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Wednesday, 6 June 1973
WM 74 UEFA Group Five Qualification Match

Poland 2 England 0 [1-0]

Stadion Śląski, Katowicka, Chorzów
(CET): 4.30pm 5.30pm DST (two hours ahead of standard time)
Attendance: 73,714 (Leatherdale quotes 105,000)

Poland kicked-off 91½ minutes 44:30 & 46:02
[1-0] Jan Banaś 7 6:32
 Gadocha's free-kick is deflected into the net by Banaś behind Moore beside Shilton
McFarland fouled Lubański 5:58
[2-0] Włodzimierz Lubański 46 45:48
 right footed strike from 15-yards after he dispossessed Moore
Expulsion: Alan Ball 77 76:17
Commentator: David Coleman
Banaś, Gadocha, Moore or Shilton's goal? - What we saw and heard.....
Gardocha's free-kick from 25 yards out, after McFarland gave away a foul on Lubański. David Coleman "Swinging in!...and touched in!'.. Moore stretches for the ball on the 6 yard-line, and just behind him is Banaś, who also stretches for it. Although the camera's do not ultimately pick up who actually got the touch, the Polish TV follow Banaś heading back to the centre "Gardocha with the free-kick!...and it looks as if it was touched by Banaś!". Later in the first half, Coleman states "Banaś, whose recall to the national side has proved important!"
As the first half and the second half ended, Coleman again stated "Polish goal scored by Banaś!"
Jimmy Hill also confirmed: "There's the scorer there, Banas. The man who crept in past Bobby Moore. We can see it now, Banas!"
Banaś, Gadocha, Moore or Shilton's goal? - What they said.....
Bobby Moore - "The ball came in low and fast and their no. 7 and me went for it, him looking for deflection and me trying to block it. But he didn't make contact. In fact, I barely got to the ball but I did get a touch, It spun to the ground and flew up inside the near post of Shilton's shoulder."
Matt Dickinson (Bobby Moore: Man in Full) - "He was culpable for the first goal after just seven minutes, straining for a free-kick at the near post and deflecting it past Peter Shilton."
Peter Shilton - "The ball ricocheted off Bobby's leg, spun ito the ground and flew up in the air, which caught me out."
FA Yearbook: "A low swerving free kick was taken by Lubański near the left corner flag. The ball flew off Moore's foot onto the arm of goalkeeper Shilton into the near top corner of the net."
Mike Payne: "It hit Bobby Moore and then Peter Shilton's hands!"
Clive Leatherdale (Quest For the World Cup): "Gadocha took the kick, bending the ball viciously towards the near post. The ball flicked Moore, standing in front of the upright, deflected towards goal and entered the net off the body of the luckless Peter Shilton."
Stanislaw Bartosik (spectator & Western Journal Editor in 2013): "It was Banaś who scored. I have no doubt."
Banaś himself stated (2013) that he was very upset Gadocha still claims the goal.

Match Summary

Officials (black) from Austria




 Paul Schiller
x (-).
  Goal Attempts  
  Attempts on Target  
  Hit Bar/Post  
Linesmen   Corner Kicks Won  
tbc tbc   Offside Calls Against  
    Fouls Conceded  

Poland Team



No official ranking;
EFO ranking

ELO rating 6th to 4th
Colours: Made by Adidas - White jerseys, red shorts, white socks with red tops
Capt: Włodzimierz Lubański Manager: Kazimierz Gorski
Poland Lineup
1 Tomaszewski, Jan 25 9 January 1948 G ŁKS Łódź 5 GA
2 Rześny, Krzysztof 26 2 August 1946 RB FKS Stal Mielec 1 0
3 Gorgoń, Jerzy P. 23 18 July 1949 LHB KS Górnik Zabrze    
4 Musiał, Adam 24 18 December 1948 LB GTS Wisła Kraków    
5 Bulzacki, Mirosław A. 21 23 October 1951 RHB ŁKS Łódź    
6 Kraska, Jerzy A. 21 24 December 1951 RM WKS Gwardia Warszawa    
7 Banaś, Jan 30 29 March 1943
in Berlin, Germany
RF KS Górnik Zabrze    
8 Ćmikiewicz, Lesław 24 25 August 1948 CM CWKS Legia Warszawa
9 Deyna, Kazimierz 25 23 October 1947 LM CWKS Legia Warszawa    
10 Lubański, Włodzimierz L., off injured 54h min (53:40). 25 28 February 1947 CF KS Górnik Zabrze    
11 Gadocha, Robert 27 10 January 1946 LF CWKS Legia Warszawa    
Poland Substitutes
15 Domarski, Jan A., on 56th min. (55:20) for Lubański 26 28 October 1946   FKS Stal Mielec    
unused substitutes: -
team notes: The Polish team rushed Lubański back into the first team after having knee surgery and stitches removed only 36 hours priors. As it was, McFarland's challenge (52:44) reopened that wound and the injury had to be restitched at the local hospital.
4-3-3 Tomaszewski -
Rześny, Bulzacki, Gorgoń, Musiał -
Kraska, Ćmikiewicz, Deyna -
Banaś, Lubański
(Domarski), Gadocha


Age - Appearances/Goals - -


England Team



No official ranking;
EFO ranking

ELO rating 3rd
Colours: The 1973 Umbro alternate away uniform - Yellow crew necked aertex short-sleeved jerseys, blue shorts with yellow side trim, yellow socks.
2nd match, W 0 - D 1 - L 1 - F 1 - A 3³
Described by David Coleman as being "Gold", and also later in the match, as "Lemon"!
Capt: Bobby Moore, 87th captaincy Manager: Sir Alfred Ernest Ramsey, 53 (22 January 1920), appointed 25 October 1962, effective part-time 31 December, full from May 1963.
107th match, W 67 - D 25 - L 15 - F 214 - A 93.¹¹³
team was named at lunch time
England Lineup
1 Shilton, Peter L. 23  18 September 1949 G Leicester City FC 11 8ᵍᵃ
2 Madeley, Paul 28 20 September 1944 RB Leeds United AFC 11 0
3 Hughes, Emlyn W. 25 28 August 1947 LB Liverpool FC 24 1
4 Storey, Peter E. 27 7 September 1945 RM Arsenal FC 17 0
5 McFarland, Roy L. 25 5 April 1948 RHB Derby County FC 17 0
6 Moore, Robert F.C. 32 12 April 1941 LHB West Ham United FC 105 2

Ball, Alan J. 28
15 days
12 May 1945 LCM Arsenal FC





second player sent-off for England
Ball was sent off in the 77th min. for Violent Conduct. Ball and Peters had both brought down Ćmikiewicz on the half-way line (76:05). Ball's reaction to the Pole trying to kick Peters in the face was to pick him up by his throat.
8 Bell, Colin 27 26 February 1946 RCM Manchester City FC 29 4
9 Chivers, Martin H. 28
30 days
27 April 1945 RF Tottenham Hotspur FC 20 11
10 Clarke, Allan J. 26 31 July 1946 LF Leeds United AFC 11 7
11 Peters, Martin S. 29 8 November 1943 LM Tottenham Hotspur FC 60 20
unused substitutes: 12-Norman Hunter, 13-Ray Clemence, 14-Tony Currie, 15-Mick Channon, 16-Mike Summerbee.
4-4-2 Shilton -
Madeley, McFarland, Moore, Hughes -
Storey, Bell, Ball, Peters -
Chivers, Clarke


Age - Appearances/Goals - -


    Match Report by Mike Payne

Sir Alf Ramsey decided on a 4-4-2 formation for this vital World Cup clash and he made it perfectly clear from the start that England had come to Poland for a point, Alas, all his pre-match plans came woefully unstuck after only seven minutes.
Roy McFarland was somewhat harshly adjudged to have stopped Lubański unfairly down the left flank by the Austrian referee. The free-kick was taken by Gadocha, who hit it low and hard to the near post. It hit Bobby Moore and then Peter Shilton's hands as the goalkeeper tried unsuccessfully to keep it out. It was a bitter blow to England and altough one expected a change in their tactics there was little alteration to the first half.
England did get a fine chance to equalize only three minutes after the goal, but Martin Peters headed straight at Tomaszewski from very close range. Peters really should have scored and England were to regret his miss. Their only other good chance of the first half came on the half-hour. A fine move involving Allan Clarke and Colin Bell split the Polish defence and Martin Chivers was left with the final shot which he rocketed over the bar from some 12 yards out.
For the most part of the half, England had persisted with the negative, containing tactics they had employed from the start. It often left Chivers and Clarke ploughing lonely furrows up front. Territorially, England probably had the better of the half but, for all they saw of the ball, the fact was that they could not score.
Just as England had made a disastrous start to the first half, then so they did at the start of the second. Only one minute had elapsed after the change round when skipper Moore tried to dribble around Lubański. Disastrously, he lost possession to the Polish striker and with England's defence now wide open, Lubański roared on towards Shilton and hit a fierce low shot past the 'keeper and in off the near post. The massive crowd screamed their delight and the 2-0 scoreline seemingly put the game out of England's reach.
As the game wore on, there was no sign of an improvement and the result drifted further and further away from England. They never managed to create another worthwhile chance and it was surprising that the manager did not attempt to use any of his substitutes in trying to rescue the cause. Instead, he persisted with his 4-4-2 formation and ended with nothing.
The final nail in the coffin came near the end of a bad tempered second half. Ćmikiewicz had already upset Peters and when he then clashed with Ball the fiery England midfielder was sent off for violent conduct.
Peter Storey was the star of a very disappointing performance as he covered every blade of grass in his efforts. Clarke, too, showed some silky skills and Madeley also showed his class, but other than that there was little to remember about this showing.

    Match Report by The F.A. Yearbook 1973-74, pages 49 & 50

This was a disastrous match for England and hopes of clinching a place in the 1974 World Cup  Finals were devastatingly dispelled by the Poles. England will be very hard pressed to qualify, in the return game at Wembley on October 17.
The Poles went ahead after seven minutes through a goal which in most other similar circumstances would have been prevented. A low swerving free kick was taken by Lubański near the left corner flag. The ball flew off Moore's foot onto the arm of goalkeeper Shilton into the near top corner of the net.
England settled down and had more of the play than their opponents during the remainder of the first half. Chivers, Clarke and Peters had chances to score, but their attempts to do so were well off target or easily saved by the Polish goalkeeper.
The second half began tragically for Moore, who allowed Lubański to dispossess him some 30 yards from the goal-line. With only Shilton to beat Lubański made no mistake.
Ball was sent off with some 12 minutes to play.


    Match Report by Norman Giller

This was a disastrous defeat for England in a vital World Cup qualifying match.  Poland went ahead in the ninth minute when a Lubański shot found its way into the net off the foot of Bobby Moore and the arm of Peter Shilton. Early in the second-half Moore made an uncharacteristic hash of a tackle against Lubański, who raced clear to make it 2-0. To compound England's misery Alan Ball was sent off following an angry clash twelve minutes from the final whistle.  Once again,  Sir Alf's poor understanding of the substitute system let down England. It screamed out for attacking players to be sent on when the Poles went two goals clear, but Ramsey stuck with his rigid 4-4-2 formation that meant the game became bogged down in midfield as Poland chose to close up shop and hang on to their lead.

Source Notes

Original newspaper reports
Rothman's Yearbooks
Mike Payne's England: The Complete Post-War Record (Breedon Books Publishing Company, Derby, U.K., 1993)
Norman Giller
, Football Author