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Saturday, 14 May 1938
End-of-Season Tour Friendly Match

Germany 3 England 6 [2-4]

Olympiastadion, Westend, Berlin
105,000; Kick-off: 5.00pm UHR

Match Summary
Germany Squad

England Squad

England - Cliff Bastin (a volleyed rebound after Jakob saved a Goulden shot 16), Jackie Robinson (headed home Bastin's cross, 26, 49), Frank Broome (dribbled around Goldbrunner and slammed his shot past Jakob 28), Stanley Matthews (dribbled in from his own half 42), Len Goulden (a 25-yard volley from a Matthews cross that literally took the net off the crossbar 80)
Germany - Rudolf Gellesch (scrambled home a corner 20), Josef Gauchel (another corner 44), Hans Pesser (77)
Results 1930-39

England won the toss, ? kicked-off.


Match Summary





Referee - John Langenus
Belgium (x)

Linesmen - x

Sir Neville Henderson, the British Ambassador in Germany, had advised the team, through the FA Secretary, Stanley Rous, to give the Nazi salute for the betterment of Anglo-German relations, as a mark of respect, NOT nationalism. The German's had already decided to respect the English national anthem. - England Expects: James Corbett, p.61-66

Watched by Nazi luminaries such as Hermann Goering, Rudolf Hess and Joseph Goebbels. p.63

Germany Team



No official ranking system established;
ELO rating 8th to 10th
Colours: Red shirts with lace-up collars, white shorts, black shorts
Capt: Fritz Szepan Selectors: Josef Sepp Herberger, 41 (28 March 1897), appointed 1936.
Germany Lineup
  Jakob, Hans 29 16 June 1908 G VSS Jahn Regensburg eV 35 45 GA
  Janes, Paul 26 10 March 1912 RB Düsseldorfer TSV Fortuna 1895 eV 34 0
  Münzenberg, Reinhold 29 25 January 1909 LB TSV Alemannia Aachen 1900 eV 39 0
  Kupfer, Andreas 24 7 May 1914 RH 1.FC Schweinfurt 1905 eV 31 0
  Goldbrunner, Ludwig 30 5 March 1908 CH FC Bayern, München eV 31 0
  Kitzinger, Albin 26 1 February 1912 LH 1.FC Schweinfurt 1905 eV 18 2
  Lehner, Ernst 25 7 November 1912 OR SSV Schwaben Augsburg eV 39 19
Gellesch, Rudolf 24 1 May 1914 IR FC Gelsenkirchen-Schalke 04 eV 14 1
Gauchel, Josef 21 11 September 1916 CF TuS Neuendorf 6 7
  Szepan, Friedrich H. 30 2 September 1907 IL FC Gelsenkirchen-Schalke 04 eV 30 6
Pesser, Johann E. 26 7 November 1911
born in Vienna, Austria
OL SK Rapid Wien 1 1



team notes:

Hans Pesser had already scored three goals in eight appearances for Austria, before it was annexed by Germany.
2-3-5 Jakob -
Janes, Münzenberg -
Kupfer, Goldbrunner, Kitzinger -
Lehner,Gellesch, Gauchel, Szepan, Pesser.


Age tbc Appearances/Goals tbc tbc


England Team



No official ranking system established;
ELO rating 5th to 4th
Colours: The 1935 home uniform - White collared jerseys, navy blue shorts, black socks topped with two white hoops
Capt: Eddie Hapgood, twelfth captaincy. Selectors: The fourteen-man FA International Selection Committee, following a trial match, on x.
183rd match, W 117 - D 30 - L 36 - F 550 - A 212.
England Lineup
  Woodley, Victor 28 x G Chelsea FC 9 x GA
  Sproston, Bertram 22 x RB Leeds United AFC 6 x
  Hapgood, Edris 29 x LB Arsenal FC 21 x
  Willingham, Kenneth 25 x RH Huddersfield Town FC 3 x
  Young, Alfred 32 x CH Huddersfield Town FC 6 x
  Welsh, Donald 27 x LH Charlton Athletic FC 1 0
Matthews, Stanley 23 x OR Stoke FC 8 x
Robinson, John 20 x IR Sheffield Wednesday FC 2 x
Broome, Frank 22 x CF Aston Villa FC 1 1
Goulden, Leonard 25 x IL West Ham United FC 6 x
Bastin, Clifford 26 x OL Arsenal FC 19 x


2-3-5 Woodley -
Sproston, Hapgood -
Willingham, Young, Welsh -
Matthews, Robinson, Broome, Goulden, Bastin


Age tbc Appearances/Goals tbc tbc


    Match Report

Source Notes

The annexation of Austria by Germany meant that there was a vacant slot for the 1938 World Cup Finals, which FIFA subsequently offered to the Football Association, who, once again, turned down the offer to appear in France, and instead, embarked on a continental tour.

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