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Tuesday, 12 December 1995
A Green Flag International Friendly Match

England 1 Portugal 1 [1-0]


Match Summary
England Squad
Portugal Squad

Wembley Stadium, Wembley, Brent, Greater London
Attendance: 28,592;
Kick-off: 8.00pm GMT
Live on Sky Sports (UK) -
Commentator: Martin Tyler

England - Steve Stone (44).
Portugal - Paulo Alves (58).
England - Steve Howey.
Portugal - Jorge Costa.
Results 1995-2000

? kicked-off. ? minutes (? & ?).


Match Summary

Officials from Norway




Referee (-) - Rune Pedersen
x (x), x, FIFA listed x.

Linesmen - Tore Hollung and Tore Aaland.

Reserve Official - Edward W. Green, Berkshire & Buckinghamshire F.A.

Teams presented to Frank Bruno, MBE, ex-English boxer.
  Goal Attempts  
  Attempts on Target  
  Hit Bar/Post  
  Corner Kicks Won  
  Offside Calls Against  
  Fouls Conceded  

England Team



FIFA (21 Nov 1995) 20th
EFO ranking

ELO rating 10th to 13th
Colours: The 1995 Umbro home uniform - White v-neck collared shadow striped jersey with navy overlapping collar, navy shorts with white/turquoise side triangle, white socks with two turquoise hoops.
Capt: Tony Adams, fifth captaincy Head coach: Terence Frederick Venables, 52 (6 January 1943), appointed 28 January 1994,
15th match, W 6 - D 8 - L 1 - F 20 - A 10, incl. one abandoned.
England Lineup
1 Seaman, David     G   21 13 GA
2 Neville, Gary            
3 Pearce, Stuart, off 79th min.     LB      
4 Wise, Dennis, off 79th min.            
5 Adams, Tony            
6 Howey, Stephen N. 24 26 October 1971 CD Newcastle United FC 3 0
7 Barmby, Nicholas, off 79th min.            
8 Gascoigne, Paul J. 28 27 May 1967 M Rangers FC, Scotland 35 6
9 Shearer, Alan            
10 Ferdinand, Leslie, off 63rd min.            
11 Stone, Steven         3 2
England Substitutes
16 Beardsley, Peter, on 63rd min. for Ferdinand            
12 Le Saux, Graeme P., on 79th min. for Pearce 27 17 October 1968 LB Blackburn Rovers FC 12 1
14 Southgate, Gareth, on 79th min. for Wise            
15 McManaman, Steven, on 79th min. for Barmby            

unused substitutes:

13-Tim Flowers.
- -


Age - Appearances/Goals - -


Portugal Team



FIFA (21 Nov 1995) 16th
EFO ranking

ELO rating 13th to 10th
Colours: Made by Olympic - Maroon collared jerseys with green collars/yellow trim, green shorts with red/yellow hemmed trim, red socks.
Capt: Fernando Couto Manager: Antonio Luis Alves Ribeiro de Oliveira, 43 (10 June 1952)
Portugal Lineup
1 Neno
 Da Graca Barbosa Barros, Adelino Augusto
33 27 January 1962
born in Cape Verde
G Vitoria SC   GA
2 de Oliveira Secretario, Carlos A. 25 12 May 1970
born in South Africa
RB FC do Porto    
3 Dimas
 Marques Teixeira, Dimas Manuel
26 16 February 1969 LB SL e Benfica    
4 Costa Almeida, Jorge P. 24 14 October 1971 CD FC do Porto    
5 Silva Couto, Fernando M. 26 2 August 1969 CD Parma FC SpA, Italy    
6 Carvalho de Sousa, Paulo, M., off 46th min. 25 30 August 1970 DM Juventus FC SpA, Italy    
7 Figo, off 46th min.
 Caeiro Figo, Luís Filipe Madeira
23 4 November 1972 AM FC Barcelona, Spain    
8 Vieira Pinto, Joao M., off 60th min. 24 19 August 1971 F SL e Benfica    
9 Silva Sa Pinto, Ricardo M.A. 23 10 October 1972 F Sporting Clube de Portugal    
10 Rodrgues Cristovao, Helder M. 24 21 March 1971 CD SL e Benfica    
11 dos Santos Folha, Antonio J., injured off 7th min. 24 21 May 1971 M FC do Porto    
Portugal Substitutes
16 dos Santos Barbosa, Pedro A., on 7th min. for Folha 25 6 August 1970 M Sporting Clube de Portugal    
19 Martins Alves, Paulo L., on 46th min. for Sousa 26 10 December 1969 CF Sporting Clube de Portugal    
18 Martins Dominguez, Jose M., on 46th min. for Figo 21 16 February 1974 M Sporting Clube de Portugal    
17 Dani, on 60th min. for J. Pinto
 da Cruz Carvalho, Daniel
19 2 November 1976 F Sporting Clube de Portugal    

unused substitutes:

12-Rui Correia.
4-4-2 -


Age - Appearances/Goals - -


    Match Report by Mike Payne


    Match Report by Norman Giller

Portugal opened with style and grace, and England were often stretched close to breaking point. But this Terry Venables team had character, and they withstood an early avalanche without conceding a goal and started to hit back with thrusting football of their own. Steve Stone, this time starting the game, was again outstanding and gave England the lead with a magnificent shot from twenty yards moments before half-time. Portugal equalized early in a splendid second-half, with both teams producing football of the highest quality. England almost snatched victory when substitute Gareth Southgate marked his debut by heading against the crossbar. 'We got a taste of what Euro 96 is going to be like,' said Terry Venables. 'I can't wait.'

Source Notes

Original newspaper reports
Official teamsheet
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Norman Giller
, Football Author