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Sunday, 24 June 2018
World Cup 2018 Finals First Phase Group G, Match Four

England 6 Panama 1 [5-0]

Stadion Nizhny Novgorod, Kanavinskiy, Nizhny Novgorod, Russia
Kick-off (MSK): 3.00pm 1.00pm BST
Attendance: 43,319.

England kicked-off. 97˝ minutes 48:01 & 49:27 Match Summary
England Squad
Panama Squad
[1-0] John Stones 8 7:46
 12-yard header from a Trippier corner
[2-0] Harry Kane 22 21:34
 high to keepers' right as Penedo went right 
 (awarded 19:10 -Escobar tripped Lingard).
[3-0] Jesse Lingard 36 35:08
 20-yard right-footed strike into top corner
[4-0] John Stone 40 39:12
 2-yard header after Sterling's was saved
[5-0] Harry Kane 45+1 45:14
 high to the keepers' right as Penedo went left - (awarded 42:53 - Godoy fouled Kane)
[6-0] Harry Kane 62 61:06 HATTRICK
 Loftus-Cheek's strike goes in off his heel

[6-1] Felipe Baloy 78 77:16
11-yard half-volley from an Ávila free-kick
Ruben Loftus-Cheek
23 22:42.
Armando Cooper 10 9:38
Fidel Escobar
44 43:54
Michael Amir
Murillo 72 71:20
Commentator: Guy Mowbray with Danny Murphy

Match Summary

Officials from Africa



Referee (yellow) - Ghead Zaglol Grisha
 42, (29 February 1976), Cairo, FIFA-listed 2008.

Assistant Referees - Redouane Achik
, Morocco, and Waleed Ahmed, Sudan
Fourth official - Norbert Hauata
, 38 (8 June 1979), Tahiti
Reserve Assistant Referee - Bertrand Brial, 38 (2 November 1979), New Caledonia.
General coordinator - Tom King, USA
Match commissioner - Gary Moretti, Australia.

Video Assistant Referee - Danny Makkelie
, Netherlands
Assistant Video Assistant Referees
- Sander Van Roekel, Netherlands, Paweł Gil, Poland and Mark Geiger, USA
12 Goal Attempts 8
7 Attempts on Target 2
0 Hit Bar/Post 0
3 Corner Kicks Won 2
3 Offside Calls Against 0
14 Fouls Conceded 13
59% Possession 41%

England Team



FIFA (7 June 2018) =12th
EFO ranking Group 3
ELO rating 7th to 6th
Colours: The Nike 2018 home uniform - White v-necked jerseys with red trim on collar, dark blue shorts, white socks.
Capt: Harry Kane, seventh captaincy.
Jordan Henderson, 63rd min.
Manager: Gareth Southgate, 47 (3 September 1970), appointed caretaker manager on 24 September 2016, appointed as permanent manager on 30 November 2016.
twentieth match, W 12 - D 6 - L 2 - F 35 - A 13.
England Lineup
1 Pickford, Jordan L. 24 7 March 1994 G Everton FC 5 3 GA
2 Walker, Kyle A. 28 28 May 1990 RD Manchester City FC 37 0
18 Young, Ashley S. 32 9 July 1985 LWB
Manchester United FC 36 7
12 Trippier, Kieran J., off 70th min. 27 19 September 1990 RWB Tottenham Hotspur FC 9 0
5 Stones, John 24 28 May 1994 LD Manchester City FC 28 2
6 Maguire, J. Harry 25 5 March 1993 CD Leicester City FC 7 0
7 Lingard, Jesse E., off 63rd min. 25 15 December 1992 RAM Manchester United FC 14 2
8 Henderson, Jordan B. 28 17 June 1990 CM Liverpool FC 41 0
Kane, Harry E., off 63rd min. 24 28 July 1993 RF Tottenham Hotspur FC 26 18
10 Sterling, Raheem S. 23 8 December 1994
in Jamaica
LF Manchester City FC 40 2
21 Loftus-Cheek, Ruben I. 22 23 January 1996 LAM Chelsea FC 6 0
Loftus-Cheek was cautioned in the 23rd min. for unsporting behaviour, after he clipped the heels of Rodríguez next to the touchline.
England Substitutes
scoreline: England 6 Panama 0
11 Vardy, Jamie R., on 63rd min. (62:29) for Kane 31 11 January 1987 RF Leicester City FC 23 7
17 Delph, Fabian, on 63rd min. (62:54) for Lingard 28 21 November 1989 RAM Manchester City FC 12 0
3 Rose, Daniel L., on 70th min. (69:22) for Trippier 27 2 July 1990 LWB Tottenham Hotspur FC 19 0
result: England 6 Panama 1

unused substitutes:

4-Eric Dier, 13-Jack Butland, 14-Danny Welbeck, 15-Gary Cahill, 16-Phil Jones, 19-Marcus Rashford, 22-Trent Alexander-Arnold, 23-Nick Pope.

team notes:

This is the ninetieth different opposition to face England. And the sixtieth different World Cup opposition (38th in the Final tournament).
Harry Kane becomes the first English player to score four goals in the WCF group stage, and the first to score a hattrick since Gary Lineker did so in 1986, becoming only the third player to do so.
This the first time England have scored more than four goals in a World Cup Finals match.
3-5-2 Pickford -
Walker, Maguire, Stones -
(Rose), Lingard (Delph), Henderson, Loftus-Cheek, Young -
(Vardy), Sterling.
notes: Young and Rose swapped wings

Averages (Starting XI):

Age 25.6 Appearances/Goals 22.7 2.3

Panama Team



FIFA (7 June 2018) 55th
EFO ranking
ELO rating
51st to 54th
Colours: Made by New Balance - Red v-necked jerseys with white trim on collar, red shorts, red socks.
Capt: Román Torres Head Coach: Hernán Darío Gómez Jaramillo, 62 (3 February 1956 in Medellín, Colombia), appointed 15 February 2014.
Panama Lineup
1 Penedo Cano, Jaime M. 36 26 September 1981 GK FC Dinamo București, Romania 133 0
2 Murillo Bermudez, Michael Amir 22 15 February 1996 RB New York Red Bulls, USA 24 2
Murillo cautioned in the 72nd min. for unsporting behaviour, after Raheem Sterling wins the ball back and is chopped down. SUSPENDED
15 Davis Grajales, Erick J. 27 31 March 1991 LB Fk DAC 1904 Dunajská Streda, Slovakia 40 0
4 Escobar Mendieta, Fidel 23 9 January 1995 CD AF Sporting San Miguelito 25 1
Escobar cautioned in the 44th min. for dissent, after complaining about the penalty award.
5 Torres Morcillo, Román A. 32 20 March 1986 CD Seattle Sounders SC, USA 112 10
6 Gómez Girón, Gabriel Enrique, off 69th min. 34 29 May 1984 DM Club Atlético Bucaramanga SA, Colombia 146 12
7 Pérez Ortega, Blas Antonio M. 37 13 March 1981 CF CS Deportivo Municipal, Guatemala 120 43
8 Bárcenas Herrera, Édgar J., off 69th min. 24 23 October 1993 RAM CD Árabe Unido 30 0
20 Godoy, Aníbal C., off 62nd min 28 10 February 1990 LM San José Earthquakes 91 2
21 Rodríguez, Francis José Luis 20 19 June 1998 LAM KAA Gent, Belgium 4 0
11 Cooper Whitaker, Armando E. 30 26 November 1987 RM Club Universidad de Chile 100 7
Cooper cautioned in the 10th min. for unsporting behaviour following a hack on Lingard on the halfway line. SUSPENDED
Panama Substitutes
scoreline: England 6 Panama 0
19 Ávila, Ricardo G, on 62nd min. for Godoy 21 4 January 1997 M KAA Gent, Belgium 6 0
16 Arroyo Molinar, Abdiel, on 69th min. (68:32) for Bárcenas 24 13 December 1993 CF LD Alajuelense 34 5
23 Baloy Ramírez, Felipe A., on 69th min. (68:53) for Gómez 37
120 days
24 February 1981 D CS Deportivo Municipal, Guatemala 103 4
result: England 6 Panama 1

unused substitutes:

3-Harold Cummings, 9-Gabriel Torres, 10-Ismael Díaz, 12-José Calderón, 13-Adolfo Machado, 14-Valentín Pimentel, 17-Luis Ovalle, 18-Luis Tejada, 22-Alex Rodríguez.

team notes:

Head Coach Hernán Darío Gómez was in charge of Colombia against England in the 1995 friendly draw and the 1998 World Cup Finals defeat, when Southgate was on the bench.
Baloy becomes the World Cup's fourth oldest goalscorer, behind Milla, Gren and Blanco.
4-5-1 Penado -
R.Torres, Escobar, Davis -
(Arroyo), Cooper, Gómez (Baloy), Godoy (Ávila), J.Rodriguez -

Averages (Starting XI):

Age 28.5 Appearances/Goals 75.0 7.0


    Match Report by Mike Payne

The England players knew that if they could win this second match in their group they would be through to the last sixteen with a match to spare.  What transpired could not possibly have been forecast by even the most fervent England supporter.  The game had a sedate opening with England probing and Panama sitting back.  Immediately a half-chance was created, although Jesse Lingard was injured in the process, slapped in the face by a defender’s flailing arm.  Free-kicks were given against England as the Panamanians went down at every opportunity, and a bad pass almost gave the ‘Hat-men’ a chance.  (Is that their nickname, I don’t know?)

In the eighth minute England won a corner through Kieran Trippier.  Once again we saw the Panama defenders grabbing and jostling the England forwards and it took an age to take the corner as the referee repeatedly warned the various defenders.  When the kick was eventually taken, John Stones roared into space to meet the ball perfectly and guide a superb header into the far corner.  It was a great goal and the England players were jubilant.  Panama hit back and a couple of sloppy passes by England again created needless problems for themselves.  One cross from the right was particularly dangerous and only a magnificent interception by Kyle Walker saved embarrassment.  Lingard was given some rough treatment early on and Armando Cooper was booked for one challenge on the Manchester United youngster.

It did become a little monotonous, how often a Panama player went down, and unfortunately the referee bought it every time, giving free-kicks against England.  On 16 minutes Edgar Barcenas fired in a good shot, but wide.  Three minutes later and England were in seventh heaven as a long pass was sent forward to Lingard and as he shaped to shoot he was bundled over from behind by Fidel Escobar, penalty!  At last a right decision goes England’s way and was there any doubt Harry Kane would score?  None whatsoever, 2-0!

Reuben Loftus-Cheek was booked for one innocuous challenge and there was a bout of possession from Panama that ended with Jose Luis Rodriguez shooting over.  Trippier was having a good game down the right and one of his long passes almost found Raheem Sterling.  Sterling was brought down on several occasions and he won another free-kick on 32 minutes.  Trippier’s cross was headed on to the top of the net by Harry Maguire.  But four minutes later a magnificent goal by Lingard lit up the tournament.  Playing a sharp one-two with Sterling he gained possession just outside the box and curled a fabulous right-foot shot into the top corner.

Panama were stunned, as we all were, by this explosive opening by England, but it wasn’t over yet.  In the 40th minute a brilliant free-kick routine gave England a fourth goal.  Trippier passed to Jordan Henderson who clipped a fine ball to the far post.  Kane headed across goal to Sterling, whose point-blank header was somehow kept out by goalkeeper Jaime Penedo, only for Stones to follow up to score with another header.  It was a shame that Sterling’s effort didn’t go in as it would have boosted his confidence but it was dreamland for all the England fans and yet, four minutes later, it was even better.

Great play from Loftus-Cheek and Sterling set up Lingard but his shot was deflected for a corner.  Once again as the corner came in Kane was manhandled to the ground in a way that Mick McManus and Kent Walton would have been proud of.  (Come on, you remember the wrestling on telly don’t you?)  This time though the referee finally gave the foul the treatment it deserved, a booking for the perpetrator, Escobar, and another penalty for England!  Up stepped Kane who thumped home another faultless spot-kick.  Half-time came shortly afterwards and the score read an astonishing England 5 (yes Five!) Panama 0.  Phew.

Not unexpectedly the first ten minutes after the restart was slow and methodical and incident free as England looked to contain energy and Panama looked to stave off any more embarrassment.  It was very hot inside the stadium and there were a few tired legs, on both sides.  But on the hour England, incredibly, extended their lead, although there was an element of good fortune about the sixth goal.  Loftus-Cheek gained possession and cut inside before firing in a shot at goal.  The ball struck Kane on the heel and completely wrong-footed the hapless goalkeeper.  Was Kane going to claim the hat-trick goal?  You bet your life he was, and who can blame him.

Immediately Gareth Southgate made two substitutions as Jaime Vardy and Fabian Delph came on to replace Kane and the impressive Lingard.  On 66 minutes sloppiness at the back for England allowed Michael Murillo the chance to go for goal.  Jordan Pickford was alert though and managed to block the shot before a defender completed the clearance.

Panama then brought on two substitutes and Danny Rose replaced the excellent Trippier, who has been one of the stars for England during the tournament so far.  The pace of the game was slowing down by now but there were still chances for England.  Murillo was booked for blatantly fouling Sterling when the winger was about to break clear on goal and then a free-kick was headed back by Maguire and Henderson was desperately unlucky to see a fine volley whistle just wide of the post.

In the 76th minute Panama should have pulled a goal back when a corner was flicked on to the unmarked Roman Torres who somehow shot wide from very close range.  The warning was not heeded and two minutes later Panama did score.  Poor defending at a free-kick allowed substitute Ricardo Avila’s free-kick to be swept past Pickford by another sub, Felipe Baloy.  It was the only black spot on an incredible performance by England, annoying that it was, but at least the Panamanians in the crowd showed their uncontrolled joy at their first ever goal in the World Cup finals.  Credit to Panama who never gave up, and kept going until the end, but England just had far too much for them on this incredible day.

It was understandable that the heat and the scoreline saw England take their foot off the pedal slightly but everyone of the players should be very proud of their performances.  I thought Trippier, Lingard, Kane, Stones and especially Henderson had exceptional games.  It was a fabulous all-round team performance, just what the Doctor ordered.  COME ON ENGLAND!

Source Notes

There were 25 uninterrupted passes made by England before they scored their sixth goal - the longest sequence for a World Cup goal since 1966 & one more pass than Esteban Cambiasso's effort for Argentina v Serbia in 2006 (24)

BBC Sport
Mike Payne - football historian and contributor