November 2020 -
England 2 Reading FC U23 4
St George's Park, Burton upon Trent
Hall, Perkins
Melvin-Lambert, Onen, Stickland, Pendlebury
Toby Collyer was substituted at half-time, but then came back on in the 70th minute.
England: J.Whitworth (J.Beadle), B.Norton-Cuffy (I.Mabaya), B.Hughes, Z.Awe (T.Collyer), L.Jonas (J.Clarridge), J.Hackett (B.Chrisene), D.Gyabi (L.Hall), T.Collyer (A.Devine), C.Webster (S.Perkins), O.Forson (S.Thomas), D.Scarlett (D.Mubama).
England were drawn into Group 8 of the UEFA Under-17 Championship Qualifying round where they were due to travel to Greece in March 2021 (originally November 2020) to face San Marino, Azerbaijan and the hosts for a place in the finals in Cyprus, but the competition was cancelled due to the continuing Covid-19 pandemic.

u/o 30 March 2021 - England 2 Watford FC U23 1 [1-1]
St George's Park, Burton upon Trent
Lawal OG, Gordon
Chrisene and Norton-Cuffy were both substituted at half-time, but then came back on later in the game.
England: J.Beadle (J.Clarke (J.Knightbridge)), B.Norton-Cuffy (Rico Lewis), J.Katongo (A.Lindo), B.Nelson (B.Chrisene), B.Chrisene (T.Small), K.Gordon (B.Norton-Cuffy), S.Braybrooke, Z.Awe, S.Thomas (M.Olakigbe), A.Hackford (K.Pennant), D.Scarlett (Z.Emmerson).

Season 2021-22
Class of 2022 (born after 31 December 2004 (i.e. in 2005 or later (17 or under on 31 December 2022)):
UEFA Under-17 Championship: Elite Qualifying round - first time outside last 16 since 2012
Syrenka Cup: Runners-up - third final in succession (first three entries over four years)
Top Scorer: 7 - Emre Tezgel (1 pen)
Full internationals (1): Kobbie Mainoo (2024)

P 12 - W 6 - D 2 - L 4 - F 26 - A 15 (58% successful) 6% down on 2019-20 (lowest since 2014-15)
   Tom Curtis
Syrenka Cup in northern Poland
446 quarter-final
3 September 2021 - Romania 0 England 2 [0-1]
Stadion Miejski, Ostróda (tbc)
Ehibhatiomhan, Castledine NW
Bellingham missed a 71st-minute penalty kick
England: D.Ombang, J.Feeney (A.Phillips), L.Castledineᶜ, J.Davidson (J.Barber), N.O'Reilly (T.Bloxham), O.Scarles (T.Patterson), B.Gee (A.Dorrington), R.Kyerematen, S.Rak-Sakyi (H.Whitwell), E.Tezgel (J.Bellingham), P.Ehibnatiomhan (R.Stutter).
447 semi-final
5 September 2021 - Portugal 1 England 2 [1-0]
Stadion Miejski, Elbląg (tbc)
England: T.Grant, A.Dorrington (J.Feeney), A.Phillips, J.Davidsonᶜ (P.Ehibnatiomhan), J.Bellingham, O.Scarles (N.O'Reilly), B.Gee (S.Rak-Sakyi), H.Whitwell (R.Kyerematen), T.Bloxham (L.Castledine), R.Stutter (E.Tezgel), T.Patterson.
7 September 2021 - Netherlands 3 England 2 [1-0]
Stadion Miejski, Ostróda (tbc)
Rijkhoff, Slory, Rust
Tezgel (2)
England: T.Grant, A.Dorrington (J.Davidson), A.Phillips (T.Bloxham), J.Feeneyᶜ, L.Castledine, J.Bellingham (R.Stutter), N.O'Reilly, R.Kyerematen (P.Ehibnatiomhan), H.Whitwell (B.Gee), E.Tezgel, T.Patterson (O.Scarles).
England are the runners-up of the Syrenka Cup.
UEFA Under-17 Championship First Qualifying round in Belarus
449 16 October 2021 - Armenia 0 England 7 [0-2]
Nacyjanalny Alimpijski stadyjon Dynama, Minsk (50)
Avetisyan OG, Feeney, Tezgel, Taylor, Cozier-Duberry, Donley (pen), Mainoo NW
England: T.Setford, R.Kyerematen (S.Rak-Sakyi), J.Feeney, N.O'Reillyᶜ (K.Taylor), J.Bellingham, S.Finch (A.Cozier-Duberry), E.Tezgel (J.Donley), I.Smith, H.Ogunneye (J.Davidson), Kobbie Mainoo, T.Patterson.
450 19 October 2021 - Belarus 0 England 1 [0-1]
Haradski stadyjon, Barysaw (100)
Donley AW
England: T.Setford, J.Davidson, O.Scarles, R.Kyerematenᶜ, T.Fredricson, J.Feeney, L.Castledine (S.Finch), N.O'Reilly (J.Bellingham), J.Donley (E.Tezgel), K.Taylor (A.Cozier-Duberry), S.Rak-Sakyi (Kobbie Mainoo).
451 22 October 2021 - Slovakia 2 England 2 [2-0]
Barysaw-Arena, Barysaw (20)
Rehuš, Záhradník
(pen), O'Reilly
England: D.Ombang, R.Kyerematen (S.Rak-Sakyi), J.Feeneyᶜ, J.Bellingham (N.O'Reilly), J.Donley (E.Tezgel), S.Finch (L.Castledine), A.Cozier-Duberry, I.Smith, K.Taylor, H.Ogunneye, Kobbie Mainoo (T.Patterson).
England were due to travel to Israel to face Portugal (30th November), the hosts (3rd December) and Spain (6th December) in the UEFA Preparatory Tournament, but two days before the tournament was due to begin, the Israeli government imposed a travel ban to try to stop the spread of a new Covid-19 variant, and the tournament was cancelled.
Friendly matches
452 8 February 2022 - Scotland 0 England 3 [0-0]
Oriam National Performance Centre, Edinburgh (tbc)
Mendel-Idowu (2), Castledine AW
England: T.Grant, E.Carrington (J.Barber), S.Boniface (J.Batty), S.Rak-Sakyi, J.Feeneyᶜ, A.Phillips (J.Wright), S.Finch (T.Mendel-Idowu), N.O'Reilly (M.Lewis-Skelly), E.Tezgel (D.Ballard), W.Alves (A.Cozier-Duberry), J.Bellingham (L.Castledine).
453 10 February 2022 - Scotland 2 England 2 [2-1]
Oriam National Performance Centre, Edinburgh
Wilson, Harvey
Mendel-Idowu, Tezgel
England: T.Setford, J.Barber (E.Carrington), J.Batty, M.Lewis-Skelly (S.Rak-Sakyi), A.Phillips (J.Feeney), J.Wright (S.Boniface), T.Mendel-Idowu (S.Finch), K.Doyle (N.O'Reilly), D.Ballard (E.Tezgel), L.Castledineᶜ (J.Bellingham), A.Cozier-Duberry (W.Alves).
UEFA Under-17 Championship Elite Qualifying round in Luxembourg
454 26 March 2022 - France 3 England 1 [1-1]
Stade Alphonse Theis, Hesperange (tbc)
Tel (pen), Atangana Edoa, Byar
England: T.Setford, J.Barber, C.Scanlon, A.Gray (T.Mendel-Idowu), T.Fredricson, J.Feeneyᶜ, A.Cozier-Duberry, Kobbie Mainoo, J.Donley (E.Tezgel), N.O'Reilly (R.Kyerematen), W.Alves (L.Castledine).

29 March 2022 - Luxembourg 2 England 0 [1-0]
Stadion am Pëtz, Wiltz (tbc)
Flick (pen), Souchard AL
Leo Castledine⁸⁷ Jamie Donley⁸⁹
England: T.Grant, H.Ogunneye (C.Scanlon), J.Batty (J.Donley), R.Kyerematen (D.Ballard), I.Samuels-Smith, J.Feeneyᶜ, L.Castledine, Kobbie Mainoo, E.Tezgel, N.O'Reilly (A.Gray), T.Mendel-Idowu (W.Alves).
England are eliminated at the Elite stage of the 2022 UEFA Under-17 Championship.
Russia were drawn into the same group, but were suspended from all competitions by UEFA following the invasion of Ukraine.
Marbella Friendly Match Week
456 4 June 2022 - Norway 0 England 3 [0-0]
Banús Football Center, Marbella (tbc)
Doyle, Akinwale, Griffiths NW
England: T.Reid, S.Sachdev (J.Duffus), C.Scanlon (L.Sousa), S.Peck (B.Khela), M.Alleyne (A.Phillips), I.Smith (J.Debayo), A.Cozier-Duberry (J.Griffiths), M.Lewis-Skelly (S.Rak-Sakyi), S.Finch (V.Akinwale), Z.Silcott-Duberry (K.Doyle), L.Castledineᶜ (W.Alves).

6 June 2022 - United States 2 England 1 [0-1]
Banús Football Center, Marbella (tbc)
Osundina, Neri
Ashley Phillips⁵⁷
The American team consisted mainly of 17-year-olds, but it was the equivalent of a European under-18 team (i.e. including players born in 2004).
England: D.Ombang, L.Sousaᶜ (C.Scanlon), A.Phillips, J.Debayo (M.Alleyne), B.Khela (S.Peck), J.Griffiths (L.Castledine), K.Doyle (I.Smith), W.Alves (A.Cozier-Duberry), S.Rak-Sakyi (M.Lewis-Skelly), V.Akinwale (S.Finch), J.Duffus (S.Sachdev).

Season 2022-23
Class of 2023 (born after 31 December 2005 (i.e. in 2006 or later (17 or under on 31 December 2023)):
UEFA Under-17 Championship: Quarter-finals - first time since 2018
Syrenka Cup: Fourth - failed to reach final for first time
Top Scorer: 6 - Jimmy-Jay Morgan (1 pen)
Full internationals: none (so far)
16-year-olds in UEFA finals squad: Dada-Mascoll, Dyer, Golding, Jemide, Lewis-Skelly, McAllister, Meghoma, Nwaneri, Oboavwoduo and Samuels-Smith. Isaiah Dada-Mascoll and Michael Golding celebrated their 17th birthdays during the tournament.

P 19 - W 11 - D 2 - L 6 - F 39 - A 24 (63% successful) 5% up on previous season
Nordic Open Championship in Norway
458 6 August 2022 - Norway 3 England 0 [2-0]
Sarpsborg stadion, Sarpsborg (tbc)
Nypan, Nyhammer, Egeli AL
England: S.Proctor, J.Meghoma (A.Stevens), I.Samuels-Smith, J.Morgan (A.Matthews), K.Dyer (M.Golding), A.Berry (W.Renecke), J.Acheampong (L.Miley), J.Jimoh (F.McAllister), Z.Abbott, S.Amo-Ameyaw (C.Lennon), E.Nwaneri. 
459 8 August 2022 - England 3 Faroe Islands 0 [2-0]
Råde Idrettspark, Råde (tbc)
Stevens, Jimoh, Nwaneri NW
England: F.Herrick, T.Dobson-Ventura, W.Renecke (S.Amo-Ameyaw), E.Jemide (I.Samuels-Smith), F.McAllister ͨ (E.Nwaneri), L.Miley, M.Golding (K.Dyer), J.Jimoh (A.Berry), A.Stevens (J.Meghoma), A.Matthews, C.Lennon (Z.Abbott).
460 10 August 2022 - England 2 Finland 1 [1-0]
Fredrikstad stadion, Fredrikstad (tbc)
Morgan, Miley
England: J.Thompson, I.Samuels-Smith (W.Renecke), J.Meghoma (C.Lennon), J.Acheampong (Z.Abbott), F.McAllister ͨ, E.Nwaneri (S.Amo-Ameyaw), W.Omoruyi, M.Golding (A.Berry), K.Dyer (L.Miley), A.Stevens, J.Morgan (A.Matthews).
England finished fourth in the Nordic Open Championship.


Ryan Garry
Syrenka Cup in central Poland
461 quarter-final
23 September 2022 - England 3 Czech Republic 0 [0-0]
Stadion Błonianki, Błonie (tbc)
Samuel, Samuels-Smith, Morgan NW
England: 1.T.Setford, 3.S.Boniface (6.I.Samuels-Smith), 12.N.Boot (5.J.Acheampong), 8.Z.Abbott, 2.L.Samuelᶜ, 18.M.Golding (11.S.Amo-Ameyaw), 16.M.Lewis-Skelly (14.F.McAllister), 4.K.Dyer (20.L.Miley), 10.E.Nwaneri (15.E.Jemide), 9.J.Oboavwodou (19.J.Morgan), 7.A.Stevens (17.T.George).
462 semi-final
25 September 2022 - Norway 2 England 1 [1-0]
Stadion Miejski, Piaseczno (tbc)
Egeli (2 pens)
Morgan (pen)
England: 13.T.Curd, 5.J.Acheampong (12.N.Boot), 15.E.Jemide (8.Z.Abbott), 6.I.Samuels-Smith, 3.S.Boniface (2.L.Samuel), 16.M.Lewis-Skelly (4.K.Dyer), 20.L.Miley, 14.F.McAllisterᶜ (18.M.Golding), 17.T.George (7.A.Stevens), 11.S.Amo-Ameyaw (10.E.Nwaneri), 19.J.Morgan.
463 third-place play-off
Wolski, Huras (2), Abbott OG, Kolanko

27 September 2022 - England 0 Poland 5 [0-2]
Stadion Miejski, Grodzisk Mazowiecki (tbc)
England: 13.T.Curd (1.T.Setford), 2.L.Samuel ͨ, 8.Z.Abbott (6.I.Samuels-Smith), 12.N.Boot (11.S.Amo-Ameyaw), 17.T.George, 18.M.Golding, 14.F.McAllister (20.L.Miley), 7.A.Stevens (5.J.Acheampong), 19.J.Morgan (16.M.Lewis-Skelly), 10.E.Nwaneri (3.S.Boniface), 9.E.Wheatley.
England finished fourth in the Syrenka Cup.
UEFA Under-17 Championship First Qualifying round in Georgia
464 25 October 2022 - England 3 Lithuania 1 [1-0]
Tbilisi Sea Technical Center Stadium, Tbilisi (50)
Golding (2), Nwaneri
England:. T.Curd, M.Lewis-Skelly, Z.Abbott, I.Samuels-Smith, J.Acheampong, M.Goldingᶜ, K.Dyer (J.Jimoh), J.Meghoma (M.Ali), O.Irow (E.Nwaneri), J.Oboavwoduo (T.Dibling), J.Morgan (L.Chiwome).

28 October 2022 - Georgia 2 England 6 [1-4]
Georgian Football Federation Academy, Rustavi (460)
Geguchadze (pen), Amisulashvili
Dibling (2), Nwaneri, Morgan (2), Lewis-Skelly
England: T.Curd, J.Acheampong, T.Akomeah, I.Samuels-Smith, M.Ali, M.Lewis-Skelly, K.Dyer (C.Rigg), E.Nwaneri (O.Irow), M.Goldingᶜ (J.Jimoh), T.Dibling, J.Morgan (J.Oboavwoduo).

31 October 2022 - Israel 1 England 1 [1-0]
Tbilisi Sea Technical Center Stadium, Tbilisi (100)
Nwaneri's 51st-minute penalty was saved by Dayan
England: T.Curd, J.Meghoma (M.Ali), M.Lewis-Skelly, Z.Abbott, I.Samuels-Smith, J.Oboavwodou (O.Irow), L.Samuelᶜ, C.Rigg (M.Golding), T.Dibling (J.Morgan), J.Jimoh (K.Dyer), E.Nwaneri.
J.Thompson was an unused goalkeeper.
Friendly matches
467 11 January 2023 - Germany 3 England 0 [3-0]
Germany also won 7-6 on penalty-kicks
Pinatar Arena, San Pedro del Pinatar (350)
Herrmann, Moerstadt, Brunner NL
Penalty shootout: George 0-0, da Silva Moreira 0-0, Acheampong 0-1, Rahmann 1-1, Mfuamba 1-2, Ramsak 2-2, Chiwome 2-2, Dal 2-2, Miley 2-3, Ouédraogo 3-3, Watson 3-4, Hoffmann 4-4, Meghoma 4-5, Bujupi 5-5, Boniface 5-6, Bulut 6-6, Renecke 6-6, Kabar 7-6
England:. T.Curd, C.Kporha (J.Acheampong), I.Dada-Mascoll (S.Boniface), C.Logan (W.Renecke), J.Meghoma, T.Dibling (T.George), L.Miley, K.Dyer (K.Mfuamba), M.Golding ͨ (L.Chiwome), O.Irow (T.Neale), M.Cotcher (T.Watson).
468 14 January 2023 - Germany 0 England 6 [0-2]
England also won 3-1 on penalty-kicks
Pinatar Arena, San Pedro del Pinatar (200)
Chiwome (3), Golding, Watson, Neale NW
Penalty shootout: Preuβ 0-0, Irow 0-1, da Silva Moreira 1-1, Cotcher 1-2, Ramsak 1-2, Dibling 1-3, Aslanidis 1-3
England: D.Abraham (F.Herrick), J.Acheampong (J.Meghoma), I.Dada-Mascoll (C.Kporha), I.Samuels-Smith (K.Dyer), S.Boniface (W.Renecke), K.Mfuamba, T.George (M.Cotcher), L.Miley (C.Logan), L.Chiwome (T.Dibling), M.Golding ͨ (T.Neale), T.Watson (O.Irow).
UEFA Under-17 Championship Elite Qualifying round in South Holland
469 22 March 2023 - Denmark 1 England 3 [0-2]
Sportpark Nieuw Zuid, Katwijk aan Zee (287)
Nwaneri (2), Oboavwoduo
England: T.Setford, J.Acheampong, S.Boniface (E.Jemide), M.Lewis-Skelly (I.Dada-Mascoll), L.Samuel, I.Samuels-Smith, T.Dibling, L.Miley, J.Oboavwoduo (Z.Lovelace), M.Golding ͨ (A.Gray), E.Nwaneri (T.Watson).
470 25 March 2023 - England 2 Northern Ireland 0 [0-0]
Gemeentelijk Sportpark Sint Jeroen's Club, Noordwijk (375)
Nwaneri (2) NW
England: T.Setford, J.Acheampong, J.Meghoma, L.Samuel (E.Jemide), I.Samuels-Smith, L.Miley, M.Golding ͨ (J.Jimoh), E.Nwaneri (T.Dibling), I.Dada-Mascoll (M.Lewis-Skelly), T.Watson, Z.Lovelace (J.Oboavwoduo).
471 28 March 2023 - England 0 Netherlands 1 [0-1]
Sportpark Nieuw Zuid, Katwijk aan Zee (1,823)
Wolff AL
England: T.Setford, J.Acheampong, S.Boniface, M.Lewis-Skelly (M.Golding), I.Samuels-Smith ͨ, T.Dibling, J.Oboavwoduo, E.Jemide (L.Samuels), A.Gray (K.Dyer), T.Watson (E.Nwaneri), J.Jimoh (I.Dada-Mascoll).
F.Herrick was an unused goalkeeper.
UEFA Under-17 Championship Finals in Hungary
472 group D
18 May 2023 - Croatia 0 England 1 [0-1]
Városi Sportpálya, Balmazújváros (700)
Nwaneri NW
Golding's 41st-minute penalty was saved by Hlapčić
England: 1.T.Setford, 2.J.Acheampong, 3.S.Boniface (15.E.Jemide), 4.M.Lewis-Skelly, 5.L.Samuel ͨ, 6.I.Samuels-Smith, 9.L.Chiwome (19.Z.Lovelace), 10.M.Golding, 11.E.Nwaneri (20.K.Young), 14.I.Dada-Mascoll (8.A.Gray), 17.T.Dibling.
473 21 May 2023 - Netherlands 1 England 4 [0-1]
Nagyerdei Stadion, Debrecen (611)
Lewis-Skelly, Dada-Mascoll (2 (1 pen)), Oboavwoduo
Van der Plas⁸⁸
England: 1.T.Setford, 2.J.Acheampong, 4.M.Lewis-Skelly (14.I.Dada-Mascoll), 5.L.Samuel ͨ, 6.I.Samuels-Smith, 8.A.Gray, 9.L.Chiwome (7.J.Oboavwoduo), 10.M.Golding, 11.E.Nwaneri (19.Z.Lovelace), 12.J.Meghoma (3.S.Boniface), 17.T.Dibling (15.E.Jemide).
474 24 May 2023 - England 0 Switzerland 0 [0-0]
Egyetemi Atlétikai Club Stadion, Debrecen (427)
Curd saved a 71st-minute penalty from Boteli
England: 13.T.Curd, 3.S.Boniface (12.J.Meghoma), 5.L.Samuel ͨ (10.M.Golding), 7.J.Oboavwoduo (17.T.Dibling), 8.A.Gray, 14.I.Dada-Mascoll, 15.E.Jemide, 16.F.McAllister, 18.K.Dyer (11.E.Nwaneri), 19.Z.Lovelace (9.L.Chiwome), 20.K.Young.
475 quarter-final
27 May 2023 - England 0 France 1 [0-0]
Városi Sportpálya, Balmazújváros (411)
Lambourde (pen) NL
England: 1.T.Setford, 2.J.Acheampong (8.A.Gray), 4.M.Lewis-Skelly (14.I.Dada-Mascoll), 5.L.Samuel ͨ, 6.I.Samuels-Smith, 7.J.Oboavwoduo, 9.L.Chiwome (19.Z.Lovelace), 10.M.Golding, 11.E.Nwaneri, 12.J.Meghoma, 17.T.Dibling (20.K.Young).
476 world cup qualifying play-off
30 May 2023 - England 4 Switzerland 2 [1-1]
Árok utcai pálya, Budaörs (138)
Gray, Lovelace, Golding, Young
Rufener, Xhemalija
England: 1.T.Setford, 3.S.Boniface (12.J.Meghoma), 5.L.Samuel ͨ, 6.I.Samuels-Smith, 7.J.Oboavwoduo, 8.A.Gray, 10.M.Golding, 11.E.Nwaneri (20.K.Young), 14.I.Dada-Mascoll, 16.F.McAllister (4.M.Lewis-Skelly), 19.Z.Lovelace.
England are eliminated at the quarter-final stage of the 2023 UEFA Under-17 Championship and qualified for the FIFA Under-17 World Cup which was held in the following season, so the squad were then the Under-18s.
22.F.Herrick was an unused squad member.

Season 2023-24
Class of 2024 (born after 31 December 2006 (i.e. in 2007 or later (17 or under on 31 December 2024)):


Greg Lincoln
Pinatar Arena Supercup
6 September 2023 - Portugal 3 England 2  [2-2]
Pinatar Arena, San Pedro del Pinatar (tbc)
Patrão, Silva, Quenda
Mheuka, Simmonds
England: T.Brits, J.Fitzgerald (C.Adiele), C.McFarlane (J.Medine), J.King (F.Cartwright), F.Simmonds, K.Noble, S.Lacey (J.Robinson), C.Riggᶜ (E.Myles), S.Mheuka, M.Moore (L.Fletcher), C.Olusesi (S.Sidibe).
England were two goals up in eleven minutes.
9 September 2023 - Morocco 1 England 1 [0-1]
Morocco won 6-5 on penalty-kicks
Pinatar Arena, San Pedro del Pinatar (tbc)
Ait Tamlihat (pen)
Penalty shootout: Moore 0-1, Salhi 1-1, Mheuka 1-2, Tahri 2-2, Fitzgerald 2-3, Ait Tamlihat 3-3, Lacey 3-4, Ermaki 4-4, Rigg 4-5, Amal 5-5, Olusesi 5-5, Loubane 6-5
England: D.Lukjanciks (N.Michalski), K.Nobleᶜ (J.King), J.Robinson (J.Fitzgerald), L.Drake, C.Adiele (C.Olusesi), L.Fletcher (S.Mheuka), F.Cartwright (C.McFarlane), E.Myles (J.Hamilton), F.Fapetu (M.Moore), S.Sidibe (S.Lacey), J.Medine (C.Rigg).
12 September 2023 - Spain 1 England 4 [0-2]
Pinatar Arena, San Pedro del Pinatar (tbc)
(2), Rigg, Mheuka
England: T.Brits, C.McFarlane (C.Adiele), J.King (J.Fitzgerald), F.Simmonds, K.Noble, S.Lacey (E.Myles), C.Riggᶜ (F.Fapetu), S.Mheuka (L.Fletcher), M.Moore (J.Robinson), L.Drake, F.Cartwright (C.Olusesi).
England coach, Greg Lincoln was given a red card with twenty minutes left amidst confusion over England's substitutions.
England finished runners-up in the Pinatar Arena Supercup.
Friendly matches
11 October 2023 - England 3 Norway 0 [1-0]
Norway won 4-3 on penalty-kicks
St George's Park, Burton upon Trent (tbc)
Lacey, Moore, Mheuka HW
Penalty shootout: Harrison 1-0, Eikrem 1-1, Robinson 1-1, Norbye 1-2, Noble 2-2, Spiten-Nysæther 2-3, Fletcher 2-3, Holmen 2-3, Neave 3-3, Knudsen 3-4
England: T.Brits (O.Whatmuff), O.Harrison, J.King, S.Lacey (T.Sanusi), C.McFarlane (H.Amass), S.Mfuni, S.Mheuka (L.Fletcher), M.Moore (S.Neave), K.Nobleᶜ, C.Olusesi (J.Robinson), L.Shahar.
13 October 2023 - England 2 Norway 2 [1-0]
England won on penalty-kicks
St George's Park, Burton upon Trent (tbc)
Robinson, Moore
Skaarud, Taraldset
England: D.Lukjanciks (O.Whatmuff), L.Drake, L.Fletcher (S.Neave), H.Amassᶜ, J.Fitzgerald (O.Fitzgerald), T.Sanusi (M.Moore), T.Nyoni (C.Olusesi), E.Hamelberg (J.King), J.Robinson (S.Lacey), S.Amissah, J.Esenga (L.Shahar).
UEFA Under-17 Championship First Qualifying round in Croatia
482 3 November 2023 - England 8 Faroe Islands 0 [3-0]
Stadion Ivan Laljak-Ivić, Zaprešić (tbc)
J.Fletcher, Moore, Ólavsson OG, Mheuka, Derry, Mukasa (2), Dunbar-McDonald NW
England: T.Brits, L.Shahar, C.McFarlane, J.King (O.Harrison), S.Mfuni, K.Nobleᶜ, J.Derry (J.Robinson), J.Fletcher (D.Mukasa), S.Mheuka (L.Fletcher), M.Moore (C.Dunbar-McDonald), C.Olusesi.

6 November 2023 - England 5 Kosovo 0 [2-0]
Stadion Ivan Laljak-Ivić, Zaprešić
Derry (2), Olusesi (2), Fletcher NW
England: T.Brits, L.Shahar, J.King (F.Cartwright), S.Mfuni, K.Nobleᶜ (L.Drake), H.Amass, J.Derry (J.Robinson), S.Mheuka (L.Fletcher), M.Moore (D.Mukasa), C.Olusesi, O.Harrison.

9 November 2023 - Croatia 1 England 5 [0-2]
Stadion Branko Čavlović-Čavlek, Karlovac (tbc)
Moore (3), Mheuka, Derry
Moore's 54th-minute penalty was saved by Rajić, but he scored his second from the rebound
England: T.Brits, L.Drake, C.McFarlane, S.Mfuni, K.Nobleᶜ, J.Fletcher, O.Harrison, J.King (F.Cartwright), J.Derry (D.Mukasa), S.Mheuka (L.Fletcher (C.Dunbar-McDonald)), M.Moore (J.Robinson).
D.Lukjanciks (who was on the bench for all three games) and K.Crampton were unused goalkeepers.
UEFA Under-17 Championship Elite Qualifying round at St George's Park
485 20 March 2024 - England 5 Northern Ireland 1 [1-1]
St George's Park, Burton upon Trent (tbc)
Mukasa (2), Nwaneri, Dipepa (2)
England: T.Brits, L.Shahar, H.Amass (C.McFarlane), S.Amissah, J.Dixon, J.King (O.Harrison), C.Riggᶜ, J.Derry (R.McAidoo), L.Fletcher (B.Dipepa), E.Nwaneri (J.Robinson), D.Mukasa.

23 March 2024 - England 5 Hungary 0 [2-0]
t George's Park, Burton upon Trent (tbc)
Dipepa, Rigg, Nwaneri, McFarlane, Pál OG HW
England: T.Brits, L.Shahar (S.Amissah), C.McFarlane, J.King (T.Sanusi), S.Mfuni, K.Noble, C.Riggᶜ, E.Nwaneri (R.McAidoo), O.Harrison, J.Derry (D.Mukasa), B.Dipepa (L.Fletcher).

26 March 2024 - France 2 England 1 [2-0]
St George's Park, Burton upon Trent (tbc)
Messi (2 (1 pen))
Chris Rigg²⁵
England: O.Whatmuff, L.Shahar, C.McFarlane, J.King, S.Mfuni, K.Noble, C.Riggᶜ, E.Nwaneri, O.Harrison (L.Fletcher), B.Dipepa (H.Amass), D.Mukasa (S.Amissah).
K.Crampton was an unused goalkeeper.
UEFA Under-17 Championship Finals in Cyprus
488 group D  
21 May 2024 - France 0 England 4 [0-3]
Ammochostos Epistrofi Stadium, Larnaca (1,254)
Moore (2), Dipepa, Nwaneri NW
England: 1.T.Brits, 2.L.Shahar, 3.C.McFarlane, 4.O.Harrison, 16.S.Amissah (12.J.Dixon), 6.K.Nobleᶜ, 7.J.Fletcher (19.C.Olusesi), 20.D.Mukasa, 10.E.Nwaneri (17.C.Dunbar-McDonald), 11.M.Moore (18.H.Amass), 14.B.Dipepa (15.L.Fletcher). Unused subs: 13.O.Whatmuff, 5.S.Mfuni.
Chris Rigg was suspended after being sent off against the same opponents in the elite round.

24 May 2024 - Portugal vs. England [-]
Ammochostos Epistrofi Stadium, Larnaca
England squad: 1.T.Brits, 13.O.Whatmuff, 18.H.Amass, 16.S.Amissah, 12.J.Dixon, 3.C.McFarlane, 5.S.Mfuni, 6.K.Noble, 2.L.Shahar, 7.J.Fletcher, 4.O.Harrison, 20.D.Mukasa, 19.C.Olusesi, 8.C.Rigg, 14.B.Dipepa, 17.C.Dunbar-McDonald, 15.L.Fletcher, 9.S.Mheuka, 11.M.Moore, 10.E.Nwaneri.

27 May 2024 - England vs. Spain [-]
Antonis Papadopoulos Stadium, Larnaca (tbc)
England squad: 1.T.Brits, 13.O.Whatmuff, 18.H.Amass, 16.S.Amissah, 12.J.Dixon, 3.C.McFarlane, 5.S.Mfuni, 6.K.Noble, 2.L.Shahar, 7.J.Fletcher, 4.O.Harrison, 20.D.Mukasa, 19.C.Olusesi, 8.C.Rigg, 14.B.Dipepa, 17.C.Dunbar-McDonald, 15.L.Fletcher, 9.S.Mheuka, 11.M.Moore, 10.E.Nwaneri.