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Saturday, 8 October 2005
2006 FIFA World Cup UEFA Group 6 qualification match

England 1 Austria 0 [1-0]

Old Trafford, Sir Matt Busby Way, Stretford, Greater Manchester
Kick-off (BST): 3.58pm.


England kicked-off 95½ minutes 47 & 47:26

[1-0] Frank Lampard 25 24:34
 right-footed placed penalty kick to right of the goal as Macho dived to the right
(foul 23:11 awarder 23:14 - Owen fouled)
  Match Summary
England Squad
Austria Squad

Joe Cole
Andreas Ivančić 24
Markus Schopp
  David Beckham 58 57:20
& 59 58:28

Markus Kiesenebner
Expulsion: David Beckham 59 58:42
Commentator: John Motson with Graeme Le Saux

Match Summary

Officials from Spain




Referee  (black) - Luis Medina Cantalejo,
41 (1 March 1964),
Tomares, FIFA-listed 2002;

Assistant Referees - Pedro Medina Hernández, 42 (17 December 1962) and victoriano Giráldez Carrasco, 41 (18 September 1964).

Fourth official - Eduardo Iturralde González, 38 (20 February 1967), Arrunkudiaga.

10 Goal Attempts 11
8 Attempts on Target 1
0 Hit Bar/Post 1
4 Corner Kicks Won 4
2 Offside Calls Against 4
19 Fouls Conceded 16
47.2% Possession 52.8%

England Team



FIFA (14th Sept 2005) 11th
EFO ranking Group 3

ELO rating 7th to 6th
Colours: The 2005 home uniform - White collared jerseys with large red cross on right shoulder, navy blue shorts with thin white narrowing stripe on right thigh and red hem, white socks with navy blue half-striped tops.
Capt: David Beckham, 49th captaincy,
Michael Owen 59th min.
Steven Gerrard 81st min.
Head Coach: Sven-Göran Eriksson, 57 (5 February 1948), appointed 30 October 2000, took post 12 January 2001, 
57th match, W 32 - D 15 - L 10 - F 106 - A 45.
England Lineup
1 Robinson, Paul W. 25 15 October 1979 G Tottenham Hotspur FC 16 7 GA
2 Young, Luke P. 26 19 July 1979 RB Charlton Athletic FC 5 0
3 Carragher, James L.D. 27 28 January 1978 LB Liverpool FC 21 0
4 Gerrard, Steven G. 25 30 May 1980 CM/LM Liverpool FC 38 6
5 Terry, John G. 24 7 December 1980 CD Chelsea FC 19 0
6 Campbell, Sulzeer J., off 65th min. 30 18 September 1974 CD Arsenal FC 66 1

Beckham, David R.J., off 59th min 30 2 May 1975 RM Real Madrid CF, Spain 85 16
Beckham cautioned in the 58th min. for Unsporting Behaviour for raising his arms in a challenge with Ibertsberger.  Then in the 59th min. for Unsporting Behaviour for a debatable late challenge again on Ibertsberger. Suspended.
8 Lampard, Frank J. 27 20 June 1978 CM/RM Chelsea FC 36 8 (1)
the 64th penalty kick scored
9 Crouch, Peter J. 24 30 January 1981 F Liverpool FC 2 0
10 Owen, Michael J., off 81st min. 25 14 December 1979 F Newcastle United FC 73 33
11 Cole, Joseph J., off 62nd min. 23 23 November 1981 LM Chelsea FC 27 4
Cole cautioned in the 28th min. for Unsporting Behaviour for a foul on Markus Keisenebner.
England Substitutes
scoreline: England 1 Austria 0
12 King, Ledley B., on 62nd min. for Cole 24 12 October 1980 CM Tottenham Hotspur FC 13 0
14 Ferdinand, Rio G., on 65th min. for Campbell 26 7 November 1978 CD Manchester United FC 42 0
16 Richardson, Kieran E., on 81st min. for Owen 20 21 October 1984 CM Manchester United FC 4 2
result: England 1 Austria 0
unused substitutes: 13-Chris Kirkland, 15-Shaun Wright-Phillips, 17-Darren Bent, 18-Jermain Defoe.
team notes: David Beckham becomes the first England player to be sent off twice, his first being in 1998, and the tenth sending-off overall. On his 85th appearance, his experience overtakes Ray Wilkins' 82nd appearance on his sending off in 1986.
4-4-2 Robinson -
Young, Terry, Campbell
(Ferdinand), Carragher -
Beckham, Gerrard, Lampard, Cole
(King) -
Crouch, Owen
When Beckham was sent-off, England played a 4-3-2 formation.  King was introduced to replace Joe Cole and played in central midfield with Gerrard on the left and Lampard on the right.  When Richardson replaced Owen, England were playing a 4-4-1 formation.

Averages (Starting XI):

Age 26.0 Appearances/Goals 35.3 6.2


Austria Team



FIFA (14th Sept 2005) 79th
EFO ranking Group 6

ELO rating 53rd to 54th
Colours: Made by Puma - Red v-necked jerseys with white underarm panels, white sides with black trim, white shorts with red side trim, red socks with white band/hoops;
Capt: Andreas Ivanschitz Manager: Willibald Ruttensteiner, 42 (12 November 1962), the under-21 coach, appointed caretaker manager in tandem with
Andreas Herzog
, 37 (10 September 1968), and assistant
Slavko Kovacic
, 55 (14 May 1950 in Yugoslavia), appointed 30 September 2005;
1st match, W 0 - D 0 - L 1- F 0 - A 1.
Austria Lineup
1 Macho, Jürgen 28 24 August 1977 G 1. FC Kaiserslautern, Germany 3 0
2 Dober, Andreas 19 31 March 1986 RB SK Rapid Wien 1 0
3 Stranzl, Martin 25 16 June 1980 CD VfB Stuttgart 1893, Germany 28 2
4 Scharner, Paul J.H. 25 11 March 1980 CD SK Brann Bergen, Norway 11 0
5 Ibertsberger, Andreas, off 80th min. 23 27 July 1982 LB SC Freiburg 5 1
6 Aufhauser, René 29 21 June 1976 CM HSV Red Bull Salzburg 28 3
7 Schopp, Markus, off 64th min. 31 22 February 1974 RM HSV Red Bull Salzburg 55 6
Schopp cautioned in the 24th min. for Dissent for complaining about the decision to give the penalty.
8 Kiesenebner, Markus 26 21 April 1979 CM FK Austria MAGNA Wien 9 1
Kiesenebner cautioned in the 74th min. for Unsporting Behaviour.
9 Linz, Roland G. 24 9 August 1981 CF FK Austria MAGNA Wien 12 2
10 Ivančić, Andreas 21 15 October 1983 AM SK Rapid Wien 17 2
Ivanschitz cautioned in the 24th min. for Dissent for complaining about the decision to give the penalty. Suspended.
11 Weissenberger, Markus, off 46th min. 30 8 March 1975 LM Eintracht Frankfurt, Germany 22 1
Austria Substitutes
scoreline: England 1 Austria 0
15 Sariyar, Yüksel, on 46th min. for Weissenberger 26 1 August 1979 F FS Superfund 2 1
18 Kuljić, Sanel, on 64th min. for Schopp 27 10 October 1977 F SV Josko Ried 4 0
17 Lasnik, Andreas, on 80th min. for Ibertsberger 21 9 November 1973 M FK Austria MAGNA Wien 1 0
result: England 1 Austria 0
unused substitutes: 13-Ferdinand Feldhofer, 14-Joachim Standfest, 16-Jürgen Sämuel, 21-Andreas Schranz.
4-4-1-1 Macho -
Dober, Scharner, Stranzl, Ibertsberger
(Lasnik) -
(Kuljić), Aufhauser, Kiesenebner, Weissenberger (Sariyar) -
Ivančić -

Averages (Starting XI):

Age 25.5 Appearances/Goals 17.4 1.6


    Match Report (Mike Payne's exclusive report coming shortly)

David Beckham became the first player to be sent off twice for England as they stuttered to victory against Austria at Old Trafford.  Beckham was shown two yellow cards in two minutes in the second half for fouls on Andreas Ibertsberger.  Frank Lampard put England on course for Germany with a first-half penalty after Paul Scharner fouled Michael Owen.  And while their display was far from assured, England qualified later as Netherlands beat the Czech Republic.  Now the game against Poland on Wednesday will merely be about who finishes first and who comes second in Group Six - as both have qualified to play at Germany 2006.

Beckham will now miss that match following his red card, while Sol Campbell also limped off with a hamstring injury.  It was also the first time an England captain had been sent off, and Beckham's second red card for England, coming seven years after his first, at the 1998 World Cup against Argentina.  The second booking by Spanish referee Luis Medina Cantalejo did look harsh, but even before Beckham's exit, England had not looked that comfortable, and once down to ten men were forced to hold on.

Boss Sven-Göran Eriksson, as expected, dropped Rio Ferdinand to restore Campbell and paired Peter Crouch with Owen up front.  Austria gave England an early scare when the powerful Markus Kiesenebner unleashed a shot from fully 25 yards that forced a fine save from Paul Robinson.  The combination of Crouch and Owen showed promising signs early on, and it took a desperate saving tackle from Scharner to deny the Newcastle striker after a headed flick from his strike partner.  England made the breakthrough after 25 minutes, when referee Cantalejo pointed to the spot after Scharner needlessly pulled Owen back by the arm.

Beckham handed penalty duties to Lampard after missing his last three for England, and it proved to be a wise decision as the Chelsea man sent Jurgen Macho the wrong way from the spot.  England had an even more blatant penalty appeal waved away four minutes before the interval when Owen was clearly clattered to the ground by Andreas Dober, but this time referee Cantajelo was unimpressed.  Owen almost doubled England's lead three minutes after the interval when he raced in on Lampard's pass, but Macho plunged bravely at his feet.

England were strangely lacklustre, and Austria were almost level after 56 minutes when Roland Linz stole in on Terry's header and saw his clever lob rebound to safety off the bar.  There was real drama after 57 minutes when Beckham was cautioned after a challenge with Ibertsberger - then sent off seconds later for a foul on the same player as he raced towards the penalty area.  Beckham was unhappy with Ibertsberger, but England's captain was unwise to dive into the tackle with the first yellow card still fresh in the referee's mind.  The red card prompted Eriksson into a cautious substitution, replacing Joe Cole with Ledley King.

England's woes piled up even further when Campbell pulled up clutching his hamstring and was replaced by Ferdinand.  Even with only ten men, Lampard was still able to produce two fine saves from Macho in the closing stages. - BBC Sport

Source Notes

BBC Sport
FIFA.com official match report