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three penalties against Nigel Martyn
two conceded, one saved, one shoot-out...

Penalty kicks conceded
Penalty kicks prevented
Penalty kicks missed
Penalty kicks scored


741 11 February 1998
31 years 184 days
0-2 vs. Chile, Wembley Stadium, Wembley Fr HL
Marcelo Salas scored a 79th minute penalty against Martyn.
746 29 May 1998
31 years 291 days
0-0 vs. Belgium, Complexe Sportif Mohammed V, Casablanca TC AD
Nigel Martyn faced a penalty shootout at the end of ninety minutes. England lost 3-4 on Penalty Kicks. Martyn faced five penalties, he saved from Scifo and conceded four to Van Meir, Borkelmans, Mpenza and Van der Walle.

771 20 June 2000
33 years 314 days
2-3 vs. Romania, Stade Communal, Charleroi ECF NL
Ioan Ganea scored a 89th minute penalty against Martyn.

776 28 February 2001
34 years 201 days
3-0 vs. Spain, Villa Park, Birmingham Fr HW
Javi Moreno 78th minute penalty saved by the substitute Martyn.