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England National Football Team Match No. 799

England 1 Australia 3 [0-2]

Wednesday, 12 February 2003

Match Summary and Report

Match Summary and Report Team Records England Pre-Match Australia Pre-Match


Match Summary

Status: The Castllemaine XXXX Friendly match.
Venue: Boleyn Ground, Upton Park, London, capacity 35,647.
Attendance: 34,590
Goals: Australia - Tony Popovic, 15th min.
Australia - Harry Kewell, 41st min.
England - Francis Jeffers, 69th min.
Australia - Brett Emerton, 85th min.
Cautions: Australia - Stan Lazaridis, 31st min., unsporting behaviour Lazaridis goes in (too) hard on Beckham out wide.
Expulsions: None.
Officials: Referee - Manuel E. Mejuto Gonz�lez, 37 (16-Apr-1965), Spain, FIFA-listed 1999.
Assistant referees - Oscar D. Martinez Samaniego, 37 (27-Dec-1965), and Carmelo Miramon Moreno, Spain.
Fourth official - was David Pugh, England, but became Eddie Wolstenholme, England.
Conditions: Kickoff 8:00 p.m. G.M.T.
Miscellany: Guest of Honour - Trevor Brooking CBE, former West Ham United and England legend.
Special guests - Tony Gale, former West Ham United defender; Craig Johnston, Middlesbrough and Liverpool midfielder, lived in Australia, born in South Africa and capped at U21 level for England; and Alan Parry, TV Commentator for ITV.




Goal Attempts - -
Attempts on Target - -
Hit Bar/Post - -
Corner Kicks Won - -
Offside Calls Against - -
Fouls Conceded - -
Time of Possession - -


England Team

Ranking: 8th in FIFA ranking of 15 January 2003; 6th in Elo world ranking before this match and 7th after this match.
Colours: Red shirts, white shorts, red socks - The "2002" away uniform.
Coach: Sven-G�ran Eriksson, 55, appointed 31 October 2000, took post 12 January 2001, 
24th match, W 11 - D 9 - L 4 - F 45 - A 24.
Captain: David Beckham, 21st captaincy.  Danny Mills served as captain in the second-half when an entirely new England side took the pitch.

England Lineup

Player Birthdate Age Pos Club App G Career
1-James, David B., sub off 46th min. 01-Aug-1970 32 G

West Ham United FC

11 8 ga 1997-active
2-Neville, Gary A., sub off 46th min. 18-Feb-1975 27 D Manchester United FC 55 0 1999-active
3-Cole, Ashley, sub off 46th min. 20-Dec-1980 22 D

Arsenal FC

17 0 2001-active
4-Lampard, Frank J., sub off 46th min. 20-Jun-1978 24 M Chelsea FC 8 0 1999-active
5-Ferdinand, Rio G., sub off 46th min. 07-Nov-1978 24 D

Manchester United FC

29 0 1999-active
6-Campbell, Sulzeer J., sub off 46th min. 18-Sep-1974 28 D Arsenal FC 53 1 1996-active
7-Beckham, David R.J., sub off 46th min. 02-May-1975 27 M

Manchester United FC

57 9 1996-active
8-Scholes, Paul, sub off 46th min. 16-Nov-1974 28 M Manchester United FC 52 13 1997-2004
9-Beattie, James S., sub off 46th min. 27-Feb-1978 24 F

Southampton FC

1 0 2003
10-Owen, Michael J., sub off 46th min. 14-Dec-1979 23 F

Liverpool FC

45 19 1998-active
11-Dyer, Kieron C., sub off 46th min. 29-Dec-1978 24 M

Newcastle United FC

14 0 1999-active

England Substitutes

Player Birthdate Age Pos Club App G Career
12-Mills, Daniel J., sub on 46th min. for Neville 18-May-1977 25 D Leeds United AFC 14 0 2001-2004
13-Robinson, Paul W., sub on 46th min. for James 15-Oct-1979 23 G

Leeds United AFC

1 1 GA 2003-active
14-Konchesky, Paul M., sub on 46th min. for Cole 15-May-1981 21 D

Charlton Athletic FC

1 0 2003-2005
17-Hargreaves, Owen L., sub on 46th min. for Lampard 20-Jan-1981 22 M FC Bayern M�nchen AG, Germany 11 0 2001-active
16-King, Ledley B., sub on 46th min. for Ferdinand 12-Oct-1980 22 D

Tottenham Hotspur FC

2 0 2002-active
15-Brown, Wesley M., sub on 46th min. for Campbell 13-Oct-1979 23 D

Manchester United FC

7 0 1999-active
18-Murphy, Daniel B., sub on 46th min. for Beckham 18-Mar-1977 25 M Liverpool FC 6 1 2001-2003
19-Jenas, Jermaine A., sub on 46th min. for Scholes 18-Feb-1983 19 M

Newcastle United FC

1 0 2003-active
20-Vassell, Darius, sub on 46th min. for Beattie 13-Jun-1980 22 F Aston Villa FC 9 3 2002-2004
21- Jeffers, Francis, sub on 46th min. for Owen 25-Jan-1981 22 F

Arsenal FC

1 1 2003
23-Rooney, Wayne M., sub on 46th min. for Dyer 24-Oct-1985 17 F Everton FC 1 0 2003-active

first half: 4-4-2

James -
Neville, Ferdinand, Campbell, Cole -
Beckham, Lampard, Scholes, Dyer -
Owen, Beattie.

second half: 4-3-3

Robinson -
Mills, Brown, King, Konchesky -
Hargreaves, Murphy, Jenas -
Vassell, Jeffers, Rooney.

Not Used:
22-Richard Wright, 24-Joe Cole, 25-Matthew Upson, 26-Scott Parker, 27-Sean Davis.

Australia Team

Ranking: 50th in FIFA ranking of 15 January 2003; 16th in Elo world ranking before this match and 15th after this match.
Colours: Green shirts with gold sleeves, gold shorts, green socks; made by Adidas.
Coach: Frank Farina, 38, appointed August 1999.
Captain: Paul Okon.

Australia Lineup

Player Birthdate Age Pos Club App G Career
1-Schwarzer, Mark 06-Oct-1972 30 G

Middlesbrough FC, England

20 0 1993-active
15-Neill, Lucas E. 09-Mar-1978 23 D Blackburn Rovers FC, England 3 0 1996-active
3-Moore, Craig A. 12-Dec-1975 27 D

Rangers FC, Scotland

21 2 1995-active
4-Okon, Paul, sub off 87th min. 05-Apr-1972 30 D Leeds United AFC, England 26 0 1991-active
16-Chipperfield, Scott, sub off 76th min. 30-Dec-1975 27 M

FC Basel 1893, Switzerland

25 8 1998-active
6- Popovic, Anthony, sub off 70th min. 04-Jul-1973 29 M Crystal Palace FC, England 40 7 1995-active
7- Emerton, Brett 22-Jan-1979 24 M Feyenoord, Netherlands 23 5 1998-active
8-Skoko, Josip, sub off 46th min. 10-Dec-1975 27 M KRC Genk, Belgium 24 2 1997-active
9-Viduka, Mark A., sub off 85th min. 09-Oct-1975 27 F

Leeds United AFC, England

20 2 1994-active
10- Kewell, Harold, sub off 56th min. 22-Sep-1978 24 F

Leeds United AFC, England

13 4 1996-active
11-Lazaridis, Stanley 16-Aug-1972 30 M Birmingham City FC, England 45 0 1993-active

Australia Substitutes

Player Birthdate Age Pos Club App G Career
13-Bresciano, Marco, sub on 46th min. for Skoko 11-Feb-1980 23 M

Parma FC, Italy

7 0 2001-active
12-Aloisi, John, sub on 56th min. for Kewell 05-Feb-1976 27 F

CA Osasuna, Spain

25 15 1997-active
5-Vidmar, Anthony, sub on 70th min. for Popovic 04-Jul-1970 32 D Middlesbrough FC, England 54 2 1991-active
17-Grella, Vince, sub on 76th min. for Chipperfield 05-Oct-1979 23 M

Empoli FC, Italy

1 0 2003-active
14-Sterjovski, Mile, sub on 85th min. for Viduka 27-May-1979 23 F LOSC Lille M�tropole, France 4 0 2000-active
2-Muscat, Kevin, sub on 87th min. for Okon 07-Aug-1973 29 D Rangers FC, Scotland 38 10 1994-active


Schwarzer -
Neill, Popovic (Vidmar), Moore, Lazaridis -
Emerton, Okon (Muscat), Skoko (Bresciano), Chipperfield (Grella) -
Kewell (Aloisi), Viduka (Sterjovski).

Not Used:
18-Zeljko Kalac.

Match Report




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