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Thursday, 18 May 1939
End-of-Season Tour Friendly Match

Yugoslavia 2 England 1 [1-0]

Match Summary
Yugoslavia Party

England Party

Stadion Beogradski Sport Klub Jugoslavija, Dedinje, Beograd
Attendance: 35,000 (a new Yugoslav record);
Kick-off: 4.30pm CET, 5.30pm BST

Yugoslavia -Svetislav Glišović (twelve-yard volley from a Perlić centre 15), Nikola Perlić (cut inside Male and shot past Woodley 62)
England - Frank Broome (fine shot from a Lawton pass 49)
Results 1930-39

? won the toss, ? kicked-off.


Match Summary





Referee - Pierre Georges Capdeville

Linesmen - not known

England had been due to play Hungary, arranged on 30 December 1938.

  Goal Attempts  
  Attempts on Target  
  Hit Bar/Post  
  Corner Kicks Won  
  Offside Calls Against  
  Fouls Conceded  

Yugoslavia Team



No official ranking system established;
ELO rating 26th to 23rd
Colours: Blue shirts, white shorts, dark socks
Capt: Đorđe Vujadinović Selectors: Boško Simonović, 41 (12 February 1898)
38th match, W 18 - D 4 - L 16 - F 92 - A - 75.
Yugoslavia Lineup
  Lovrić, Ljubomir 18
354 days
28 May 1920 G SK Jugoslavija 1 1 GA
  Dubac, Ernest 25 15 February 1914 RB Beogradski SK 7 0
  Požega, Zvonimir 26 21 May 1913 LB SK Vojvodina 2 0
  Manola, Petar 21 28 February 1918 RH Beogradski SK 2 0
  Dragićević, Prvoslav 25 4 March 1914 CH Beogradski SK 1 0
  Lechner, Gustav 26 17 February 1913 LH Beogradski SK 36 0
Glišović, Svetislav 25 17 September 1913 OR Beogradski SK 18 8
  Vujadinović, Đorđe 29 29 November 1909 IR Beogradski SK 39 18
  Petrović, Aleksandar 24 8 September 1914 CF SK Jugoslavija 6 3
  Matošić, Frane 20 25 November 1918 IL Beogradski SK 5 2
Perlić, Nikola 27 4 February 1912 OL SK Jugoslavija 5 3


reserves not known

team notes:

Political differences between the Croats and the Serbs have spread to sport, and the Croat Football Association on 17 May, had ordered all players under its jurisdiction not to play in international matches. This meant that goalkeeper, Građanski Glaser, and full-back Joza Matošić, cannot play.
2-3-5 Lovrić -
Dubac, Požega -
Manola, Dragićević, Lechnar -
Glišović, Vujadinović, Petrović, Matošić, Perlić


Age 24.2 Appearances/Goals 11.1 2.9


England Team



No official ranking system established;
ELO rating 4th to 5th
Colours: The 1935 home uniform - White collared jerseys, navy blue shorts, black socks topped with two white hoops
Capt: Eddie Hapgood, 21st captaincy. Selectors:
In charge: B.A. Glanvill
Trainer: Tom Whittaker
The fourteen-man FA International Selection Committee, Party selected on Thursday, 6 April, the team selected on Wednesday, 17 May 1939.
192nd match, W 122 - D 31 - L 39 - F 576 - A 225.
England Lineup
  Woodley, Victor R. 29 26 February 1910 G Chelsea FC 18 24 GA
2 Male, George C. 29 8 May 1910 RB Arsenal FC 18 0
3 Hapgood, Edris A., injured 15th min. 30 24 September 1908 LB Arsenal FC 30 0
4 Willingham, C. Kenneth 26 1 December 1912 RH Huddersfield Town AFC 12 1
5 Cullis, Stanley 22 25 October 1916 CH Wolverhampton Wanderers FC 11 0
6 Mercer, Joseph 24 9 August 1914 LH Everton FC 4 0
7 Matthews, Stanley 24 1 February 1915 OR Stoke City FC 17 8
8 Hall, G. William 27 12 March 1912 IR Tottenham Hotspur FC 10 9
9 Lawton, Thomas 19 6 October 1919 CF Everton FC 7 6
10 Goulden, Leonard A. 26 9 July 1912 IL West Ham United FC 13 3
11 Broome, Frank H. 23 11 June 1915 IR Aston Villa FC 6 3


Bill Morris (Wolverhampton Wanderers FC, injured), Wilf Copping (Leeds United AFC), Leslie Smith (Brentford FC), Don Welsh (Charlton Athletic FC). Bob Hesford (Huddersfield Town AFC) was a stay-at-home reserve.

team notes:

Eddie Hapgood had torn his ankle ligaments in the melee that preceded the first Yugoslav goal. He played on for the following 75 minutes.
2-3-5 Woodley -
Male, Hapgood -
Willingham, Cullis, Mercer -
Matthews, Hall, Lawton, Goulden, Broome.


Age 25.4 Appearances/Goals 13.3 2.6


    Match Report

BELGRADE, May 18.--The inability to overcome the handicap of playing in a sweltering heat and oppressive atmosphere, which severely taxed their physical resources, coupled with an early injury to their left back and captain, Hapgood, was mainly responsible for the English F.A. team losing to Yugoslavia by two goals to one on the Belgrade Sport Club's ground this evening.

Yugoslavia, whom the critics considered played better football than they had ever done before, thus had the distinction of beating England in the furst international match between the two countries. The injury to Hapgood undoubtedly weakened the defence, but England had only themselves to blame for their defeat.

The English forwards had enough chances of winning the match but they were frittered away. They were inclined to overdo their movements and delayed their shooting, which was fatal against the quick-tackling Yugoslav defenders...

It was Glishovitch [Glišović] who, after spoiling a chance of scoring through getting offside, gave Yugoslavia the lead after 16 minutes' play. From a mêlée in the English goalmouth the ball went out to him and he gave Woodley no chance with a good drive. Hapgood was apparently injured during the scramble, for afterwards he limped badly, although he was able to continue...

England attacked in the second half, and within five minutes Broome, gathering a pass from Goulden, drove home a fine shot to equalize...

After 18 minutes of the second half Perlitch [Perlić] got away on the left. In a fine run he carried the ball down, cut in past Male, who was caught out of position, and drove past Woodley for Yugoslavia's second goal.--Reuter. - The Times - Friday 19th May, 1939

France beat Belgium, 3-1 in Brussels.


It was on 18 May 1939 that a 29-year-old labourer, George Willis, was acquitted of the murder of 85-year-old Frederick Paul. The old man had been shot and then his body dragged into a pond. Circumstantial evidence convinced the police that Willis was the murderer, and that robbery was his motive, but after an elaborate demonstration at Reading Assizes of Willis using a pair of tweezers that Paul's son had said belonged to his father, to extract screws from a watch, was enough to convince the jury that he was not guilty.

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