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Trinidad & Tobago


863 vs. United States
865 vs. Czech Republic
Sunday, 1 June 2008
Trinidad & Tobago FA Centenary Celebration Match

Trinidad & Tobago 0 England 3 [0-2]

Hasely Crawford Stadium, Wrightson Road, Port of Spain
Attendance: 25,001
; Kick-off: 5.30pm AST, 10.30pm BST;
Live on BBC One (UK) -
Commentator: Steve Wilson

England - Gareth Barry (seven-yard volley 12), Jermain Defoe (eight-yard sliding shot 16, ten-yard half-volley placed 49). Match Summary
T & T Squad

England Squad
Results 2005-2010 England - Steven Gerrard (29).

England kicked-off. 94 minutes (46 & 48).


Match Summary

Officials from Suriname

Trinidad & Tobago



Referee (yellow) - Enrico J. Wijngaarde
34 (11 January 1974), FIFA-listed 2002;

Assistant Referees - Ramon Lousiville, and Dion Inniss, Guyana;

Fourth official - Geoffrey Hospedales, Trinidad and Tobago;

Special dispensation from FIFA allowed seven substitutes to be used; *see footnote

5 Goal Attempts 21
2 Attempts on Target 10
0 Hit Bar/Post 0
4 Corner Kicks Won 5
2 Offside Calls Against 7
13 Fouls Conceded 17
47.7% Possession 52.3%

Trinidad & Tobago Team



FIFA (7th May 2008) 88th
EFO ranking n/a

ELO rating 84th
Colours: Made by Adidas - White crew neck with black Adidas sleeve trim and piping, white shorts, white socks with black Adidas trim;
Capt: Aurtis Whitley Manager: Francisco Antonio Maturana Garcia, 59 (2 February 1949 in Colombia), appointed Head Coach 1 February 2008.
6th match, W 3 - D 2 - L 1 - F 8 - A - 5.
Trinidad & Tobago Lineup
1 Ince, Clayton 35 12 July 1972 G Walsall FC, England 65 0
2 Cupid, Kern, off 46th min. 24 11 April 1984 RB W-Connection FC 8 0
3 Farrier, Ancil B. 21 21 July 1986 LB University of Southern Connecticut, United States 3 0
4 Hislop, Makan K. 23 9 March 1985 CD United Petrotrin FC 3 0
18 Daniel, Keon K., off 76th min. 21 16 January 1987 LM United Petrotrin FC 9 2
6 Lawrence, Dennis W. 33 1 August 1974 CD Swansea City FC, England 70 1
7 Edwards, A. Carlos 29 24 October 1978 RM Sunderland AFC, England 58 1
8 Hyland, Khaleem, off 76th min. 19 5 June 1989 CM unattached 9 0
9 Whitley, Aurtis 31 1 May 1977 CM W-Connection FC 33 1
14 John, Stern C.J., off 74th min. 31 30 October 1976 AM Southampton FC, England 102 67
17 Jones, Kenwyn J., injured off 8th min. 23 5 October 1984 CF Sunderland AFC, England 34 3
Trinidad & Tobago Substitutes
10 Roberts, Darryl B., on 11th min. for Jones; off 46th min. 24 26 September 1983 F unattached 15 1
scoreline: Trinidad & Tobago 0 England 2
13 Smith, Kareem, on 46th min. for Cupid 23 1 January 1985
born in United States
RB United Petrotrin FC 3 0
5 Telesford, Osei, on 46th min. for Roberts 24 30 November 1983 D Puerto Rico Islanders FC, United States 11 1
scoreline: Trinidad & Tobago 0 England 3
24 Forbes, Jerrol, on 74th min. for John 23 22 December 1984 F United Petrotrin FC 5 2
12 Connell, Kevaughn, on 76th min. for Daniel 24 23 July 1983 M L'Entente SSG, France 3 0
19 Yorke, Dwight E., on 76th min. for Hyland 36 3 November 1971 F Sunderland AFC, England 60 16
result: Trinidad & Tobago 0 England 3
unused substitutes: 11-Hayden Tinto, 12-Marvin Phillip, 15-Akeem Adams, 16-Anton Pierre, 21-Jan Michael Williams, 25-Keyeno Thomas, 26-Jamal Gay;


Ince -
(Smith), Hislop, Lawrence, Farrier -
Edwards, Whitley, Hyland
(Yorke), Daniel (Connell) -
(Forbes) -
(Roberts (Telesford)). 

Averages (Starting XI):

Age 26.4 Appearances/Goals 35.8 6.8


England Team



FIFA (7th May 2008) 11th
EFO ranking Group 2

ELO rating 8th
Colours: The 2008 away uniform - Red v-neck jersey with navy/white shoulder trim/white trimmed collar, white shorts with red pinstripe, red socks with navy trim/white Umbro diamonds.
Capt: David Beckham, 59th captaincy.
Gareth Barry, second half
Manager: Fabio Capello, 61 (18 June 1946), appointed 14 December 2007, took post 7 January 2008, 
4th match, W 3 - D 0 - L 1 - F 7 - A 2.
England Lineup
1 James, David B., off 46th min. 37 1 August 1970 G Portsmouth FC 39 33ᵍᵃ
2 Johnson, Glen M. 23 23 August 1984 RB Portsmouth FC 8 0
3 Bridge, Wayne M., off 84th min. 27 5 August 1980 LB Chelsea FC 30 1
4 Barry, Gareth 26 23 February 1981 CM Aston Villa FC 20 1
5 Ferdinand, Rio G., off 46th min. 29 7 November 1978 CD Manchester United FC 68 1
6 Woodgate, Jonathan S. 28 22 January 1980 CD Tottenham Hotspur FC 7 0
7 Beckham, David R.J., off 46th min. 33 2 May 1975 RM LA Galaxy, United States 102 17
8 Downing, Stewart, off 58th min. 23 22 July 1984 LM Middlesbrough FC 18 0
9 Ashton, Dean, off 46th min. 24 24 November 1983 F West Ham United FC 1 0
10 Gerrard, Steven G. 27 30 May 1980 CM Liverpool FC 67 13
Gerrard cautioned in the 29th minute for Unsporting Behaviour, for a foul on Hyland.
Defoe, Jermain C., off 69th min. 25 7 October 1982 F Portsmouth FC 28 5
the 323rd (190th post-war) brace scored
England Substitutes
scoreline: Trinidad & Tobago 0 England 2
12 Hart, C. Joseph J., on 46th min. for James 21 19 April 1987 G Manchester City FC 1 0ᵍᵃ
15 Jagielka, Philip N., on 46th min. for Ferdinand 25 17 August 1982 CD Everton FC 1 0
16 Bentley, David M., on 46th min. for Beckham 23 27 August 1984 RM Blackburn Rovers FC 6 0
19 Crouch, Peter J., on 46th min. for Ashton 27 30 January 1981 F Liverpool FC 28 14
scoreline: Trinidad & Tobago 0 England 3
17 Young, Ashley S., on 58th min. for Downing 22 9 July 1985 LM Aston Villa FC 3 0
20 Walcott, Theo J., on 69th min. for Defoe 19 16 March 1989 F Arsenal FC 2 0
13 Warnock, Stephen, on 84th min. for Bridge 26 12 December 1981 LB Blackburn Rovers FC 1 0
result: Trinidad & Tobago 0 England 3
unused substitutes: 14-David Wheater, 18-Tom Huddlestone, 21-Gabriel Agbonlahor, 22-Joe Lewis;
Coach Fabio Capello played for Italy against England in June (scoring one) and November 1973 (scoring another), and in May and November 1976.
Fifa were unhappy that England made one more than the maximum six substitutions, even though the FA stated it was pre-agreed.  Four England players could have lost their first appearances after FIFA said that it may not be rated a full international.  Dean Ashton, Joe Hart, Phil Jagielka and Stephen Warnock all made their first appearances for England.  Fifa were unhappy and considered whether to downgrade the match from an official A international.  A Fifa spokesman said: "We can confirm that Fifa did not give special dispensation to make up to seven substitutions at the Trinidad and Tobago versus England match.  We have spoken internally at Fifa about the matter and nobody allowed this to happen."  The FA was under the impression such a decision had been agreed - and it is believed it had originally asked to make eleven changes.
1st     4-4-2 James -
Johnson, Ferdinand, Woodgate, Bridge -
Beckham, Gerrard, Barry, Downing -
Ashton, Defoe.
2nd  4-4-2 Hart -
Johnson, Jagielka, Woodgate, Bridge
(Warnock) -
Bentley, Gerrard, Barry, Downing
(Young) -
Crouch, Defoe

Averages (Starting XI):

Age 27.5 Appearances/Goals 35.3 3.5


    Match Report by Mike Payne

After a long hard season, what better way of relaxing than a trip to the Caribbean?  Funny though, because on the evidence of this match it looked as though it was the last place any of the England players wanted to be.  The game was very poor and Fabio Capello will never have an easier victory.

Four England players were given their debuts, Dean Ashton from the start, and then as substitutes, Joe Hart, Phil Jagielka, and Steven Warnock.  To be fair, the fact that it was their debuts will probably be the only reason to remember the game and none of those players particularly impressed.  England were never in danger of anything other than a win though and scored their first goal after 12 minutes following a good move.  Stewart Downing's long pass down the left wing found Wayne Bridge.  His cross was met powerfully by Gareth Barry who forced the ball over the line from close range for his first England goal.

Most of England's attacking play stemmed from Steven Gerrard who was given the freedom of the midfield to dictate the tempo of the play.  England dominated possession and found some of the home defenders way out of their depth.  Full-back Kern Cupid was particularly vulnerable down the left and England tore him apart.  The second goal also came down the left as Cupid went walkabout leaving Downing the easy task of setting up Jermain Defoe.  Defoe picked his spot with aplomb for his first England goal since September 2004.

Trinidad & Tobago had built up this match as a revenge mission following the previous clash between the sides in the 2006 World Cup in Sweden, a game England won 2-0.  But the home players were not up to the task at all and even their English based players failed to impress.  The home team were hampered when Kenwyne Jones had to go off injured in the 11th minute following a collision with David James.  With him went T&T's only chance. 

Capello made four substitutions at half-time, Ashton went off, as did James, Rio Ferdinand and, much to the disappointment of the crowd, David Beckham, whose every touch had been savoured by an adoring audience.  His replacement, David Bentley made an instant impact though and within four minutes of the restart his cross from the right was headed down by fellow substitute Peter Crouch into the path of Defoe and the striker scored his second of the match.  That goal did not go down too well with the home crowd as they had still not forgiven Crouch for his goal in that World Cup game, especially as he had pulled the dreadlocks of defender Brent Sancho just before scoring. 

The only other incident worth recording in this match also involved Crouch.  This time the big forward combined well with Gerrard to set up Defoe with another chance.  The Pompey player should have had his hat-trick but inexplicably scuffed his shot wide of the goal.  And that was it, season over, and now it really was time for the players to hit the beaches!

Source Notes

BBC Sport
ESPN Soccernet
Mike Payne - football historian and contributor
and Roger Baker for adding the Trinidadian stats.