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Saturday, 5 March 1892
Home International Championship 1891-92 (9th) Match
One of two games played on the same day.
Ireland 0 England 2 [0-1]

Cliftonville Gardens, Cliftonville, Belfast, County Antrim
Kick-off (GMT): '3-30.'
'about 7,000 present'; about 8,000'; 'fully 8,000 present';
Receipts: £250.

Ireland won the toss Jack Devey kicked-off
[1-0] Harry Daft header 44
 'Athersmith centred and Daft headed through'
The Times, The Guardian, The Sportsman, The Field and the Belfast Telegraph all credit Daft with scoring twice. Only the Athletic News credit John Devey with scoring England's first. Ireland Party
England Party

Team Records

Football League Record
[2-0] Harry Daft 47
'Athersmith sent a long pass to Daft, who put through a second goal'
[2-0] Harry Daft's terrific shot struck the roof of the net so hard that it rebound back into play: disallowed

[2-0] Sam Torrans penalty saved
Alf Underwood had fouled Sam Torrans

        First ever penalty in an England match is saved


Match Summary





Referee                     Robert F. Harrison
 Kilmarnock, Scotland FA
Linesmen The 1891 International Football Association Board:
The penalty kick introduced
Some Laws rewritten
D.W. Foy
Irish Football Association
Charles James Hughes
38 (16 August 1853)
replaced Richard Gregson

Ireland Team



No official ranking system established;
ELO rating 6th
Colours: "...their opponents in dark blue, following a few minutes later."
"...blue-jerseyed Irishmen."
"The home representatives wore royal blue jerseys."
Capt: Willie Gordon Selectors: Team chosen by Committee, on Tuesday, 1 March 1892;
Ireland Lineup
  Clugston, W. John 22
207 days
11 August 1869 G Cliftonville FAC 10 51ᵍᵃ
  Gordon, R.W. Willis 21
6 days
28 February 1871 RB Linfield FAC 3 0
  Stewart, Robert K. 23
203 days
15 August 1868 LB Cliftonville FAC 5 0
  McKeown, Nathaniel 23
178 days
9 September 1868 RHB Linfield FAC 2 0
  Spencer, Samuel nk not known CHB Distillery FC 4 0
  Cunningham, William R. nk not known LHB Ulster FC 2 0
  Dalton, William B. 21
355 days
16 March 1870 OR Linfield FAC 7 4
  Gaffikin, George J. 23
293 days
17 May 1868 IR Linfield FAC 6 1
  Stanfield, Olphert M. 23
8 days
26 February 1869 CF

Distillery FC

16 7
most apps most gls
  Torrans, Samuel 22
130 days
27 October 1869 IL Linfield FAC 7 0
first (& missed) penalty kick against England
  Peden, John, injured off 30th min. 28
237 days
12 July 1863 OL

Linfield FAC

11 2


not known

team notes:

Ireland played most of the match with just ten men, following Peden's injury, 'a small ligament had parted from a region in his ankle', he had collided with Jack Cox.
2-3-5 Clugston -
Gordon, Stewart -
McKeown, Spencer, Cunningham -
Dalton, Gaffikin, Stanfield, Torrans, Peden


Age 23 years 139 years
(based on nine players)
Appearances/Goals 6.6 1.3
most experienced team that England have faced so far


England Team



No official ranking system established;
ELO rating 2nd to 1st
Colours: "...the English were first to appear in white jerseys..."
"clad in white jerseys and dark pants."
Capt: not known Selectors: The seven-man FA International Selection Committee on Monday, 29 February 1892 at the Queen's Hotel, Birmingham (below), following a trial match.
13th match, W 11 - D 1 - L 1 - F 54 - A 12.
There is not a single contemporaneous record of England's captain for this match (Messrs. Jackson, Clegg, Gregson, Hughes, Widdowson, Crump, Bentley and Gunning)
England Lineup
  Rowley, William S. 26 summer 1865 G Stoke FC 2 1ᵍᵃ
first goalkeeper to face a penalty kick final app 1889-92
  Clare, Thomas 27
30 days
4 February 1865 RB Stoke FC 2 0
  Underwood, Alfred 22 mid-1869 LB Stoke FC 2 0
final app 1891-92
185   Cox, John D. 24
136 days
21 October 1867 RHB Derby County FC 1 0
only app 1892
  Holt, John 25
141 days
16 October 1866 CHB Everton FC 4 0
186   Whitham, Michael 24
120 days
6 November 1867 LHB Sheffield United FC 1 0
the first United player to represent England only app 1892
187   Athersmith Harper, W. Charles 19
300 days
10 May 1872 OR Aston Villa FC 1 0
188   Pearson, John H. 24
40 days
25 January 1868 IR Crewe Alexandra FC 1 0
only app 1892
189 Devey, John H.G. 25
70 days
26 December 1866 CF Aston Villa FC 1 0
Daft, Harry B. 25
335 days
5 April 1866 IL Notts County FC 5 3
final app 1889-92
  Hodgetts, H. Dennis 28
98 days
28 November 1863 OL Aston Villa FC 4 1


not known

team notes:

"The English team arrived yesterday [Friday] morning, and put up at the Hotel Shaftesbury, and afterwards drove to Bangor in one or Mr. Braithwaites well-appointed four-horse brakes."


England's first clean sheet on a Saturday since 1888 (eleven matches)
2-3-5 Rowley -
Clare, Underwood -
Cox, Holt, Whitham -
Athersmith, Pearson, Devey, Daft, Hodgetts


Age 24 years 311-338 days Appearances/Goals 2.2     0.2


Match Report - Dublin Daily Express, Monday, 7 March 1892 In Other News.....

Ireland again sustained defeat to-day in the eleventh international contest with England, which took place on the Cliftonville grounds, Belfast. The weather was most favourable, the ground was in excellent condition, and the match throughout was a splendid exposition of Association football. The English team was a very fine combination, and was said authoritatively to be the best that has ever done battle against Ireland. The Irish team was an excellent one, and played well throughout the match. The Irish captain winning the toss, Devey kicked off for England. The visitors at once started to press, Holt sending in some hot shots. The Irish team now put in some good work, M'Keown showing up well. S Torrans gave a splendid centre to Stanfield who shot hard, Rowley just saving, and no more, the ball going into touch. Clugston was called upon several times to save some of Daft's splendid shots. Peden, Ireland's principal forward, when on the ball got an ugly kick from Cox on the leg. The play was suspended, the injured player being carried off the field. A medical examination showed that Peden's ankle had sustained a severe twist. The referee decided to give a foul for the offence, but that was poor compensation for the loss of a first-rate forward. Play was resumed by Dalton, who had run the entire length of the field. The play for a time was very vigorous on either side, several capital shots being saved by Clugston. Athersmith, however, sending well across the goal mouth, Daft headed through, scoring first for England. No further scoring took place till half-time, when England was leading by 1 goal to nil. The second half was in a large measure a repetition of the first. Gaffikin got away in midfield, and tackling Holt passed to Stanfield, who dribbled up the field, until knocked over by Whitten. The English right wing  raced down the field, and Athersmith cantering very swiftly across the goal mouth Daft caught the leather on the fly, and promptly scored the second goal for England. Clugston, whose play throughout was excellent, had to save several lightning shots by the English forwards. Holt got his leg injured by G Gaffikin, but no foul followed, as the injury was the result of an accident. No further scoring was made and the match ended in another victory for England.

"Many thousand spectators visited the Cliftonville Ground, Belfast, to witness the 11th annual match between England and Ireland...
At length, a little before the first half of time had elapsed, Athersmith muddled the ball to Daft, who butted it between the posts, thus securing the first goal for the visitors...
...The English resumed their attacks, and Daft, who had the ball well passed to him, sent it under the cross-bar, thus registering the second goal..." - The Times, Monday, 7 March 1892

England gained revenge for the previous year's Calcutta Cup defeat to beat Scotland 5-0 at Raeburn Place in Edinburgh and win the rugby union 'Triple Crown' without conceding a single point in the championship, a feat that has never been equalled.
It was on 5 March 1892 that the inquest into the Cleckheaton Chimney Disaster of the previous week was resumed. A 150-foot Yorkshire flannel manufacturer's mill chimney which had been visibly deteriorating was undergoing repairs when it collapsed onto the workplace, killing 15 people. The verdict, three weeks later, was that it was an accident, but the owners should not have let the chimney get into such a terrible state.

Domestic Football Results (5 March 1892)                                          Teams in a silver box denotes a player representing England
Football Association Challenge Cup Semi-final replay:
Nottingham Forest 1
West Bromwich Albion 1

   Molineux Ground, Wolverhampton (15,930)
~ Bassett
Forest had Albert Smith and Tinsley Lindley in their line-up.
West Brom were without Seth Powell, but did include Joe Reader, Jack Reynolds, Charlie Perry, Billy Bassett, their goalscorer, and Jem Bayliss (making his final Albion appearance).

The tie was finally settled in a snowstorm, four days later, at Derby, with West Brom recording a comfortable 6-2 victory and they went on to win the trophy for the second time, making them exempt from having to seek re-election to the Football League after a poor season in that competition.
The Football
Accrington 3 Sunderland 5
   Thorneyholme Road, Accrington (2,000)
Bowman, Irvine, nk
Scott (2), J.Hannah, McLellan OG, Millar
George Haworth started for Accrington
Blackburn Rovers 4 Aston Villa 3
   Ewood Park, Blackburn (2,000)
Dewar, Townley (2), Lofthouse
~ Campbell (3)
Herbie Arthur, Jimmy Forrest, Joe Lofthouse, Nat Walton and Billy Townley started for Rovers.
Villa were without Charlie Athersmith, Jack Devey and Dennis Hodgetts, and Walter Evans.
Burnley 1 Bolton Wanderers 2
   Turf Moor, Burnley (5,000)
~ Cassidy, Bentley
John Sutcliffe and Jimmy Turner started for Bolton
Everton 1 Stoke 0
   Anfield Ground, Liverpool (7,000)
Everton were without Johnny Holt, but did have Bob Howarth, Alf Milward and Edgar Chadwick
Stoke were without Tommy Clare, Bill Rowley and Alf Underwood, as well as Joe Schofield.
Preston North End 3 Derby County 0
   Deepdale, Preston (5,000)
J.Ross, Becton, Taylor
Preston started with Bob Holmes
Derby were without Jack Cox, but did start with Jack Robinson and Jack Goodall.

Team P
Preston North End 21 33
Bolton Wanderers 22 30
Sunderland 18 28
Aston Villa 21 24
Notts County 22 24
Everton 21 22
Burnley 21 21
Blackburn Rovers 22 21
Wolverhampton Wanderers 22 21
Accrington 19 14
Derby County 20 14
West Bromwich Albion 19 10
Stoke 21 11
Darwen 21 10

Although Preston recorded their twelfth successive victory and obviously had their sights on regaining the League Championship for the third time in four years, Sunderland won their ninth in a row and they would end Preston's run in the following week, before going on to win their first title at only the second attempt.
Source Notes
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