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Saturday, 19 May 1973
Home International Championship 1972-73 (78th) Match

England 1 Scotland 0 [0-0]


Match Summary
England Squad
Scotland Squad

Empire Stadium, Wembley, Brent, Greater London
Attendance: 95,950;
Kick-off: 3.00pm BST
Live on BBC (UK) -
Commentator: David Coleman. Also live on ITV (UK) - Commentators: Brian Moore and Jimmy Hill

England - Martin Peters (headed in an Alan Ball free-kick 55)
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? kicked-off. ? minutes (? & ?).


Match Summary

Officials from West Germany




Referee (-) - Kurt Tschenscher
x (-).

Linesmen - Franz Wengenmayer and Philipp Geng.

Teams presented to The Rt. Hon. The Earl of Harewood, LLD (F.A. Hon. Vice-President).

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England Team



No official ranking;
EFO ranking

ELO rating 3rd
Colours: The 1965 Umbro home uniform - White crew necked jerseys, blue shorts, white socks.
Capt: Bobby Moore, 85th captaincy Manager: Sir Alfred Ernest Ramsey, 53 (22 January 1920), appointed 25 October 1962, effective part-time 31 December, full from May 1963.
105th match, W 67 - D 24 - L 14 - F 213 - A 90.
England Lineup
  Shilton, Peter L. 23  18 September 1949 G Leicester City FC 9 5 GA
2 Storey, Peter E. 27 7 September 1945 RB Arsenal FC 15 0
3 Hughes     LB      
4 Bell, Colin 27 26 February 1946 RHB Manchester City FC 27 4
5 McFarland, Roy L. 25 5 April 1948 CHB Derby County FC 15 0
6 Moore, Robert F.C. 32 12 April 1941 LHB West Ham United FC 103 2
7 Ball     OR      
8 Channon     IR      
9 Chivers     CF      
10 Clarke     IL      
11 Peters, Martin S. 29 8 November 1943 OL Tottenham Hotspur FC 58 20
England Substitutes

unused substitutes:

-12-Ray Clemence. 13-Paul Madeley, 14-Norman Hunter, 15-Tony Currie, 16-Mike Summerbee.

team notes:

Manager Alf Ramsey played against Scotland in four matches from 1950 until 1953.
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Scotland Team



No official ranking;
EFO ranking

ELO rating 22nd
Colours: Made by Umbro - blue collared jerseys with white collars/cuffs, white shorts, red socks.
Capt: Billy Bremner Manager: William Ormond
Scotland Lineup
  Hunter, Alistair     G     GA
2 Jardine     RB      
3 McGrain, Daniel     LB      
4 Bremner, William J. 30 9 December 1942 RHB Leeds United AFC, England 39 2
5 Holton     CHB      
6 Johnstone     LHB      
7 Morgan     OR      
8 Macari     IR      
9 Dalglish     CF      
10 Hay, David     IL      
11 Lorimer     OL      
Scotland Substitutes
14 Stein, Colin, on for Macari            
16 Jordan, Joseph, on for Lorimer            

unused substitutes:

12-McAllister, 13-Forsyth,  15-Asa Hartford
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    Match Report by Mike Payne


    Match Report by Norman Giller

Martin Peters headed in a beautifully flighted free-kick from Alan Ball in the fifty-fourth minute to give England victory in a hard-fought match that tested their stamina as much as their skill. The Scots might easily have won but for magnificent saves by Peter Shilton from Peter Lorimer and Kenny Dalglish. Scotland turned it into a physical battle, with Billy Bremner and big Jim Holton kicking anything that moved. England's win gave them their twenty-ninth Home Championship, which put them in a confident mood for their summer tour that included a crucial World Cup qualifier against Poland.

Source Notes

Original newspaper reports
Rothman's Yearbooks
Mike Payne's England: The Complete Post-War Record (Breedon Books Publishing Company, Derby, U.K., 1993)
Norman Giller
, Football Author