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44 vs. Ireland
Saturday, 7 March 1891
British International Championship 1890-91 (8th) Match

One of two games played on the same day.
England 6 Ireland 1 [3-0]

Molineux Ground, Waterloo Road North, St. Peter's, Wolverhampton, Staffordshire
Kick-off (GMT): 'almost promptly at half past three o'clock'.

Attendance: 'before 9,000 spectators; 'being about 10,000'
Receipts: £235;

Players lost since last match
Conrad Warner (10 April 1890) 39

Football League Record

England's first visit to Molineux is also their first visit to Wolverhampton and second to Staffordshire
Tinsley Lindley kicked-off Alex Crawford won the toss
 [0-0] Tinsley Lindley hits the post
George Cotterill 10-15
'a Brodie pass, as Henfrey tackled the keeper'
[2-0] Arthur Henfrey 11-16
'Bassett to Cotterill to Henfrey...a shot that puzzled the keeper'

[3-0] Harry Daft 35-44
 'received the ball from Lindley'

[2-0] Olly Stanfield effort hits the crossbar
[4-0] Tinsley Lindley 60
'Clugston ran out to stop the shot but failed'

[5-1] Billy Bassett 63
'dribbled down the wing then a low, swift shot'

[6-1] Tinsley Lindley 83
'broke through the midfield, and with only the goalkeeper before him scored again'
Tommy Whiteside 61
'beat Rose cleverly, out of a rally in front of the goal'

<fiftieth competitive second half goal

Match Summary



Team Records Ireland
Richard Thomas Gough
31 (mid-1859), Worthen, Welsh FA
not known

England Team

Rank No official ranking system established;
ELO rating 2nd
Colours White shirts, navy blue knickerbockers

Tinsley Lindley Selection following the trial game, The seven-man FA International Selection Committee
P 4 of 4, W 4 - D 0 - L 0 - F 21 - A 3. P 10 of 195, W 8 - D 1 - L 1 - F 46 - A 11.
first captain to score four goals  teams chosen at The Clarendon Hotel, Derby on Thursday, 26 February 1891
England Lineup
  eight changes to the previous match (only Bassett, Lindley & Daft remain) league position (26th February) ave lge pos: 7th
  Rose, William C.
96 days
1 December 1861

Wolverhampton Wanderers FC (FL 2nd)

5 4ᵍᵃ
final app 1884-91
the eighth Wanderer to represent England longest serving gk
174   Marsden, Joseph T. 22
147 days
11 October 1868 RB Darwen FC 1 0
the fourth and last Darwener to represent England only app 1891
175   Underwood, Alfred 21
327 days
14 April 1869 LB Stoke FC 1 0
the sixth Stoke player to represent England
176   Bayliss, A.E. James M. 27
205 days
14 August 1863 RHB West Bromwich Albion FC (FL BOTTOM) 1 0
the sixth Albionite to represent England only app 1891
  Perry, Charles 25
63 days
3 January 1866 CHB West Bromwich Albion FC (FL BOTTOM) 2 0
  Brodie, John B. 28
189 days
30 August 1862 LHB Wolverhampton Wanderers FC (FL 2nd) 3 2
final app 1889-91
Bassett, William I. 22
39 days
27 January 1869 OR West Bromwich Albion FC (FL BOTTOM) 6 2 or 3
177 Cotterill, George H. 22
337 days
4 April 1868 IR Cambridge University AFC, Old Brightonians AFC & Corinthians FC 1 1

Lindley, Tinsley 25
131 days
27 October 1865
Nottingham Forest FC & Corinthians FC
13 13
most gls
the 27th brace scored - Lindley's third final app 1886-91
178 Henfrey, Arthur G. 23
78 days
19 December 1867 IL Cambridge University AFC & Corinthians FC 1  1
Daft, Harry B. 24
336 days
5 April 1866 OL Notts County FC (FL 4th) 4  1
reserves: not known
team changes: James Tattersall (Accrington FC (FL 11th)) withdrew from the England line-up named at The Clarendon Hotel (below left), his place going to Brodie.
team notes: Alf Shelton is the younger brother of Charlie (1888).
As Wolverhampton Wanderers FC have been playing their home matches at the Molineux grounds for the previous eighteen months, then Rose and Brodie were playing on their home ground.
appearance notes: Tinsley Lindley is the fourth player to make thirteen England appearances, whereas Billy Bassett is the seventeenth player to make six appearances Billy Rose is the 25th to make five and Harry Daft the thirtieth to make four appearances.
49 players have now appeared for England for more than three times, and only ninety have done so more than once.
Tinsley Lindley is the first player to make seven appearances under the ISC.
goalscoring notes: Not only is Tinsley Lindley the first to score four goals whilst captain of the team, he is the first to score in three separate matches as captain, and the second to score two goals in a single match.
He also equals Charlie Bambridge's record of being the most experienced player to score.
Percy Walters continues his record of being the most experienced player to have not scored a goal.
2-3-5 Rose -
Marsden, Underwood -
Bayliss, Perry, Brodie -
Bassett, Cotterill, Lindley, Henfrey, Daft
Averages: Age 24 years 302 days Appearances/Goals 3.4 1.5


Ireland Team

Rank No official ranking system established;
ELO rating 6th
Colours possibly Royal blue and white halved shirts, white shorts.
Captain Alex Crawford Selection Ireland Selection Committee
P 2 of 3, W 1 - D 0 - L 1 - F 8 - A 8. Team chosen on Wednesday, 25 February 1891
Ireland Lineup
  Clugston, William John 21
208 days
11 August 1869 G Cliftonville FAC 8 48ᵍᵃ
will be a linesman in the 1898 fixture
  Forbes, George 21/22 1869
in Canada
RB Distillery FC 2 0
  Morrison, Robert 21
189 days
30 August 1869
in Greenock, Scotland
LB Linfield FAC 2 0
Morrison died four months later on 12 July 1891, suffering with pneumonia. final app 1891
  Crawford, Alexander 22
47 days
19 January 1869 RHB Distillery FC 4 0
  Reynolds, John 22
14 days
21 February 1869 CHB Ulster FC
4 1
reputedly joined West Bromwich Albion at this match
  Moore, Richard 24
48 days
18 January 1867 LHB Linfield FAC 2 0
92 Whiteside, Thomas 18
162 days
26 September 1872 OR Distillery FC 1 1
only app 1891
  Stanfield, Olphert Martin 22
9 days
26 February 1869 IR

Distillery FC

13 5
most apps most gls
93   McCabe, William nk not known CF Ulster FC 1 0
  McIlvenny, J. Robert nk not known IL Distillery FC 2 0
final app 1890-91
  Peden, John 27
238 days
12 July 1863 OL

Linfield FAC

10 2
reserves: not known
team changes: The original left-back was Dublin University FC's Goodbody, his place was given to left-back George Forbes, and Morrison drafted in to the vacant right-back slot. In the centre of the forward line, both Linfield FC's forwards dropped out, George Gaffikin and Sam Torrans, replaced with Billy McCabe and Bob McIlvenny.
2-3-5 Clugston -
Forbes, Morrison -
Crawford, Reynolds, Moore -
Whiteside, Stanfield, McCabe, McIlvenny, Peden.
Averages: Age 22 years 109-149 days9 Appearances/Goals 4.5 0.9


       Match Report Manchester Courier, Monday, 9 March 1891

A very large concourse of spectators assembled at Wolverhampton to witness the international match between Ireland and England, which took place in fine though dull weather, and on ground which was in almost perfect condition. Five changes were made in the teams as originally selected, Brodie, of Wolverhampton Wanderers, playing in place of Tattersall, of Accrington, and the alterations in Ireland's team were Morrison, Whiteside, M'Cabe, and M'Ilvenney, the back division remaining as strong as first devised, but the combination of forwards was weakened. England kicked off, and for a moment Ireland pressed, but the superior strength of their opponents soon asserted itself, and the right wing proved that they were capable of doing most effective work. Ireland's defence was quickly taxed, and 10 minutes from the opening Cotterill from a pass by Brodie, opened the account for England, and a minute afterwards Henfrey put on a second point. Shortly after Rose had to repel two stinging shots right under the bar, bur he proved himself a most capable custodian throughout the game, and a word of praise is due to Clugstone, who was repeatedly called upon and saved grandly. A long, low shot by Bassett was well stopped, and Stanfield then struck the bar. Peden failed to take advantage of the opening, and Lindley headed over. England's defence was grand, Marsden being a tower of strength, kicking with much judgement, and Rose was not often called upon in consequence. Clugston saved several shots in miraculous manner, and just before the whistle blew Lindley scored a third goal out of a scrimmage. In the second half the game was quiet for a time, Lindley then scored. Whiteside put on the first point for Ireland a minute later, and immediately after Bassett registered a fifth point, Ireland for a time played with vigour, and endeavoured to increase their score, but were repeatedly baffled. Cotterill missed several openings, and but for Clugston's skill England's score must have been largely increased. Towards the close Ireland only broke away in a spasmodic mannar, their opponents having the best of the game. Lindley broke through the back division, and, with only the goalkeeper before him, scored again. The remainder of the play was mainly in favour of England.

       Match Report The Times, Monday, 9 March 1891
"Although the matches between England Ireland have been invariably uneven, the attendance at Wolverhampton on Saturday, when the tenth annual game took place, was large. In this instance England again won, which brings their number of victories to ten and their goal record to 71 against five. Before half-time Cotteril, Henfrey, and Daft scored for England, while afterwards Lindley added the fourth and sixth and Bassett the fifth goals. Whiteside kicked a goal for Ireland, who were beaten by six goals to one..."
       In Other News....
It was on 7 March 1891 that a dispute between two doctors on the streets of Wheeling in West Virginia ended in 31-year-old Dr. George Garrison, the City Health Officer shooting dead Dr. George Baird, thirty years his senior, who was also carrying a gun. The pair had disagreed over alleged health violations and they had clashed in public, six months earlier, with Dr. Garrison knocking his former friend to the ground. Although he was found guilty of second-degree murder, an appeal reduced his sentence and he returned to his medical practise, less than two years later.   Scotland won the rugby union 'Triple Crown' for the first time when they defeated England, 9-3 at Richmond.
Domestic Football Results (7 March 1891)                                          Teams in a silver box denotes a player representing England
The Football League:
Blackburn Rovers 0 Bolton Wanderers 2
   Ewood Park, Blackburn (6,000)
Davenport, Turner
Blackburn were without Jack Southworth, but did start with Jimmy Forrest, Joe Lofthouse, Nat Walton and Bill Townley.
John Sutcliffe and scorers Kenny Davenport & Jimmy Turner started for Bolton
Burnley 6 Preston North End 2
   Turf Moor, Burnley (6,000)
Nicol (3), Marr (2),
Hill ~ Dewhurst, N.Ross
 Bob Howarth, Bob Holmes and scorer, Fred Dewhurst were playing for Preston
West Bromwich Albion 5 Accrington 1
   Stoney Lane, West Bromwich (800)
Nicholls (2), Pearson (2), Groves ~ Kirkham
West Brom were without Billy Bassett, Charlie Perry and Jem Bayliss. However, they did start with Joe Reader and George Woodhall
George Haworth and Jimmy Whitehead started for Accrington
Team P
Everton 21 29
Wolverhampton Wanderers 21 26
Preston North End 20 25
Blackburn Rovers 19 24
Notts County 21 24
Sunderland 20  19*
Bolton Wanderers 19 19
Burnley 20 19
Derby County 21 15
Aston Villa 19 14
Accrington 20 14
West Bromwich Albion 19 10
*deducted two points for fielding an unregistered player
The shock defeats for FA Cup holders, Blackburn and defending League Champions, Preston meant that Everton were on the verge of their first title success. This was confirmed a week later when Preston lost at Sunderland to relinquish their prize after winning the first two championships, though they did secure the runners-up place.
       Source Notes
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Cris Freddi's England Football Factbook
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