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219 vs. Wales
221 vs. Norway

Wednesday, 26 October 1938
Football Association 75th Anniversary Celebration Match

England 3 Rest of Europe 0 [2-0]

Match Summary
England Party

Rest of Europe Party

Arsenal Stadium, Highbury, Islington, County of London
Attendance: 40,185
; Receipts: £7000; Kick-off: 3.00pm GMT
First half only live on London Television (BBC) (UK) - commentator: George Allison

England - Willie Hall, (left-footed hard shot high into far post from a Matthews through ball 21), Tommy Lawton (kicked low into the net from a loose ball 28), Len Goulden (a very hot left-footed shot just inside the post 73)
Results 1930-39

Rest of Europe won the toss, England kicked-off.


Match Summary




Rest of Europe

Referee - Arthur James Jewell

Linesmen - S.L. Clark, London, and H.N. Mee, Nottinghamshire.

This match, retrospectively, is not recognised as official by FIFA, even though, FIFA chose the team and made requests regarding the officials.
The second match to be shown live on British Television, albeit the first half only.
Teams presented to the Duke of Kent and the Earl of Athlone.

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  Corner Kicks Won  
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England Team



No official ranking system established;
ELO record no rating
Colours: The 1935 home uniform - White collared jerseys, navy blue shorts, black socks topped with two white hoops
Capt: Eddie Hapgood, sixteenth captaincy. Selectors: The fourteen-man FA International Selection Committee, following the Wales match, on Monday, 22 October 1938.
187th match, W 119 - D 30 - L 38 - F 560 - A 220.
England Lineup
  Woodley, Victor R. 28 26 February 1910 G Chelsea FC 13 19 GA
2 Sproston, Bert 23 22 June 1915 RB Tottenham Hotspur FC 10 0
3 Hapgood, Edris A. 30 24 September 1908 LB Arsenal FC 25 0
4 Willingham, C. Kenneth 25 1 December 1912 RH Huddersfield Town AFC 7 1
5 Cullis, Stanley 22 25 October 1916 CH Wolverhampton Wanderers FC 6 0
6 Copping, Wilfred 31 17 August 1907 LH Arsenal FC 19 0
7 Matthews, Stanley 23 1 February 1915 OR Stoke City FC 12 7
8 Hall, G. William 26 12 March 1912 IR Tottenham Hotspur FC 6 3
9 Lawton, Thomas 19
20 days
6 October 1919 CF Everton FC 2 2
10 Goulden, Leonard A. 26 9 July 1912 IL West Ham United FC 10 3
11 Boyes, Walter 25 5 January 1913 OL Everton FC 3 0


Don Welsh (Charlton Athletic FC) and Frank Broome (Aston Villa FC). The two players dropped from the Wales defeat, Sheffield Wednesday FC's Jackie Robinson and Huddersfield Town AFC's Alfred Young, were named as second reserves
2-3-5 Woodley -
Sproston, Hagood -
Willingham, Cullis, Copping -
Matthews, Hall, Lawton, Goulden, Boyes.


Age 25.3 Appearances/Goals 10.3 1.2


Rest of Europe Team



not applicable Colours: Pale-blue laced up shirts with white collars, white shorts
Capt: Raymond Braine Selectors:
In charge:
Vittorio Pozzo
Fédération Internationale de Football Association International Selection Committee, including M.Lotsy, on the morning of the match.
Rest of Europe Lineup
  Olivieri, Aldo 28 2 October 1910
Born in Italy
G FC Torino, Italy
2 Foni, Alfredo 27 20 January 1911
Born in Italy
RB Juventus FC, Italy
3 Rava, Pietro 22 21 January 1916
Born in Italy
LB Juventus FC, Italy
4 Kupfer, Andreas 24 7 May 1914
Born in Germany
RH 1. FC Schweinfurt 05, Germany
5 Andriolo Frodella, Miguel Á. 26 6 September 1912
Born in Uruguay
CH Bologna 1909 FC, Italy
6 Kitzinger, Albin 26 1 February 1912
Born in Germany
LH 1. FC Schweinfurt 05, Germany
7 Aston, Alfred 26 26 May 1912
Born in France
OR Racing Club de Paris, France
8 Braine, Raymond E.M. 31 28 April 1907
Born in Belgium
IR Royal Beerschot AC, Belgium
9 Piola, Silvio 25 29 September 1913
Born in Italy
CF SS Lazio, Italy
10 Zsengellér, Gyula 22 27 December 1915
Born in Hungary
IL Újpest FC, Hungary
11 Brustad, Arne 26 14 April 1912
Born in Norway
OL Ski og FK Lyn, Norway


Rudolf Raftl (SK Rapid Wien, Germany), Gino Coluassi (US Triestina, Italy), Sirio Vernati (Grasshopper Club, Switzerland).
2-3-5 Olivieri -
Foni, Rava -
Jupfer, Andriolo, Kitzinger -
Aston, Braine, Piola, Zsengeller, Brustad.


Age 25.7  



     A football match between England and the rest of the European countries next October is to be an attraction staged as part of the 75th anniversary celebrations of the Football Association. England will be opposed to a representative team drawn from countries in membership with the International Football Federation-the ruling body of soccer on the Continent. Austrian, German, Italian, French, Hungarian, Belgian, Dutch and Czechoslovakian players are among those eligible for such a side. - Saturday, 30 April 1938


     The Football Association have made elaborate plans to celebrate their seventy-fifth anniversary next Wednesday, the day on which England oppose the Rest of Europe at Arsenal Stadium. The match will be followed in the evening by a banquet at the Holborn Restaurant.  The guests will number well over 400 and over thirty famous internationals of the past will be present.
     Mr. W. Ogilvie, Director-General of the B.B.C., will also be there, with Sir Frederick Wall, former secretary of the F.A., Lord Aberdare, Lord Hampden, Lord Portal, Major J.J. Astor, Commander J.B. Adams, Lord Mottistone, Wing Commander Sir Louis Greig, Lord Decies, Sir Henry Pelham, Lord Granard, Sir Noel Curtis Bennett, Mr. Justice Charles, Sir George Broadbridge, the Lord Bishop of Buckingham, and Lord Essendon. Contemporary bodies will be represented by Lord Burghley (A.A.A.), E.R.T. Holmes (M.C.C.), G.F. Hutchins (Rugby League), and E.A. Hunter (British Olympic Association).
     When Mr. W. Pickford, president of the F.A., first joined the council 50 years ago there were hardly 1,000 clubs in England; today the F.A. control something like 30,000 clubs, three-quarters of a million amateur players, and 5,000 professionals.
- Saturday, 22 October 1938

     Arsenal F.C. announce that all 7s. 6d. seats for the England v. Rest of Europe match at Highbury tomorrow have been sold. Tickets are still available at 10s. 6d. and one guinea. The price of admission will be 2s. - Monday, 24 October 1938

    Match Report

England beat the Rest of Europe by three goals to none at Highbury yesterday in the match which celebrated the 75th anniversary of the F.A., and the figures underestimate the winner's superiority...

...England, however, forced the first corner, and, after 20 minutes, scored the first goal. All through the game Matthews's foot-work was rather too good for Kitzinger, and, although Matthews occasionally attempted too much, he did slip the ball inside to give Hall a number of delectable passes. From this particular pass, Hall shot high and hard into the far corner of the net...

...as a result of the corner, England got their second goal. Matthews's kick was partially cleared, but the ball came back to Lawton, who had a difficult match but who was able to beat Olivieri from close range...

England got a third goal after nearly half-an-hour's play, when Goulden, who had just had a grand shot saved grandly by Olivieri at the expense of a corner, got in another drive, which, this time, beat the best effort that even Olivieri could make. - The Times - Thursday 27th October, 1938

   Football League

Division Three (South) Cup first round match played on 26 October 1938:

Tait, Smallwood 2, 1 pen., McPhee 2 (Evans)
(Elm Park, Reading)

An emphatic victory in Reading's first defence of the trophy which they had only won, two weeks earlier, in the previous season's delayed final, and they were not actually presented with the trophy until after the victory against Watford. The sparse crowd was another indication that this competition, along with its northern equivalent, lacked the public's imagination. Teams were fielding reserve players and this would be the third year in succession that the final would be held over until the following season, but the war ensured that it was never played. It was revived for one more season, immediately after the war.


It was on 25 October 1938 that 28-year-old Leslie Clements murdered his 25-year-old wife, Evelyn, in bed in Shepherd's Bush, the morning after telling him that their marriage was over. When she accidentally called him by her lover's name, Felix, he lost his temper and beat her to death. Two months later, he was sentenced to death, but because of his extreme provocation, he was reprieved and his sentence commuted to life imprisonment.

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