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314 vs. Republic of Ireland
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'B' 22 vs. Bulgaria
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Wednesday, 25 September 1957
International Friendly Intermediate Match

England 6 Bulgaria 2

Stamford Bridge Football Ground, Fulham Road, Fulham, London
Kick-off (BST):
Attendance: '56,391' (floodlit)
unknown kicked-off
[1-0] Jimmy Greaves 40
 'hammered in'.
[2-0] Johnny Haynes 41
 'another crisp Alan A'Court pass sent Haynes jinking past two defenders before vicious low left-footed drive'.
[3-0] Peter Brabrook 44
 'Don Howe, tired of inactivity, came up the right wing to inspire the goal by Brabrook.'

[4-1] Alan A'Court 60
'Greaves flashed through the wide-open defence, his shot bounced off Derventski and A'Court pounced'.
[5-1] Jimmy Greaves 75
 'Johnny Haynes made up with a pass that gave Greaves with all the time in the world to slam in'.
[6-1] Johnny Haynes 79
 'Jimmy Greaves gave Haynes an equally perfect pass to run on to and bang in'
Gerry Harris injured - ten men 86
[6-2]Jimmy Greaves saved pen.87
 'his soft shot was parried by Derbentski'
[3-1] Spiro Debarski 49
'the unknown No. 15 headed the ball down on to the goal line, and Debirsky rushed up to tap it into the net'

[6-2] Sprio Debarski 89
'dribbled through'
There is no Television or Radio coverage
Officials England FIFA ruling on substitutes Bulgaria
Jaroslav Vleck
The IFAB introduced the linesman's flag of 'vivid colours' into the Laws of the Game.
from Wales
D.C. Underwood G.T. Watkins
England Intermediate Team
Rank No official ranking system established; Colours The 1954 Umbro home uniform - "The White" v-necked short-sleeved continental jerseys, blue shorts, red socks.

Johnny Haynes Manager Walter Winterbottom, 44 (31 March 1913), appointed as FA national director of coaching/team manager on 8 July 1946;
2nd of two, W 2 - D 0 - L 0 - F 9 - A 3. Trainer: Bill Nicholson (Tottenham Hotspur) ninth of sixteen intermediate matches, W 6 - D 2 - L 1 - F 29 - A 9.
  Team chosen by the Intermediate Selection Committee, headed by Frank Adams, on Tuesday, 17 September.
England Lineup
  eight changes to the previous U23 match (Howe, Smith & Haynes remain) league position (17 September)  
4   Hopkinson, Edward 21
331 days
29 October 1935 G Bolton Wanderers FC (FL 10th) 1 2ᵍᵃ
Howe, Donald 21
348 days
12 October 1935 RB West Bromwich Albion FC (FL 7th) 4 0
45 3 Harris, Gerald W. 21
352 days
8 October 1935 LB Wolverhampton Wanderers FC (FL 5th) 1 0
46 4 Setters, Maurice E. 20
283 days
16 December 1936 RHB West Bromwich Albion FC (FL 7th) 1 0
5 Smith, Trevor 21
165 days
13 April 1936 CHB Birmingham City FC (FL 21st) 8 0
most U23 apps 55-57
47 6 Crowther, Stanley 22
22 days
3 September 1935 LHB Aston Villa FC (FL 15th) 1 0
48 7
Brabrook, Peter 19
321 days
8 November 1937 OR Chelsea FC (FL 13th) 1 1
49 8

Greaves, James P. 17
217 days
20 February 1940 IR Chelsea FC (FL 13th) 1 2
youngest U23 scorer
50 9 Kevan, Derek T. 22
203 days
6 March 1935 CF West Bromwich Albion FC (FL 7th) 1 0
only U23 app 1957
Haynes, John N. 22
343 days
17 October 1934 IL Fulham FC (FL2 2nd) 6 7
most U23 gls 55-57
final U23 app 55-57
A'Court, Alan 22
360 days
30 September 1934 OL Liverpool FC (FL2 11th) 2 1
reserves: Gerry Cakebread (Brentford FC (FL3S 6th)) and Ken Taylor (Huddersfield Town FC (FL2 13th)). Ron Tindall (Chelsea FC (FL 13th)) was added on 23rd September as Kevan's replacement.
team changes: Brian Clough (Middlesbrough FC (FL2 3rd)) was the original named centre-forward, his place going to the reserve, Derek Kevan on Monday, 23 September. Clough was one of many who had caught the Asian influenza bug which was sweeping its way the the country at this time.
team notes: The following night, the youngsters beat Tottenham Hotspur FC at Cheshunt 4-3.
pre-match notes: The Young England team had a practice match against Fulham FC on 23 September. England won 5-1 with goals from Derek Kevan, Johnny Haynes (2), Jimmy Greaves and Alan A'Court.
2-3-5 Hopkinson -
Howe, Harris -
Setters, Smith, Crowther -
Brabrook, Greaves, Kevan, Haynes, A'Court.
Averages: Age 21 years 138 days Appearances/Goals 2.5 0.4
Bulgaria Intermediate Team
Rank No official ranking system established; Colours "The Red shirts", white shorts, green socks
Captain Stoyan Kitov Manager Nako Aleksandrov Chakmakov, 36 (13 August 1921)
Bulgaria Lineup
1 Tachev Parchanov, Nikola, illegally off 46th min. 27
98 days
19 June 1930 G PFC Spartak Pleven   ᵍᵃ
2/14 Kirchev, Iliya 24
271 days
28 December 1932 RB FK Spartak Varna    
3 Kirilov Kitov, Stoyan 19
29 days
27 August 1938 LB FC Spartak Sofia    
4 Simeonov Largov, Dimitar 21
15 days
10 September 1936 RHB PFC Slavua Sofia    
5 Milanov Dimitrov, Ivan 22
134 days
14 May 1935 CHB FC Lokomotiv Sofia    
6 Georgiev, Ivan 21
232 days
5 February 1936 LHB PFC Levski Sofia    
7 Pechenikov, Dimo, illegally off 44th min. 21
209 days
28 February 1936 OR PFC Levski Sofia    
8 Bachev, Doicho nk not known IR VVS Sofia    
9 Diev, Todor 23
240 days
28 January 1934 CF PFC Spartak Plovdiv    
10 Bristov Iliev, Hristo 21
137 days
11 May 1936 IL PFC Levski Sofia    
11 Debarski, Spiro 23
291 days
8 December 1933 OL FC Lokomotiv Sofia    
Bulgaria Substitutes
scoreline: England 3 Bulgaria 0
Iordanov, Dimitar, on 44th min. for Pechenikov 27
328 days
1 November 1929 OR PFC Levski Sofia    
  Derventski, Ivan P., on 46th min. for Parchanov 25
105 days
12 June 1932 G SC Levski    
result: England 6 Bulgaria 2
unused substitutes: not known
team changes: As in the May 1957 B match between the teams, Ivan Derventski was chosen as the goalkeeper, but an injury in the previous match against Hungary meant his place went to Parchanov. Left-half Georgurev replaced the original choice, Gavril Stoyanov. Pechenkov appears to replaced Milev at outside-right. And Dubirsky in for Gugalov.
Alex Kostov was chosen as the original inside-right. Bachev moved across and Iliev came in at inside-left.
On the day of the match, Kitov replaced original captain and left back Manolov.
team notes: Although the Daily Mirror's Bill Holden states that it was a substitute wearing the number 14 shirt, Peter Lorenzo (Daily Herald) confirmed it was in fact the same right-back, wearing a different jersey, and the second half was delayed a minute because of it.
Dimitar Largov will be Bulgarian Football Union's President in 1991-93.
2-3-5 Parchanov (Derventski) -
Kirchev, Manolov -
Ly#argov, Dimitrov, Georgurev -
(Iordanov), Bachev, Diev, Iliev, Debarski
Averages: (start)
Age 22 years 239 days¹⁰
23 years 33 days¹⁰
              Match Report by Bill Holden, Daily Mirror, Thursday, 26 September 1957

Greaves Slams two in first international
THIS was revenge in full for that defeat in Sofia last summer — and Young England deserved every bit of it
It was doubly sweet in view of the Bulgarian's desperate substitute tactics. They just hadn't brought enough to hold this brilliant young England team. Jimmy Greaves, inside-right idol of Stamford Bridge, came within an ace of a hat-trick international debut on his club ground. After scoring two great goals, he had a penalty saved three minutes from the end. Inches alone robbed England of a fantastic half-time lead.
   They gained eleven corners in 35 minutes. They rained in shots galore.
But at last the goals came. Jimmy Greaves hammered in one in the fortieth minute and within sixty seconds Johnny Haynes got another. The all-Midland defence never had any real work to do, but in a few spasms of retaliation the Bulgarians made Don Howe and Trevor Smith shine. Howe, tired of inactivity, came up the right wing a minute before the interval to inspire the third England goal—by Peter Brabrook.
   He thundered in a glorious goal, and the crowd were roaring their acclaim as this young team of greatness left the field.
Although it had been agreed that there should be only one substitute—other than a goalkeeper—up to the forty-fourth minute, 'No. 14' ran out after the other players had taken the field to line up at right back for Bulgaria. Already—after England's second goal—they had sent on 'No. 15' in place of outside-right Pechenkov. Two minutes after the restart, Iliev lobbed a free-kick into the goalmouth.
   The unknown No. 15 headed the ball down on to the goal line, and Debirsky rushed up to tap it into the net.
Then the new 'keeper had to dive to prevent an own goal—and at last came England's fourth. The goalkeeper—later found to be Derventski—dived to save from Greaves and the ball flew out to A'Court, who drove it in. In the seventy-fifth minute Haynes made up for some amazing misses with a pass that Greaves with all the time in the world to slam in No. 5. Then Greaves gave Haynes an equally perfect pass for Johnny to run on to and bang in no.6. In the last minute, with Gerry Harris off the field for treatment, Debirsky dribbled through to clip the lead to 6—2.


              Match Report as appears in the F.A. Yearbook 1958-59 page 30

The opening on the International season was marked by one of the best displays by an England forward line of recent years. The Young England forwards shone throughout the match, played at Stamford Bridge, and although the first goal did not come for forty minutes the result was never really in doubt. Haynes and Greaves, playing in his senior game for England, struck up a great understanding and each scored twice. Other goals came from Brabrook and A'Court, while Diev and Debirsky replied for Bulgaria. In defence the England backs Howe and Harris were steady, while Setters and Crowther impressed at wing-half.

Other Football Results   
Football League Division One
Leeds United 2 Sunderland 1
Elland Road, Leeds (17,500)
Baird, Gibson ~ O'Neill
Newcastle United 0
Sheffield Wednesday 0
St. James' Park, Newcastle-upon-Tyne (27,630)
Football League Division Three South
Brighton & Hove Albion 0 Aldershot 1
Goldstone Ground, Hove (8,687)
Exeter City 1 Gillingham 3
St. James' Park, Exeter (5,965)
Calland ~ Morgan, Payne, Clark
Southend United 2 Swindon Town 3
Roots Hall, Southend (9,000)
McCrory, Duffy ~ Duffy OG, Micklewright, Skull
Southampton 0 Plymouth Argyle 1
The Dell, Southampton (14,251)
Torquay United 1 Crystal Palace 1
Plainmoor, Torquay (5,000)
Collins ~ Deakin
Football League Division Three North
Bradford 0 York City 2
Park Avenue, Bradford (5.036)
Wragg, Bottom
Chester vs. Accrington postponed
Sealand Road, Chester (ground unfit)
Rochdale 1 Scunthorpe United 4
Spotland, Rochdale (5,278)
Bushby OG ~
Haigh, Marriott, Waldock, Fletcher
Workington 1 Bradford City 1
Borough Park, Workington (7,400)
Colbridge ~ Samuels
Wrexham 0 Crewe Alexandra 1
Racecourse Ground, Wrexham (3,048)

European Cup
Preliminary Round First leg
Shamrock Rovers 0
Manchester United 6

Dalymount Park, Dublin (45,000)
Taylor (2), Whelan (2), Berry, Pegg
              Source Notes
Official matchday programme
FA Yearbook 1958-59
  Rothman's Yearbooks
Original newspaper reports