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Wednesday, 15 May 1929
End-of-Season Tour Friendly Match

Spain 4 England 3 [2-2]
Spain is the eleventh nation visited by England


Estadio Metropolitano, Ciudad Universitaria, Madrid
Attendance: 45,000;
Kick-off: tbc

England - Joe Carter (from an Adcock cross 15, penalty 73), Joe Bradford (headed through an Adcock pass 20)
Spain - Gaspar Rubio (headed in a Pena cross 40, 80), Jaime Lazcano (wonderful shot 42), Severiano Goiburu (unstoppable shot 82)
Match Summary
Spain Party

England Party
Results 1919-30

? won the toss, ? kicked-off.


Match Summary





Referee - John Langenus

Linesmen - not known

This is well-documented to be England's first defeat against foreign opposition, at the 25th attempt.
Watched by Spanish Royalty, the Infantes Don Jaime, Don Juan and Don Gonzalo, and the British Ambassador, Sir George Grahame.

  Goal Attempts  
  Attempts on Target  
  Hit Bar/Post  
  Corner Kicks Won  
  Offside Calls Against  
  Fouls Conceded  

Spain Team



No official ranking system established;
ELO rating 7th
Colours: Red shirts with laced-up collars, dark blue shorts. black socks with red/yellow hooped tops
Capt: Ricardo Zamora Selectors: José María Mateos.
Fred Pentland was the coach.
Spain Lineup
  Zamora Martínez, Ricardo 28 21 January 1901 G RCD Español 29 22ᵍᵃ
  Quesada Más, Félix 26 1 July 1902 RB Real Madrid CF 9 1
  de Quincoces y López de Arbina, Jacinto F.F. 23 17 July 1905 LB Deportivo Alavés SAD 5 0
  Prats Guerendiáin, Manuel 27 1 January 1902 RH Real Madrid CF 7 0
  Marculeta Barbería, Martín 21 24 September 1907 CH Real Sociedad de Fútbol SAD 5 1
  Peña Salegui, A. José María 34 19 April 1895 LH Real Madrid CF 19 0
Lazcano Escolá, Jaime 19 30 December 1909 OR Real Madrid CF 3 1
Goiburu Lopetegi, Severiano 22 8 November 1906 IR CA Osasuna 6 5
Rubio Meliá, Gaspar 21 14 December 1907 CF Real Madrid CF 3 9
  Padrón Martín, José 23 5 May 1906 IL RCD Español 2 2
  Yurrita Llorente, Mariano 25 11 May 1904 OL Real Sociedad 2 0


reserves not known
2-3-5 Zamora -
Quesada, de Quincoces -
Prats, Marculeta, Peña -
Lazcano, Goiburu, Rubio, Padrón, Yurrita


Age 24.5 Appearances/Goals 8.2 1.4


England Team



No official ranking system established;
ELO rating 10th to 11th
Colours: The 1923 uniform - White collared jerseys and dark club shorts
Capt: Jack Hill, eighth captaincy Selectors:
In charge: Meads
The fourteen-man FA International Selection Committee, on Monday, 22 April 1929.
134th match, W 86 - D 25 - L 23 - F 407 - A 149.
England Lineup
  Hufton, A. Edward 36 25 November 1892 G West Ham United FC 6 14ᵍᵃ
final app 1923-29
  Cooper, Thomas 24 9 April 1905 RB Derby County FC 7 0
  Blenkinsop, Ernest 27 20 April 1902 LB The Wednesday FC 8 0
  Kean, Frederick W. 30 3 April 1899 RH Bolton Wanderers FC 9 0
final app 1923-29
  Hill, John H. 32 2 March 1897 CH Newcastle United FC 11 0
final app 1925-29
  Peacock, John 32 15 March 1897 LH Middlesbrough FC 3 0
final app 1929
  Adcock, Hugh 26 10 April 1903 OR Leicester City FC 3 0
  Kail, Edgar I.L. 28 26 November 1900 IR Dulwich Hamlet FC 3 2
final app 1929
Bradford, Joseph 28 22 January 1901 CF Birmingham FC 7 1
Carter, Joseph H. 29
292 days
27 July 1899 IL West Bromwich Albion FC 3 4
5th successful penalty kick (12th overall) oldest penalty taker (so far) final app 1926-29
      27 October 1901  
  Barry, Leonard J. 27 OL Leicester City FC 5 0
final app 1928-29


George Shaw (West Bromwich Albion FC), Len Oliver (Fulham FC) and George Camsell (Middlesbrough FC)

team notes:

Leeds United AFC's Willis Edwards was the original chosen right-half, his place going to Fred Kean. Bolton Wanderers FC's Harry Nuttall was the reserve for the half-back line, he too was unavailable, his place going to Len Oliver.
Hugh Adcock and Joe Bradford are cousins.
2-3-5 Hufton -
Cooper, Blenkinsop -
Kean, Hill, Peacock -
Adcock, Kail, Bradford, Carter, Barry


Age 28.9 Appearances/Goals 5.9 0.3


    Match Report

MADRID, May 15.--To wait at the end of a mile-long queue for hours in order to see your national football team play that of another country is almost without precedent in British football, but this was the experience of many of the 30,000 Spaniards who flocked to the Stadium Metropolitano to-day with anything but misplaced enthusiasm, for they were rewarded by seeing Spain defeat England by four goals to three.

The defeat of England, who had quite a strong team in the field, was all the more surprising as at the interval they led by two goals to none. The inability of Camsell to play owing to injury was a distinct loss, as his tremendous thrust was badly missed, and the four goals he scored against Belgium on Saturday showed him to be at the top of his form. The game evoked tremendous excitement, and when Spain made the score 3-3, the crowd surged over the rails and rushed on to the ground in an endeavour to reach the scorer and embrace him. The crowd were followed by a company of Civic Guards with drawn swords, who cleared the pitch with difficulty after some minutes' interruption...

Nineteen minutes after the start England opened the scoring through Carter, Adcock having beaten several opponents in a good run which he finished with a fine centre which the West Bromwich player turned through goal. The same players combined in a similar effort a few minutes later, which also resulted in Carter beating Zamora...

Shortly after the restart Jose Pena passed to Rubio, who headed past Hufton to score Spain's first goal. The Spaniards raced down again, and within three minutes Lazcano, the right-winger, cut in with good judgment to finish with a dazzling shot which completely beat Hufton...

Hufton had to run out of goal to clear a Spanish attack, the English backs cleared, and their forwards swept down in fine style for Hill to put them ahead with a good goal. Spain, now one goal down, never gave up trying. A few minutes from time Spain drew level through Lazcano, the goal being followed by the crowd bursting through on to the field of play. Then came the goal which made Goiburu the hero of the match. Within a few seconds of the game being restarted he drove the ball past Hufton at a terrific pace, the goalkeeper having no chance.

So great was the enthusiasm of the spectators at the finish that the Civil Guard had to escort the players from the field and set guard outside the dressing room... - The Times - Thursday 16th May, 1929

Note: This report appears to suggest that Spain's first two goals were scored after half-time. All other reports, including those in Spain, state that they were scored towards the end of the first half.


It was on 15 May 1929 that 123 people died at the Cleveland Clinic in Ohio when an x-ray film ignited due to the close proximity of an exposed light bulb. Poisonous gas was released and there were two explosions. One of the clinic's founders, Dr John Phillips, was among the dead.

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Roger Hillier