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The England Party for the Get-Together at Liverpool  February 1961
Player Birthdate Age Pos Club starts subs App Capt
Armfield, James 21 September 1935 25 RB Blackpool FC 12 0 12 0 0
Brabrook, Peter 8 November 1937 23 OR Chelsea FC 3 0 3 0 0
Brabrook was drafted into the party on 5 February as a replacement for Bryan Douglas
Broadbent, Peter F. 15 May 1933 27 IR Wolverhampton Wanderers FC 7 0 7 2 0
Charlton, Robert 11 October 1937 22 OL Manchester United FC 22 0 22 18 0
Douglas, Bryan 27 May 1934 26 OR Blackburn Rovers FC 18 0 18 4 0
Douglas missed the 'get-together because of injury
Flowers, Ronald 28 July 1934 26 LHB Wolverhampton Wanderers FC 18 1 19 2 0
Greaves, James P. 20 February 1940 20 IR Chelsea FC 11 0 11 10 0
Haynes, John N. 17 October 1934 26 LM Fulham FC 40 0 40 16 6
Hodgkinson, Alan 16 August 1936 24 GK Sheffield United FC 5 0 5 5ᵍᵃ 0
Knapp, Tony 13 October 1936 24 CHB Leicester City FC 0 0 0 0 0
McNeil, Michael 7 February 1940 20 LB Middlesbrough FC 4 0 4 0 0
McNeil missed the 'get-together because of injury
Norman, Maurice 8 May 1934 26 CHB Tottenham Hotspur FC 0 0 0 0 0
Robson, Robert W. 18 February 1933 27 RM West Bromwich Albion FC 11 0 11 2 0
Shaw, Graham L. 9 July 1934 26 LB Sheffield United FC 4 0 4 0 0
Shaw was drafted into the party on 5 February as a replacement for Mick McNeil
Smith, Robert A. 22 February 1933 27 IL Tottenham Hotspur FC 4 0 4 6 0
Springett, Ronald D. 22 July 1935 25 GK Sheffield Wednesday FC 8 0 8 14ᵍᵃ 0
Swan, Peter 8 October 1936 24 RHB Sheffield Wednesday FC 7 0 7 0 0
Swan was added to the get together for the trial match against Liverpool on 7 February

All information is complete to and including England's last match, the fourth of the 1960-61 season, against Wales on 23 November 1960.


Wednesday, 1 February 1961 - Tony Knapp, Leicester City centre-half, and Maurice Norman, of Tottenham Hotspur, both of who are possible deputies for Sheffield Wednesday's Peter Swan, who has broken a collarbone, will attend the second of England's special winter training sessions at Anfield next week. Although the next international does not happen for two months, the Selectors are not taking any chances on Swan's fitness and are grooming two understudies. The other ten members of the victorious team that defeated Wales, plus two more players, Ron Springett and Peter Broadbent, will assemble next Monday afternoon. After practising together, the party - aong with the England Under-23 team, will travel to Southport in the evening. The England party will return to Anfield on Tuesday for a private practice match.

Sunday, 5 February 1961 - England's party has suffered with a couple of injuries. Both Mick McNeil and Bryan Douglas are unable to take their place in this weeks training sessions. Their places have gone to Chelsea's Peter Brabrook  and Sheffield United's Graham Shaw.

Monday, 6 February 1961 - There was a single anxious moment for Team Manager Walter Winterbottom as his senior side beat the Under 23's with two goals in a fifty minute practice match. A powerful shot by Chris Crowe winded Bobby Robson in the midriff. Robson went down and the trainer came on, but the player was fine. The experience of the senior side was the reason why they dominated the trial which was played at top speed but without exertion. Some of the tackling was strong, but it was more the style of development and the general play that was impressive. Their was a general conception that these get-togethers are paying dividends. Peter Brabrook gave England a four minute lead. His intended left-footed centre from thirty yards was caught by the strong wind and swept into the goal over Gordon Banks. Bobby Smith got the second in 27 minutes, after Greaves had slipped past three men before laying on a well-nigh perfect pass.

Tuesday, 7 February 1961 - Peter Swan, who injured a shoulder in Sheffield Wednesday's Christmas motor-coach crash, played his first game of footbalI since then. Swan was put in for the the final ten minutes of a fifty-minute practice match at Melwood, Liverpool's training ground, between England and their hosts. The match ended in a 2-2 draw, with Greaves giving England a thirteen minute lead following a pass from his club colleague, Peter Brabrook. Dave Hickson equalised with a clever hook shot on eighteen minutes, but a minute later, Ron Flowers restored the lead with a penalty kick awarded for handball. Following great work from Jimmy Melia and Hickson, Kevin Lewis equalised with ten minutes remaining. There were no casualties, although Bobby Robson did tack a bang to the head. It was a fast, interesting football match, with power and intent in the tackling, as well as speed in the development of attacks.
England: Alan Hodgkinson (Ron Springett), Jimmy Armfield, Graham Shaw, Bobby Robson, Maurice Norman (Peter Swan), Ron Flowers, Bryan Douglas, Jimmy Greaves, Peter Brabrook, Johnny Haynes (Peter Broadbent), Bobby Charlton.

The fact that Peter Swan played has defied doctors orders and made his Sheffield Wednesday manager, Harry Catterick, furious:-
"There'll have to be an inquiry into this. Swan had been told by the club doctor he must not play any competitive football whatsoever. Swan has come along splendidly since the accident. He can run, kick a ball and do some training. There is nothing I would like better than to shove him into one of our own practice matches. But the doctor has refused—and of course this is a medical matter. We have to abide by his decision. When England team manager Walter Winterbottom invited Swan to join the rest of the England party we agreed, of course. We know the value of the England team being kept together like this. But I am amazed he should have played in a game. Swan knew before he left that our medical officer had forbidden him to play. The facts will have to be reported to the club doctor to find out his reaction."

England Form: last six games
L L W W W W  f 11:a 11  success: 67%
340 15 May 1960 - Spain 3 England 0 [1-0]
Estadio Santiago Bernabéu, Madrid(50,000)
Peirò, Martínez (2) tour AL
341 22 May 1960 - Hungary 2 England 0 [0-0]
Népstadion, Budapest (90,000)
Albert (2) AL
342 8 October 1960 -
Northern Ireland 2 England 5 [1-2]
Windsor Park, Belfast
McAdams (2)
Smith, Greaves (2), Charlton, Douglas
343 19 October 1960 -
0 England 9 [0-4]
Stade Municipal, Lëtzebuerg (5,500)
Charlton (3), Greaves (3), Smith (2), Haynes WCP AW
344 26 October 1960 - England 4 Spain 2 [2-1]
Empire Stadium, Wembley
Greaves, Douglas, Smith (2)
Del Sol, Suárez
345 23 November 1960 - England 5 Wales 1 [3-0]
Empire Stadium, Wembley (65,000)
Greaves (2), Charlton, Smith, Haynes