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Sunday, 24 May 1953
Early Summer American Tour Match

Chile 1 England 2 [0-0]

Match Summary
Chile Party
England Party

Estadio Nacional de Chile, Ñuñoa, Santiago
56,388; Receipts: 18,000 (Chilean record);
Kick-off: tbc BST (afternoon)

England - Tommy Taylor (Livingstone missed Taylor's cross which ended in the net 48), Nat Lofthouse (fifteen yard right-fotted shot from a one-two with Broadis 68).
Chile - Carlos Rojas (thirty-yard shot struck Ramsey and sailed over Merrick 78)
Results 1950-1955

England won the toss, Chile kicked-off. ? minutes (? & ?).


Match Summary





Referee (-) Arthur Ellis
x (-), Halifax, Yorkshire.

Linesmen - tbc

Also in attendance was the Chilean President Ibanez.

The half-time interval was at least twenty minutes long.

  Goal Attempts  
  Attempts on Target  
  Hit Bar/Post  
  Corner Kicks Won  
  Offside Calls Against  
  Fouls Conceded  

Chile Team



No official ranking system established;
ELO rating 15th to 17th
Colours: Red jerseys, blue shorts, white socks.
Capt:   Manager: Luis Tirado
Chile Lineup
  Livingstone, Sergio     G     GA
2 Alvarez, Manuel     RB      
3 Nunez, Rogelio     LB      
4 Cortez, Ramiro     LHB      
5 Farias, Arturo     CHB      
6 Rojas, Carlo     RHB      
7 Alvarez, Sergio     OR      
8 Cresmaschi, Attilio     IR      
9 Melendez, Rene     CF      
10 Munoz, Manuel     IL      
11 Diaz, Guillermo     OL      



team notes:

The Chilean team ended the first half with nine men, after two players apparently fainted. Keeping in mind the trickery of the Buenos Aires substitution over a week ago, the referee called 'play on!'. One was forced to reappear for the second half, whereas the other, Carlis Rojas, waited until an England attack before appearing.... that attack resulted in England's first goal.
2-3-5 Livingstone -
M.Alvarez, Nunez -
Cortez, Farias, Rojas -

S.Alvarez, Cresmaschi, Melendez, Munoz, Diaz.


Age - Appearances/Goals - -


England Team



No official ranking system established;
ELO rating 4th
Colours: The 1949 home uniform - White collared short-sleeeved jerseys, blue shorts, black socks with white tops.
Capt: Billy Wright, 34th captaincy Manager:
Trainer: Jimmy Trotter (Charlton Athletic FC)
Walter Winterbottom, 40 (31 March 1913), appointed director of coaching on 8 July 1946, and team manager in May 1947;
52nd match, W 34 - D 11 - L 7 - F 153 - A 60, inc. one abandoned.
Party chosen by Selection Committee headed by Harold Shentall, on Monday, 13 April 1953. Team chosen on Friday, 22 May 1953.
England Lineup
  Merrick, Gilbert H. 31 26 January 1922 G Birmingham City FC 12 13 GA
2 Ramsey, Alfred E. 33 22 January 1920 RB Tottenham Hotspur FC 28 1
3 Eckersley, William 27 16 July 1925 LB Blackburn Rovers FC 11 0
4 Wright, William A. 29 6 February 1924 RHB

Wolverhampton Wanderers FC

49 3
5 Johnston, Harry 33 26 September 1919 CHB Blackpool FC 5 0
6 Dickinson, James W. 28 24 April 1925 LHB

Portsmouth FC

26 0
7 Finney, Thomas 31 5 April 1922 OR

Preston North End FC

45 21
8 Broadis, Ivan A. 30 18 December 1922 IR Manchester City FC 6 3
9 Lofthouse, Nathaniel 27 27 August 1925 CF Bolton Wanderers FC 14 15
10 Taylor, Thomas 21 29 January 1932 IL Manchester United FC 2 1
11 Berry, R. John 26 1 June 1926 OL Manchester United FC 2 0


Ted Ditchburn (Tottenham Hotspur FC), Tommy Garrett (Blackpool FC), Malcolm Barrass (West Bromwich Albion FC), Ray Barlow (West Bromwich Albion FC), Roy Bentley (Chelsea FC), Redfern Froggatt (Sheffield Wednesday FC) and Jack Froggatt (Portsmouth FC).

team notes:

Billy Wright extends his record appearance tally, he also overtakes the UK appearance record, previously held by Wales' Billy Meredith.
2-3-5 Merrick -
Ramsey, Eckersley -
Wright, Johnston, Dickinson -
Finney, Broadis, Lofthouse, Taylor, Berry.


Age 28.7 Appearances/Goals 18.2 3.8


    Match Report by Mike Payne


    Match Report by Norman Giller

Tommy Taylor's first goal for England in the forty-eighth minute was a freak. His intended cross was turned into the net by Chilean goalkeeper Livingstone-Eves, who was the son of a Scot. Nat Lofthouse scored the second decisive goal after one of a dozen thrusting runs by Finney, and three minutes later he headed another Finney cross against the bar. The Chileans scored their only goal seven minutes from the end when a Rojas shot was deflected wide of the diving Gil Merrick.

Source Notes

Original newspaper reports
Rothman's Yearbooks
Mike Payne's England: The Complete Post-War Record (Breedon Books Publishing Company, Derby, U.K., 1993)
Norman Giller
, Football Author