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three penalties against Gil Merrick
three conceded...

Penalty kicks conceded
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Penalty kicks scored


268 28 November 1951
29 years 306 days
2-2 vs. Austria, Empire Stadium, Wembley Fr HD
Ernst Stojaspal scored a 88th minute penalty against Merrick.
271 25 May 1952
30 years 120 days
3-2 vs. Austria, Praterstadion, Wien Fr AW
Adolf Huber scored a 28th minute penalty against Merrick.

282 21 October 1953
31 years 268 days
FA 90th anniversary
4-4 vs. Rest of the World, Empire Stadium, Wembley Fr HD
Ladislav Kubala scored twice, his first was a 6th minute penalty against Merrick.