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three penalties against Sam Hardy
two conceded, one saved...

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101 13 April 1909
26 years 230 days
2-0 vs. Scotland, Sports Arena, Penge BC HW
James Stark penalty was hit straight at Hardy, forcing a save.
104 1 June 1909
26 years 278 days
8-1 vs. Austria, Hohe Warte Stadion, Wien Fr AW
Austria's only goal came from a successful converted penalty.  The taker is generally recognised as being Leopold Neubauer, but more varied sources suggest that the scorer was Ludwig Hussak.

3 May 1919
victory International
4-3 vs. Scotland, Hampden Park, Glasgow UO AW
Andrew Wilson scored twice, one was a penalty kick against Hardy.

121 15 March 1920
37 years 202 days
1-2 vs. Wales, Arsenal Stadium, Highbury BC HL
Stanley Davies' kick against Hardy was successfully converted.

On 13 April 1909, Hardy became the youngest goalkeeper to face a penalty-kick.
When he faced and conceded a penalty again eleven years later, he became the oldest keeper to do so. He held the record until 1989.