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Saturday, 14 March 1885
Home International Championship 1884-85 (2nd) Match

England 1 Wales 1 [1-1]
Match Summary
England Party

Wales Party
Team Records
only the third scoreless second half since 1876

Leamington Street, Wagtail, Blackburn, Lancashire
Kick-off (GMT): 'at 3.30
'presence of about 5,000 spectators'; 'before 6,000 spectators'; 'before 7,000 spectators'; 'witnessed by 7,000 people'.

Clem Mitchell kicked-off Wales won the toss
[1-0] Clem Mitchell 35
 'The leather came back to Mitchell, who put a grand shot in quite out of the reach of Roberts'

[1-1] Billy Lewis 37
'Arthur ran out, and the ball shot through, the goalkeeper falling'
a small minority list Job Wilding as the Welsh goalscorer
                           Match Summary
Officials [umpires and referees are of equal relevance]



Wal es
Nicholas Lane Jackson
35 (1 November 1849),
West Hackney, London
Richard Thomas Gough
26 (April 1859), Oswestry
(Welsh FA)
Alexander Stuart
Scotland (Edinburgh FA)

England Team



No official ranking system established;
ELO rating 2nd
Colours: White shirts, navy blue knickerbockers
Capt: Norman Bailey
(tenth (15) captaincy)
Selectors: The Football Association Committee following trial games, with Secretary Charles W. Alcock having the primary influence, on Monday, 2 March 1885.
most captaincies so far
England Lineup
  Arthur, W.J. Herbert 22
28 days
14 February 1863 G Blackburn Rovers FC 2    1 GA
  Moore, Henry T. 23
260 days
27 June 1861 RB Notts County FC 2 0 final app
120   Ward, James 20
220 days
6 August 1864 LB

Blackburn Olympic FC

1 0 only app
  Bailey, Norman C. 27
234 days
23 July 1857 Half

Clapham Rovers FC

14      1
most apps & experienced capt
  Forrest, James H. 20
263 days
24 June 1864

Blackburn Rovers FC

3      0
  Lofthouse, Joseph M. 19
334 days
14 April 1865 OR Blackburn Rovers FC 2      0
121   Davenport, J. Kenyon 22
356 days
23 March 1862 IR Bolton Wanderers FC 1      0
first Wanderers player to represent England 
Mitchell, Clement 23
22 days
20 February 1862 Centre

Upton Park FC & Corinthians FC

5 5 final app
  Brown, James 22
226 days
31 July 1862

Blackburn Rovers FC

4      3
122   Dixon, John A. 23
291 days
27 May 1861 IL

Notts County FC & Corinthians FC

1 0 only app
  Bambridge, E. Charles 26
227 days
30 July 1858 OL

Swifts FC

12     11
most goals


not known

team notes:

Goalkeeper George Vidal (Oxford University AFC) withdrew from the England line-up, his place going to Herby Arthur. Nevill Cobbold (Cambridge University AFC) was named as the original inside-left, his place going to Dixon.
"[Forrest] had to figure in a different jersey from the others in the English team against Wales in 1885 in order that he should be distinguished from them." - Lancashire Evening Post, Saturday, 2 January 1926.


England have now gone on a record unbeaten sequence of three matches.
Billy Lewis' goal was the first goal England had conceded for 299 minutes, setting a new record.
2-2-6 Arthur -
Moore, Ward -
Bailey, Forrest -
Lofthouse, Davenport, Mitchell, Brown, Dixon, Bambridge


Age 23 years 26 dys Appearances/Goals 4.3    1.7


Wales Team



No official ranking system established;
ELO rating 3rd
Colours: Green and white halved collared shirts, white shorts, black socks
Capt: Humphrey Jones, possibly Tom Burke Selectors: Team selection chosen by Committee, following a series of trial matches.
Wales Lineup
  Mills-Roberts, Dr Robert H. 22
221 days
5 August 1862 G

St. Thomas' Hospital FC, London, & Corinthians FC, England

1 1 GA
  Jones, Frederick R. 21/22 1863 RB

Bangor FC

1 0
  Thomas, George 27/28 1857 LB

Wrexham Olympic FC

1 0
  Burke, Thomas 20/21 early 1864 RHB

Wrexham AFC

3 0
  Davies, Robert 21/22 1863 CHB

Druids FC

1 0
  Jones, Humphrey 20
97 days
7 December 1862 LHB

Bangor FC

1 0
  Vaughan, Thomas 20/21 1864 OR

Rhyl FC

1 0
  Davies, John E. 21/22 1863 IR

Oswestry White Star FC

1 0
  Wilding, Job 23 early 1862 CF

Wrexham Olympic FC

1 0
Lewis, William 20/21 1864 IL

Bangor FC

1 1
  Farmer, George 21/22 early 1863 OL

Oswestry White Star FC

1 0


D.J. Wood

team notes:

John Powell, John Vaughan and R.Roberts, were all due to play, but were refused permission by their club, Bolton Wanderers FC.
Other than the matches at the birth of international football, this is the most debutants fielded.
2-3-5 Mills-Roberts -
F.Jones, Thomas -
R.Davies, H.Jones -
J.Davies, Wilding, Lewis, Farmer


Age 21/22 Appearances/Goals 1.2 0.0
least experienced team to face England so far
Match Report - Morning Post, Monday, 16 March 1885 In Other News.....

The seventh international match between England and Wales was played at Blackburn on Saturday, under Association rules, in the presence of a large concourse of spectators. The game throughout was fast, and evenely contested. During the first half England made several determined attempts to score, Brown, Bambridge, Moore, and Lofthouse showing most prominently. At length, however the Welshmen succeeded in driving their opponents back, and a corner fell to them, but nothing came of it. The English forwards now played with great vigour, and Dixon was within an ace of scoring, but Roberts sent the ball away. Bambridge, however, got possession of it, and placed a goal to the credit of England. This was followed by some useful play on the part of Lewis and Wilding, which resulted in the score being brought level. After the sides had crossed over Brown made himself conspicuous by dribbling the ball nearly the whole length of the ground, and displayed excellent judgement in his hot at goal; Roberts only just succeeding in saving his charge. Forrest and Lofthouse, in turn, attempted to lower the visitors' colours, but Roberts again succeeded in averting the danger. Next, the English were compelled to retire upon their own lines, and for a while severely pressed, still no further points were gained by either side, and the game thus resulted in a draw, both goals having secured one goal.

Having beaten Notts County in the quarter-final, Queen's Park found Nottingham Forest a tougher nut to crack and drew 1-1 at Derby in the F.A. Cup semi-final.

It was on 13 March 1885 that memorial services were held around the country for General Gordon and all of the officers and men killed whilst serving their country in Sudan.

The seventh annual match under Association rules between England and Wales was played on Saturday, at Blackburn, in the presence of about 5,000 spectators. The weather was bright and the turf in excellent order...
Bambridge, however, being on the alert, then secured the ball and placed the first point to the credit of the home eleven. Wales speedily equalized matters and the score was still even when positions were reversed. During the second period of the game, the play was exceptionally fast and exciting. Although unable to increase their score, a fact mainly attributable to the splendid goal-keeping of Mills-Roberts, the Englishmen had rather the better of the game, their forwards playing very unselfishly and making excellent shots... - The Times, Monday, 16 March 1885

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