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Saturday, 15 March 1884
Home International Championship 1883-84 (1st) Match

Scotland 1 England 0 [1-0]

Match Summary
Scotland Party

England Party
Team Records

Cathkin Park, Cathcart Road, Crosshill, Glasgow, Lanarkshire
Kick-off (GMT): 3.00pm
Attendance: 10,000 to 'nearly 20,000'.

Scotland won the toss England kicked-off
[1-0] John Smith 8
 'one of his famous shots, following a Dobson mis-kick'

Match Summary

Officials [umpires and referees are of equal relevance]





This was apparently the first ever all-ticket football match;
Major Francis A. Marindin
45 (21 May 1838), Weymouth
(F.A. President)
Thomas Lawrie
Scottish F.A. Vice-President
John Sinclair

Scotland Team



No official ranking system established;
ELO rating 1st
Colours: Blue shirts, white shorts
Capt: Charles Campbell Selectors: The Scottish Football Association Selection Committee, chosen following a trial match.
Scotland Lineup
  McAuley, James 23 30 August 1860 G

Dumbarton FC

4 1
  Arnott, Walter 22 12 May 1861 B

Queen's Park FC

3 0
  Forbes, John 22 13 January 1862 B

Vale of Leven FC

2 0
  Campbell, Charles 29/30 1854 HB

Queen's Park FC

11 1
  McPherson, John C.M. nk not known HB

Vale of Leven FC

7 0
  Shaw, Francis W. 19 13 December 1864 OR

Pollockshields Athletic FC

1 0
  Anderson, William nk not known IR

Queen's Park FC

4 1
  Lindsay, Joseph 25 13 November 1858 CF

Dumbarton FC

4 1
Smith, Dr. John 28 12 August 1855 CF

Queen's Park FC

10 9
  Christie, Robert M. 18 15 December 1865 IL

Queen's Park FC

1 0
  McKinnon, William N. 24 6 August 1859 OL

Dumbarton FC

3 0


reserves not known

team notes:

James McAuley played as a forward on his debut, scoring one of the five goals, against Wales, 25 March 1882.

McAuley -
Arnott, Forbes -
Campbell, McPherson -
Shaw, Anderson, Lindsay, Smith, Christie, McKinnon.


Age 23.3/4 Appearances/Goals 4.5 1.1


England Team



No official ranking system established;
ELO rating 2nd
Colours: White shirts, navy blue knickerbockers
Capt: Norman Bailey, seventh captaincy. Selectors: The Football Association Committee following trial games, with Secretary Charles W. Alcock having the primary influence, on Thursday, 28 February 1884.
England Lineup
  Rose, William C. 22 1 December 1861 G

Swindon Town FC & Swifts FC

2 2 GA
  Dobson, Alfred T.C. 24 28 March 1859 RB Notts County FC & Corinthians FC 3 0
  Beverley, Joseph 27 12 November 1856 LB

Blackburn Rovers FC

2 0
  Bailey, Norman C. 26 23 July 1857 HB

Clapham Rovers FC

11 0
  MacRae, Stuart 28 7 December 1855
in India

Notts County FC & Corinthians FC

5 0
  Wilson, Charles P. 24 12 May 1859 HB

Hendon FC & Corinthians FC

1 0
  Holden, George H. 24 6 October 1859 OR

Wednesbury Old Athletic FC

3 1
  Vaughton, O. Howard 23 9 January 1861 IR Aston Villa FC 4 6
  Bromley-Davenport, William 22 21 January 1862 CF

Old Etonians AFC & Oxford University AFC

1 0
  Bambridge, E. Charles 25 30 July 1858 IL

Swifts FC

9 10
  Gunn, William 25 4 December 1858 OL

Notts County FC

1 0


James Forrest (left half-back).

team notes:

The only change from the original line up was Gunn coming in for Harry Cursham (Notts County FC).
Norman Bailey extends his record appearance tally and extends his record as the player with the most captaincies.
The oldest England team thus far.
Charles Wilson is the younger brother of Kenneth Plumpton, who withdrew from the previous match.
2-3-5 Rose -
Dobson, Beverley -
Bailey, MacRae, Wilson -
Holden, Vaughton, Bromley-Davenport, Bambridge, Gunn.


Age 24.6 Appearances/Goals 3.8 1.5

England teams v. Scotland:

1883: Swepstone de Paravicini Jones Bailey Macrae Whateley A.Cursham Mitchell Goodhart Cobbold H.Cursham
1884: Rose Dobson Beverley Bailey Macrae Wilson Holden Vaughton Bromley-Davenport Bambridge Gunn


    Match Report

Although rain fell at Glasgow on Saturday morning, the weather brightened considerably in the afternoon, and nearly 10,000 spectators assembled at Cathkin-park to witness the 13th International contest, under Association rules...

After a sharp attack on the English goal, Dr. Smith sent the ball under the cross-bar, thus scoring the first and, as it proved, the only goal. Although England made most energetic attempts to bring the score level, they were unable to do so, owing to the determined manner in which the home backs played... - The Times - Monday 17th March, 1884

...one of the most disappointing ever played between thoroughly trained representatives of both countries... - North British Daily Mail - Monday 17th March, 1884

The international match of 1884, in fact, may be said to have been won by the backs of the Scotch team and Macauley, the goalkeeper... - Daily Mail - Monday 17th March, 1884


It was on 14 March 1884 that the forces commanded by General Sir Gerald Graham drove back Osman Digna and his rebel fighters in Sudan.

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