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Saturday, 2 April 1966
Home International Championship 1965-66 (71st) Match

Scotland 3 England 4 [1-2]


Match Summary
Scotland Squad
England Squad

Hampden Park, Kinghorn Drive, Mount Florida, Glasgow, Lanarkshire
Attendance: 123,052;
Kick-off: 3.00pm BST
Live on BBC One (Scotland) -
Commentator: George Davidson, also live on ITV (Grampian and Scottish) - Commentator: Alex Cameron

England - Geoff Hurst (picked his spot from a Ball pass 18), Roger Hunt (left-footed cross-shot from a tight angle 26, another cross-shot following a Ball pass 47), Bobby Charlton (low left-footed 25-yard shot 73)
Scotland - Denis Law (headed in a Johnston corner 41), Jimmy Johnstone (acute shot that left Newtonand Banks stranded following a Law return pass 56, crashed home after Beaxter's free-kick hit the crossbar 80)
England - Nobby Stiles (47 & 57)
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? kicked-off. ? minutes (? & ?).


Match Summary

Officials from France




Referee (red) - Henri Faucheux
x (-).

Linesmen - J. Lamour (red flag) and J. Malleville (orange flag)

  Goal Attempts  
  Attempts on Target  
  Hit Bar/Post  
  Corner Kicks Won  
  Offside Calls Against  
  Fouls Conceded  

Scotland Team



No official ranking system established;
ELO rating 12th to 16th
Colours: Made by Umbro - Dark blue crew necked jerseys with white collars/cuffs, white shorts, blue socks with red tops.
Capt: John Greig Manager: John Prentice, 39 (2 August 1926), appointed 24 March 1966, also manager of Clyde FC.
first match, W 0 - D 0 - L 1 - F 3 - 4.
Squad chosen by Selection Committee on Thursday, 24 March 1966, team chosen Thursday, 31 March.
Scotland Lineup
  Ferguson, Robert 21 1 March 1945 G Kilmarnock FC 2 5ᵍᵃ
2 Greig, John 23 11 September 1942 RB Rangers FC 15 3
3 Gemmell, Thomas 22 18 October 1943 LB The Celtic FC 1 0
4 Murdoch, Robert W. 21 17 August 1944 RHB The Celtic FC 4 2
5 McKinnon, Ronald 25 20 August 1940 CHB Rangers FC 4 0
6 Baxter, James C. 26 29 September 1939 LHB Rangers FC 28 3
7 Johnstone, James C. 21 30 September 1944 OR The Celtic FC 3 2
8 Law, Denis 26 24 February 1940 IR Manchester United FC, England 35 25
9 Wallace, William S.B. 25 23 June 1940 CF Heart of Midlothian FC 2 0
10 Bremner, William J. 23 9 December 1942 IL Leeds United AFC, England 5 0
11 Johnston, William M. 19 19 December 1946 OL Rangers FC 3 0


- Ferguson -
Greig, Gemmell -
Murdoch, McKinnon, Baxter -
Johnstone, Law, Wallace, Bremner, Johnston.


Age 23.0 Appearances/Goals 9.3 2.9


England Team



No official ranking system established;
ELO rating 4th
Colours: The 1965 Umbro home uniform - White crew necked jerseys, blue shorts, white socks.
Capt: Bobby Moore, 21st captaincy Manager: Alfred Ernest Ramsey, 46 (22 January 1920), appointed 25 October 1962, effective part-time 31 December, full from May 1963.
33rd match, W 19 - D 8 - L 6 - F 81 - A 48.
Team chosen on Tuesday, 22 March 1966.
England Lineup
  Banks, Gordon     G Leicester City FC 24 29ᵍᵃ
2 Cohen, George R.     RB Fulham FC 21 0
3 Newton, Keith R.     LB Blackburn Rovers FC 2 0

Stiles, Norbert P. 23 18 May 1942 RHB Manchester United FC



Stiles cautioned in the 47th min. for Dissent. MacKinnon handled Bobby Charlton's cross "Somehow McKinnon succeeded in keeping a poker face as he escaped detection: Sliles, however, protested to much and had his name taken". Cautioned in the 57th min. for Foul. "Stiles, a sort of honorary hatchetman for England, again had his name taken for a crushing tackle on [Johnstone]".
5 Charlton, John     CHB Leeds United AFC 12 0
6 Moore, Robert F.C. 24 12 April 1941 LHB West Ham United FC 38 1
7 Ball, Alan J.     OR Blackpool FC 7 1
8 Hunt, Roger     IR Liverpool FC 10 10
9 Charlton, Robert     CF Manchester United FC 64 36
10 Hurst, Geoffrey C.     IL West Ham United FC 2 1
11 Connelly, John M.     OL Manchester United FC 17 6


Norman Hunter (Leeds United AFC)

team notes:

Manager Alf Ramsey played against Scotland in four matches from 1950 until 1953.
Keith Newton replaced original left-back Ray Wilson.
4-3-3 Banks -
J.Charlton, Moore, Newton -
R.Charlton, Stiles -
Hunt, Hurst, Connelly.


Age - Appearances/Goals - -


    Match Report by Mike Payne


    Match Report by Norman Giller

Geoff Hurst scored his first goal for England in the nineteenth minute to start a spree that excited the 133,000 crowd but made purists wince at the procession of defensive blunders by both teams. Hunt added a second goal for England before Denis Law threw himself forward in typical dare-devil style to head Scotland's first goal just before half-time. Hunt  made it 3-1 early in the second-half, and then Celtic's jinking winger Jimmy Johnstone pulled it back to 3-2 before a thunderbolt shot from Bobby Charlton restored the two-goal lead. This was Charlton in imperious form as he reveled in his role as midfield orchestrator.  Johnstone, turning the England defence inside out with his dribbling runs, scored the final goal six minutes from the end with a delicate curling shot that deceived goalkeeper Gordon Banks. A press reporter said to Alf Ramsey immediately after the match, 'A great game to watch, Alf.' The cold blue eyes became a burning glare on the journalist. 'For you maybe,' said Alf, 'but I thought there was some appalling football played. We must be much, much tighter.' Seven-goal thrillers did not belong in the Ramsey textbook. Once a perfectionist right-back, always a perfectionist right-back.

Source Notes

Original newspaper reports
Rothman's Yearbooks
Mike Payne's England: The Complete Post-War Record (Breedon Books Publishing Company, Derby, U.K., 1993)
Norman Giller
, Football Author