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150 vs. Belgium

152 vs. Wales

Wednesday, 20 October 1926
Home International Championship 1926-27 (39th) Match

originally due to take place 18 October

England 3 Ireland 3 [1-2]

Match Summary
England Party

Ireland Party

Anfield Road, Anfield, Liverpool, Lancashire
Attendance: 25,000
; Kick-off: tbc GMT

Ireland - Billy Gillespie (rising shot 5), Hugh Davey (a fine twenty-yard shot 44), Bobby Irvine (unmarked, shot through splendidly 51)
England - George Brown (rebound, from a Bullock overhead kick which was saved 8), Joe Spence (rounded McConnell and beat Scott without losing any pace 47), Norman Bullock (from a Spence centre 80)
Results 1919-30

? won the toss, ? kicked-off.


Match Summary






Referee - Evan Charles Sambrooke

Linesmen - W.E. Forshaw, Liverpool, and not known

Originally due to take place on Monday 18 October 1926, it was altered at the FA meeting of 4 July 1926 in Harrogate.

  Goal Attempts  
  Attempts on Target  
  Hit Bar/Post  
  Corner Kicks Won  
  Offside Calls Against  
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England Team



No official ranking system established;
ELO rating 12th to 13th
Colours: The 1923 uniform - White collared jerseys and dark club shorts
Capt: Sam Wadsworth, fourth and final captaincy Selectors:
In charge: Charles E. Sutcliffe
The fourteen-man FA International Selection Committee, following the trial match, on Monday, 11 October 1926.
118th match, W 76 - D 24 - L 18 - F 355 - A 121.
England Lineup
  McInroy, Albert 25 23 April 1901 G Sunderland AFC 1 3 GA
  Cresswell, Warneford 28 5 November 1897 RB Sunderland AFC 6 0
  Wadsworth, Samuel J. 30 13 September 1896 LB Huddersfield Town AFC 9 0
  Edwards, Willis 23 28 April 1903 RH Leeds United AFC 3 0
  Hill, John H. 29 2 March 1897 CH Burnley FC 3 0
  Green, George H. 25 2 May 1901 LH Sheffield United FC 5 0
Spence, Joseph 27 15 December 1898 OR Manchester United FC 2 1
Brown, George 23 22 June 1903 IR Huddersfield Town AFC 1 1
Bullock, Norman 26 8 September 1900 CF Bury FC 3 2
  Walker, William H. 28 29 October 1897 IL Aston Villa FC 16 8
  Ruffell, James W. 26 11 August 1900 OL West Ham United FC 2 0


Harry Nuttall (Bolton Wanderers FC) and George Briggs (Birmingham FC)

team notes:

This match constitutes an unwelcome Home record. Never before had England gone more than two home matches without a victory....they have just gone three.
2-3-5 McInroy -
Cresswell, Wadsworth -
Edwards, Hill, Green -
Spence, Brown, Bullock, Walker, Ruffell.


Age 26.4 Appearances/Goals 4.6 0.8


Ireland Team



No official ranking system established;
ELO rating 27th to 26th
Colours: Royal blue jerseys, white shorts, dark socks.
Capt: Billy Gillespie Selectors: Team Selection by Committee;
Ireland Lineup
  Scott, Elisha 33 24 August 1893 G Liverpool FC, England 10 17 GA
  Rollo, David 36 26 August 1890 RB Blackburn Rovers FC, England 16 0
  McConnell, William H. 25 2 September 1901 LB Reading FC, England 4 0
  Gowdy, Joseph 28 December 1897 RH Falkirk FC, Scotland 5 0
  Morgan, F. Gerald/Gerard 27 25 July 1899 CH Nottingham Forest FC, England 4 0
  Irving, Samuel J. 33 28 August 1893 LH Cardiff City FC, Wales 11 0
  Bothwell, Andrew W. 26 7 October 1900 OR Ards FC 4 0
Irvine, Robert W. 26 29 April 1900 IR Everton FC, England 8 3
Davey, Hugh H. 29 14 June 1897 CF Reading FC, England 2 1
Gillespie, William B. 35 6 August 1891 IL Sheffield United FC, England 21 13
  Toner, Joseph S. 32 30 March 1894 OL St. Johnstone FC, Scotland 7 0


Dave McMullan (Liverpool FC).

team notes:

Billy Gillespie extends his tally as Ireland's record goalscorer.
2-3-5 Scott -
Rollo, McConnell -
Gowdy, Morgan, Irving -
Bothwell, Irvine, Davey, Gillespie, Toner.


Age 30.0 Appearances/Goals 8.4 1.3


    Match Report

England and Ireland played a drawn game on the ground of the Liverpool Club yesterday, each side scoring three goals.

Of late years some rather unkind things have been said of international matches, but yesterday's large crowd should have gone away well pleased. They saw a game in which every man was all out from start to finish, in which there was plenty of good football and not a few flashes of brilliance, and the result of which hung in the balance to the very last kick. On the whole, the selectors of the England side should also be pleased, for it seems as if they had at last found the core at least of a really homogeneous side. Wisdom and necessity will doubtless dictate one or two changes, but the essential understanding is there. England were, indeed, a little unlucky not to win this match...

The Irish left wing broke away with some brilliant inter-passing that completely beat the defence. McInroy managed to get the ball a few yards away, but Gillespie seized upon it, and scored a well-deserved goal with a fine rising shot. Three minutes later Brown equalized with a similar shot, following a free kick for a foul...

For more than half an hour the English attack had done everything but score, and immediately Ireland, whose spasmodic raids had seldom looked dangerous, scored a quite unexpected goal. It was certainly a clever forward pass that gave Davey his chance, and excellently he took it, with a hard, high shot from some 20 yards' distance just as he was tackled by Wadsworth, but it did look as though McInroy, who got a hand to the ball, should have been able to prevent a goal. Ireland's lead at half-time was very soon wiped out by a magnificent shot from Spence that gave Scott no chance, but they soon regained it from an even more brilliant effort by Toner...

When the inevitable goal came at last, it was from the other wing, Brown taking a good centre from Spence and shooting well out of Scott's reach before he could be tackled. - The Times - Thursday 21st October, 1926


It was on 20 October 1926 that the bodies of three members of a family were found at a small country mansion in the Yorkshire Dales. The inquest was held on the following day and determined that Colonel Edmund Wray, who had recovered from a nervous breakdown during the war, had shot his wife and 21-year-old son, and then tried to burn down the house before shooting himself.

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