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Monday, 29 February 1904
Home International Championship 1903-04 (21st) Match

Wales 2 England 2 [1-0]

Match Summary
Wales Party

England Party

Team Records

The Racecourse, Mold Road, Wrexham, Denbighshire
Attendance: 9,000;
Kick-off tbc

Wales- Mart Watkins ('scored from a Billy Meredith centre' 15), Lloyd Davies ('from a corner, Davies hooked it past Baddeley' 75)
England - George Davis ('a stinging shot from a Leake centre' 68), Joe Bache ('put in a shot, going in off Parry's shoulder' 77)
The Daily Telegraph, The Courier and The Lancashire Advertiser state George Davis scored England's first equalising goal, not Alf Common.
Results 1901-14

England won the toss, Wales kicked-off.


Match Summary





Referee - Thomas Robertson
39 (1 December 1864), Torrance, Stirlingshire, Scotland Football Association

Linesmen - A. Davis, Marlow, and A. Thomas, Druids

  Goal Attempts  
  Attempts on Target  
  Hit Bar/Post  
  Corner Kicks Won  
The 1903 International Football Association Board meeting:
further alterations in the Laws of the Game,
including the offside rule and the indirect free kick rule.
  Offside Calls Against  
  Fouls Conceded  
The Racecourse Ground was covered in frost, and although the sunshine had thawed the surface, it could not penetrate any depth. The majority of the Welsh wore rubber soles, the English wore metal pins under their boots, and were constantly slipping over.

Wales Team



No official ranking system established;
ELO rating 11th
Colours: "... and the Welshmen red shirts and white knickers."
Capt: John Jones Selectors: Team selection chosen by Committee, on Monday, 15 February 1904;
Wales Lineup
  Roose, Leigh R.  26 27 November 1877 G Stoke FC, England 7 14 GA
 Played the second half with a broken finger
  Meredith, Samuel 31 5 September 1872 RB Stoke FC, England 7 0
  Blew, Horace E. 26 January 1878 LB Wrexham AFC 8 0
  Parry, Maurice P. 26 7 November 1877 RH Liverpool FC, England 9 0
  Hughes, Edward 27/28 1876 CH Tottenham Hotspur FC, England 6 0
  Jones, John L. 37/38 early 1866 LH Tottenham Hotspur FC, England 19 0
  Meredith, William H. 29 30 July 1874 OR Manchester City, England 20 6
  Atherton, Robert 27 29 July 1876 IR Middlesbrough FC, England 6 0
Watkins, W. Martin 23 summer 1880 CF Aston Villa FC, England 4 2
  Morris, Richard 25 1 January 1879*
according to Liverpool FC
IL Liverpool FC, England 6 0
Davies, Lloyd L. 27 23 February 1877 OL Stoke FC, England 1 1


reserves not known

team notes:

The original line-up included Derby County FC's Charlie Morris, who was granted permission to play in the FA Cup semi-final (he was replaced by Blew), Nottingham Forest FC's Grenville Morris and Thomas Jones, as well as Notts County FC's William Green.
Lloyd is the fourth and final of the Davies' brothers to play for Wales against England, following Bob in 1885 and 1892, Joe in 1888-93 and Tommy in 1903.
Sam and Billy Meredith were brothers.
This is both the oldest and most experienced team to face England thus far.
2-3-5 Roose -
S.Meredith, Blew -
Parry, Hughes, Jones -
W.Meredith, Atherton, Watkins, Morris, Davies.


Age 27.6-8 Appearances/Goals 8.5 0.6


England Team



No official ranking system established;
ELO rating 1st to 2nd
Colours: "The Englishmen wore white shirts and blue knickers..."
Capt: Bob Crompton, third captaincy Selectors: The seven-man FA International Selection Committee, on Tuesday, 9 February 1904 at 104 High Holborn, alongside the FA Cup second round draw.
49th match, W 35 - D 9 - L 5 - F 178 - A 46.
England Lineup
  Baddeley, Thomas 29 30 October 1874 G Wolverhampton Wanderers FC 3 3 GA
  Crompton, Robert 24 26 September 1879 RB Blackburn Rovers FC 6 0
  Burgess, Herbert 23 25 February 1881 LB Manchester City FC 1 0
  Lee, E. Albert 24 19 August 1879 RH Southampton FC 1 0
  Crawshaw, Thomas H. 31 28 December 1872 CH The Wednesday FC 9 1
  Ruddlesdin, Herod 27 9 June 1876 LH The Wednesday FC 1 0
  Brawn, William F. 25 1 August 1878 OR Aston Villa FC 1 0
  Common, Alfred 23 25 May 1880 IR Sheffield United FC 1 0
  Brown, Arthur S. 18 6 April 1885 CF Sheffield United FC 1 0
Bache, Joseph W. 24 8 February 1880 IL Aston Villa FC 2 2
Davis, George H. 22 5 June 1881 OL Derby County FC 1 1


Steve Bloomer (Derby County FC)

team notes:

The team remained unchanged to that which was originally named. The Selection Committee had refused permission for Tom Baddeley and George Davis to play for the respective clubs in their FA Cup semi-final against each other.
2-3-5 Baddeley -
Crompton, Burgess -
Lee, Crawshaw, Ruddlesdin -
Brawn, Common, Brown, Bache, Davis.


Age 24.5 Appearances/Goals 2.5 0.2


    Match Report

The English and Welsh teams, after a close game, drew their match at Wrexham yesterday, each side having scored two goals...

Wales scored their first goal a quarter of an hour from the start, when Watkins, taking a clever centre from W. Meredith, completely beat Baddeley. Wales held this lead until the last 20 minutes. Then came three goals in quick succession. Davies shot the first equalizing goal for England, and Lloyd-Davies immediately put Wales ahead again, but Bache a few minutes later drove the ball through off one of the defending backs, and made the score two goals all. In the last ten minutes there were many shots at both goals, and it was anybody's game to the finish. - The Times - Tuesday 1st March, 1904

Football Association Challenge Cup


Second Round Second Replay played on 29 February 1904:


22,507 (Villa Park, Birmingham)

Derby were without George Davis, who scored England's first equaliser on his international debut at Wrexham, whilst Wolves were without goalkeeper, Tom Baddeley, who was also playing at Wrexham.

Having been humiliated 6-0 by Bury in the previous year's final, Derby went on to reach the semi-finals for the seventh time in eight years, but had still to win the trophy and lost to Second Division, Bolton Wanderers.

Football League


Football League Division Two
29 February 1904
Team P Pts
Preston North End 24 38
Woolwich Arsenal 22 33
Burnley 25 32
Bolton Wanderers 26 29
Bristol City 23 26
Manchester United 20 26
Bradford City 22 24
Grimsby Town 22 23
Gainsborough Trinity 23 22
Burton United 24 21
Lincoln City 25 21
Chesterfield Town 23 20
Leicester Fosse 25 19
Barnsley 23 19
Burslem Port Vale 23 18
Blackpool 23 18
Glossop North End 24 17
Stockport County 25 16


Division Two match played on 29 February 1904:

Shanks 3, Gooing

4,000 (Manor Ground, London)
















With games in hand, Woolwich Arsenal's emphatic victory kept them well on course to become the first southern club to break into the First Division of the Football League.


It was on 29 February 1904 that the naval torpedo-boat destroyer, HMS Vixen collided with a small steam picket boat launched from HMS Edgar in Devonport Harbour. Two men from the small boat were killed. The Vixen's defence at the inquest was that avoiding the collision would have meant ramming the battleship HMS Magnificent and likely also sinking the Vixen.

Source Notes

Bobby Atherton, the Welsh inside-right, the captain of Middlesbrough FC, was lost at sea on 19 October 1917.  But there seems to be no trace of him after leaving Chelsea FC in 1906.  The 1911 Census Return states that the Bethesda-born player was in fact the Hotel Manager of the Market Hotel in Hartlepool (left).  The same place that English outside-left Alf Priest would also manage and later die in.



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