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Monday, 15 March 1920
Home International Championship 1919-20 (32nd) Match

England 1 Wales 2 [1-2]

Match Summary
England Party

Wales Party

Arsenal Stadium, Highbury, Islington, County of London
Attendance: 21,180;
Receipts £1,700; Kick-off: 3.00pm GMT

England - Charlie Buchan (dribbled and shot after a Pennington free-kick 7)
Wales - Stan Davies (penalty 14), Dick Richards (Clay's pass to Pennington, who slipped, and the pass was collected by Richards, who rounded Hardy to shoot into an empty net 35)
Results 1919-30

Wales won the toss, England kicked-off.


Match Summary





Referee - Alexander A. Jackson
Linesmen - T.F. Wilker (Hertfordshire) and unknown.
In December 1919, in addition to the Home Nations refusal to play against their wartime foes, the self-imposed ban was to include any other country that had subsequently played these foes, Germany, Austria and Hungary.
  Goal Attempts  
  Attempts on Target  
  Hit Bar/Post  
  Corner Kicks Won  
  Offside Calls Against  
  Fouls Conceded  

England Team



No official ranking system established;
ELO rating 1st to 2nd
Colours: The 1903 uniform - White collared jerseys and dark club shorts
Capt: Jesse Pennington, first captaincy Selectors: The fourteen-man FA International Selection Committee, following the trial match, on Monday, 8 March 1920.
88th match, W 61 - D 16 - L 11 - F 292 - A 79.
England Lineup
  Hardy, Sam 37 26 August 1882 G Aston Villa FC 20 21 GA
  Clay, Thomas 27 19 November 1892 RB Tottenham Hotspur FC 1 0
  Pennington, Jesse 36 23 August 1883 LB West Bromwich Albion FC 24 0
  Ducat, Andrew 34 15 February 1886 RH Aston Villa FC 4 1
  Barson, Frank 28 10 April 1891 CH Aston Villa FC 1 0
  Grimsdell, Arthur 25 23 March 1894 LH Tottenham Hotspur FC 1 0
  Chedgzoy, Samuel 31 27 January 1889 OR Everton FC 1 0
Buchan, Charles M. 28 22 September 1891 IR Sunderland AFC 2 2
  Elliott, George W. 31 7 January 1889 CF Middlesbrough FC 3 0
  Smith, Joseph 30 25 June 1889 IL Bolton Wanderers FC 5 1
  Quantrill, Alfred E. 23 22 January 1897
in India
OL Derby County FC 1 0


Bert Smith (Tottenham Hotspur FC) and Clem Stephenson (Aston Villa FC).

team notes:

Sam Hardy extends his record of the goalkeeper with most appearances, th this, England's oldest team so far, for the second match in a row.
Andy Ducat's fourth appearance comes nine years and 348 days after his third, in April 1910, a new record. Meanwhile, Charlie Buchan's second appearance comes seven years and 29 days after his first, and George Elliott, whose third appearance comes six years and thirty days after his second.
2-3-5 Hardy -
Clay, Pennington -
Ducat, Barson, Grimsdell -
Chedgzoy, Buchan, Elliot, Smith, Quantrill


Age 30.0 Appearances/Goals 6.6 0.3


Wales Team



No official ranking system established;
ELO rating 21st to 20th
Colours: Made by St. Margaret's - Red shirts with white laced-up collars, white shorts, red socks
Capt: Joe Jones Selectors: Team selection chosen by Committee.
Wales Lineup
  Peers, Edward J. 33 31 December 1886 G Wolverhampton Wanderers FC, England 5 6 GA
  Millership, Harold, injured nk *not known RB Rotherham County FC, England 3 0
  Russell, Moses R. 31 20 May 1888 LB Plymouth Argyle FC, England 6 0
  Matthias, Thomas J. 29 7 November 1890 RH Wrexham AFC 5 0
  Jones, Joseph T. 33 9 January 1887 CH Stoke FC, England 10 0
  Keenor, Frederick C. 25 31 July 1894 LH Cardiff City FC 2 0
  Meredith, William H. 45 30 July 1874 OR Manchester United FC, England 48 10
  Jones, William T.J. 37 28 June 1882 IR Southend United FC, England 20 6
Davies, Stanley C. 21 24 April 1898 CF Preston North End FC, England 3 3
Richards, Richard W. 30 14 February 1890 IL Wolverhampton Wanderers FC, England 2 1
  Vizard, Edward T. 30 7 June 1889 OL Bolton Wanderers FC, England 9 0


reserves not known

team notes:

Southend United FC's Ivor Jones and Bolton Wanderers FC's Jennings were part of the original line-up, there places going to Keenor and Lot Jones respectively.
Billy Meredith is the oldest player to face England, at 45 years and 229 days. And therefore making this side the oldest team England have faced, thus far.
Millership was injured and carried off towards the end of the first half. He returned for the second half.
2-3-5 Peers -
Millership, Russell -
J.Jones, Jennings -
W.Jones, Davies, Richards, Vizard.
notes - to cater for Millership's injury, he went outside-left, Davies went left-back and Vizard, inside-left.


Age 31.4 Appearances/Goals 10.3 1.6


    Match Report

Wales beat England on the ground of The Arsenal Club, at Highbury, yesterday, by 2 goals to 1. England had not lost to Wales in a game of Association football since 1882, when, for the second time in succession, the Welshmen won, and so equalized two previous reverses. Afterwards, except in six drawn games, England had been supreme, and yesterday's success of Wales for the first time during the era of professionalism was an event of peculiar interest...

England took the lead after seven minutes' play. Pennington placed the ball from a free-kick across the field, and Buchan, having dribbled neatly in order to find an opening, shot clear of Peers into the net...

...with play going more evenly than at the start, the Welsh left wing ran down and Pennington handled in the penalty area. Davies took the kick and beat Hardy with a powerful shot...

The game became more open after this, and, in the course of a Welsh attack, Clay put the ball back with the intention of leaving Pennington an easy clearance. Instead, the ball rolled slowly and Richards dashed up to tackle, first the full back and then Hardy, who had run out of goal. Forward and goalkeeper both stumbled, but Richards kept his feet, got the ball from Hardy's hands, and proceeded to kick through an open goal...

Happily the weather kept fine during the match, and there were about 22,000 people present. The official return showed that 21,180 paid for admission at the gates, and the receipts amounted to 1,700. - The Times - Tuesday 16th March, 1920

    Football League

Football League Division Two
15 March 1920
Team P Pts
Tottenham Hotspur 31 52
Birmingham 32 45
Huddersfield Town 30 42
Blackpool 32 38
Stoke 32 36
Bury 32 36
West Ham United 31 35
Stockport County 32 34
Hull City 32 34
Barnsley 33 33
South Shields 32 32
Bristol City 32 32
Fulham 32 32
Port Vale 32 31
Leicester City 32 30
Nottingham Forest 33 27
Rotherham County 33 27
Clapton Orient 32 26
Wolverhampton Wanderers 31 24
Lincoln City 33 23
Coventry City 33 18
Grimsby Town 32 17


Division Two match played on 15 March 1920:

Bullough, Danskin (Robson o.g.)

,000 (Edgeley Park, Stockport)

Birmingham's defeat was further evidence that Tottenham would win promotion comfortably and the Blues were to suffer the disappointment of losing second place to Huddersfield, who would also reach the FA Cup Final.





















It was on 15 March 1920 that Rudolf Berthold, a German hero of the Great War, having shot down 44 enemy planes, winning his country's highest military honour, was killed whilst fighting for his own paramilitary organisation in Hamburg in support of an attempted coup. He was shot six times and his body was savagely mutilated by an angry mob.

Source Notes

*Most sources state that Harold Millership was born in Chirk in 1889, but there is no registration to complete this information.

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