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292 Party vs. Wales
Wednesday, 1 December 1954
International Friendly Match

England 3 West Germany 1 [1-0]
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England Party
West Germany Party

Team Records


The England Party for the Match against West Germany  November 1954
Player Birthdate Age Pos Club starts subs App G Capt
Allen, Ronald 15 January 1929 25 OR West Bromwich Albion FC 4 0 4 1 0
Bentley, T.F. Roy 17 May 1924 30 IR Chelsea FC 9 0 9 6 0
Blunstone, Frank 17 October 1934 20 OL Chelsea FC 1 0 1 0 0
Byrne, Roger W. 8 September 1929 25 LB Manchester United FC 8 0 8 0 0
Dickinson, James W. 24 April 1925 29 LHB Portsmouth FC 38 0 38 0 0
Dickinson was involved in the first two training sessions, but was not included in the final party on 19 November.
Finney, Thomas 5 April 1922 32 OL Preston North End FC 54 0 54 24 0
Finney was invited to join the party on 15 November
Foulkes, William A. 5 January 1932 22 RB Manchester United FC 1 0 1 0 0
Haynes, John N. 17 October 1934 20 IL Fulham FC 1 0 1 1 0
Hooper, Harry 14 June 1933 21 OR West Ham United FC 0 0 0 0 0
Kennedy, Joseph P. 15 November 1925 28 CHB West Bromwich Albion FC 0 0 0 0 0
Kennedy was involved in the first two training sessions, but was not included in the final party on 19 November, but still managed to be named as a reserve.
Lofthouse, Nathaniel 27 August 1925 29 CF Bolton Wanderers FC 22 0 22 23 0
Lofthouse withdrew from the party on 15 November becuase of a recurring thigh injury.
Matthews, Stanley 1 February 1915 39 OR Blackpool FC 40 0 40 10 0
McGarry, William H. 10 June 1927 27 RHB Huddersfield Town AFC 2 0 2 0 0
Phillips, Leonard H. 11 September 1922 32 RHB Portsmouth FC 2 0 2 0 0
Shackleton, Leonard F. 3 May 1922 32 IL Sunderland AFC 4 0 4 0 0
Slater, William J. 29 April 1927 27 LHB Wolverhampton Wanderers FC 1 0 1 0 0
Slater missed the first two training sessions, and was drafted into the party on 19 November.
Staniforth, Ronald 13 April 1924 30 RB Huddersfield Town AFC 7 0 7 0 0
Williams, Bert F. 31 January 1920 34 GK Wolverhampton Wanderers FC 18 0 18 24ᵍᵃ 0
Williams was drafted into the party on 19 November as cover for Woods
Wilshaw, Dennis J. 11 March 1926 28 IL Wolverhampton Wanderers FC 3 0 3 3 0
Wilshaw was not part of the original parties, but was named straight into the team (as reserve) on 28 November
Wood, Raymond E. 11 June 1931 23 GK Manchester United FC 2 0 2 2ᵍᵃ 0
Wright, William A. 6 February 1924 30 RHB Wolverhampton Wanderers FC 63 0 63 3 48
Wright missed the first two training sessions, and was drafted into the party on 19 November.

All information is complete to and including England's last match, the second of the 1954-55 season, against Wales on 10 November 1954.


Tuesday, 23 February 1954 - "The English F.A. council confirmed at their meeting in London yesterday that an England team would meet Germany in a full international in England on November 24. It will be the first match between the countries since England won by 6-3 in Berlin in 1938. It has already been arranged for an England "B" side to meet Germany at Gelsenkirchen on March 24." - Sometime over the next few weeks, the date was changed to 1 December 1954.

Wednesday, 10 November 1954 -
Following their victory over Wales, the Football Association have announced the list of sixteen players that will train at The Hawthorns on Tuesday, and Villa Park on Wednesday, in readiness for the clash with Germany. It includes the names that made up the previous party, but excludes Billy Wright and Bill Slater, who will be playing for their club, Wolverhampton Wanderers, against the Russian side, Spartak. However, Don Revie is dropped.

Friday, 12 November 1954 - "A live tele-recording of the England-Germany match is to be shown on five cinema
screens in England while the match at Wembley is in progress. It will be the first time that TV will be flashed on cinema screens on a commercial basis...but the audiences will have to pay. Four cinemas are in the Rank circuit. They are: Odeon, Leicester-square, and Leeds; Gaumont, Manchester and Doncaster. The fifth is the Commodore, Hammersmith, on the A.B.C. circuit. Tickets will range between 10s. 6d and 3s. 6d. News that the match would be on cinema screens came last night in a statement made by the F.A. It said the the Postmaster-General proposed to approve it on an experimental basis. It is understood that the B.B.C., the F.A. and the cinema circuits reached a financial agreement. The price is secret. The last time a live TV showing was on cinema screens was at the Coronation. No charge was made for admission then. A Rank official said: 'There are only four cinemas showing it as they are the only ones we have properly equipped for it."

Monday, 15 November 1954 - Nat Lofthouse looks certain to miss the Germany match after he had a recurrence of his thigh-muscle trouble at West Bromwich on Saturday and finished the game in agony, despite being fixed up with an elastic bandage. He was due to go into a nursing home on Sunday morning for a manipulative operation under anæsthetic, but after an examination, this was called off. Instead, Lofthouse has been told to have at least a week's complete rest. This means he cannot train with the other selected England players this week.
The Football Association, in turn, have invited Tom Finney to join the England party. Following his daily treatment tomorrow at Preston Royal Infirmary, he will travel to join up with the rest of the party at West Bromwich, before watching the Wolverhampton Wanderers match with Spartak tomorrow night.

Tuesday, 16 November 1954 - The party of fourteen players are training at the home of West Bromwich Albion, The Hawthorns. In the practise match, West Bromwich Albion fielded their League side, with the exception of Ronnie Allen and Joe Kennedy, who were replaced by Carter and Dugdale. England lost the services of Stan Matthews, who was suffering with a cold. England won 6-3, fielding this side:- Wood; Staniforth and Byrne; McGarry, Kennedy and Dickinson; Hooper, Haynes, Allen, Shackleton and Blunstone.  For the second-half, Bentley replaced Haynes, who in turn, replaced Shackleton. Len Phillips replaced McGarry, whilst Billy Foulkes replaced Staniforth. Ronnie Allen scored a twelve minute hat-trick. A Johnny Haynes brace and Frank Blunstone goals, completed the scoring. Lee, Nicholls and Carter replied for Albion.

Wednesday, 17 November 1954 - The England party have another practise match, this time at Villa Park, home of Aston Villa. Showing the better understanding, a below-strength Villa side defeated an England team by four goals to two. England did appear to be holding back though, particularly in the matter of tackling, and were not as nearly as impressive as yesterday. England started with Wood; Foulkes and Byrne; McGarry, Kennedy and Dickinson; Hooper, Bentley, Allen, Haynes and Blunstone. The first half lasted a little more than thirty minutes, and in the first ten minutes, Pace had scored twice, the England team being moreorless subdued. The second-half lasted longer, with Ron Staniforth replacing Foulkes, Len Phillips for Kennedy, Len Shackleton and Tom Finney replaced Haynes and Blunstone on the left. Finney shortly scored before Thompson restored the two-goal margin. A fine volley from Len Phillips was nothing more than England deserved. However, Pace was brought down and Lynn converted the penalty. During the last fifteen minutes, free-kicks were awarded frequently to both sides so that the England players could obtain practise both in the taking and defending of them.
The players later dispensed , to reassemble in London next week.

Thursday, 18 November 1954 -
"Germany, the World Cup holders, who meet England at Wembley on December 1, will arrive in this country on Monday, November 29. As the Germans play in white, England have agreed to change to red shirts and stockings and white shorts."

Friday, 19 November 1954 - The FA again announce a name of seventeen players. Bert Williams is back into the England fold after two years out. He joins the party in training in London next week. It caps an eventful week having had momentous games under the crossbar for Wolverhampton Wanderers against Spartak and Preston North End. He has been called up because the match against the West Germans will be played under FIFA substitute rules, so England will need two goalkeepers on hand at Wembley.
Changes from the group which trained in the Midlands last week are the return of Wright and Slater, who were pre-occupied with Spartak, and now the absence of Jimmy Dickinson and Joe Kennedy, who have been dropped. Although Slater has been suffering with gastric trouble since last Tuesday's banquet with the Spartak players.
The practise games next week will be at Arsenal Stadium and White Hart Lane.

Monday, 22 November 1954 - England lined up for their first practise match against Arsenal at Highbury. Johnny Haynes missed the practise, as he still receiving treatment for ankle and knee injuries. An z-ray has shown that no bones are broken, however.  The team:- Wood; Staniforth and Byrne; Phillips, Wright and Slater; Matthews, Bentley, Allen, Shackleton and Finney. After a first half of 25 minutes, Bert Williams, Bill Foulkes and Bill McGarry came on for Wood, Staniforth and Slater. The second period lasted 35 minutes, and for the final ten minutes, Harry Hooper and Frank Blunstone replaced Matthews and Finney. The practise match ended scoreless.

Tuesday, 23 November 1954 - Wood again kept goal and Finney was at outside-left when the England players took part in their second practise match this week. The team was the same as which began yesterdays match against Arsenal:- Wood; Staniforth and Byrne; Phillips, Wright and Slater; Matthews, Bentley, Allen, Shackleton and Finney. The England attack, despite a muddy surface, showed such lively form that Allen and Shackleton scored in the first five minutes and each goal came from a splendid shot. A smart header by Bentley and a stiff drive from Phillips gave England a 4-0 half-time lead, albeit, after twenty minutes. The same side was retained for the start of the second half. More vigorous and skilful football yielded a fifth and sixth goal by Phillips and Bentley. Bert Williams, Bill Foulkes, Bill McGarry, Harry Hooper and Frank Blunstone were brought on for Wood, Staniforth, Slater, Matthews and Finney. Walters then scored twice for Spurs, before Allen ended the scoring. England 7 Tottenham Hotspur 2.

Sunday, 28 November 1954 - Although the team was finalised the previous day, the FA announced the team today to face West Germany on Wednesday, allowing for any injuries that may have occurred in yesterday's League programme. In goal is Bert Williams. His recall to the international scene was one of football's romances. His performance for Wolves against Arsenal yesterday confirmed the selector's second thoughts and put him as their number one, just a year after Williams nearly quit the game because of lack of form and a thriving sports' outfitters business.
The rest of the England team is as anticipated, but there might be an enforced last-minute change as Bill Slater, who has been suffering with a heavy cold, stayed in bed all day yesterday. He is due to train at Molineux tomorrow, and if he is okay, will join up with the rest of the attending party in London later in the day. If not, McGarry will take his place.
That famous Wolves-Spartak game has also brought Dennis Wilshaw's name into the frame as a reserve, in spite, like Joe Kennedy, not being among the final list of probables.
There will be a final work-out against Chelsea at Stamford Bridge on Tuesday morning.

Tuesday, 30 November 1954 - Because of weather conditions and the soft state of the ground at Stamford Bridge, the England players did not have their proposed trial game against Chelsea. Instead, the 14 men—Dennis Wilshaw was to join later—indulged in muscle loosening exercises and kicking about with balls of different types and colours, watched by three members of the selection committee, Harold Shentall, Arthur Oakley and Joseph Mears. Walter Winterbottom declared all his players 'fit and well.' The England players went to the German Embassy for a reception after lunch and in the evening, joined the German players for a visit to the theatre.

England Form: last six games
L D W L W W  f 11:a 16  success: 42%
287 23 May 1954 - Hungary 7 England 1 [3-0]
Népstadion, Budapest (92,000)
Lantos, Puskás (2), Kocsis (2), Toth, Hidegkuti
tour AL
288 17 June 1954 - Belgium 4 England 4 [1-2]ᴭᵀ
Sankt Jakob Stadium, Basel (14,000)
Anoul (2), Coppens, Dickinson OG
Broadis (2), Lofthouse (2)
289 20 June 1954 - England 2 Switzerland 0 [1-0]
Wankdorfstadion, Bern (43,119)
Mullen, Wilshaw AW
290 26 June 1954 - Uruguay 4 England 2 [2-1]
Sankt Jakob Stadium, Basel (28,000/50,000)
Borges, Varella, Schiaffino, Ambrois
, Finney
291 2 October 1954 -
Northern Ireland 0 England 2
Windsor Park, Belfast (59,000)
Haynes, Revie BC AW
292 10 November 1954 - England 3 Wales 2 [0-1]
Empire Stadium, Wembley
Bentley (3)
J.Charles (2)
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