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Penalties against Ray Clemence

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Eight penalties against, seven conceded, one saved...

493 24 May 1975 5-1 vs. Scotland, Wembley Stadium, Wembley, London BC HW
Scotland's only goal was a 41st minute Bruce Rioch penalty against Clemence.
504 8 September 1976 1-1 vs. Republic of Ireland, Wembley Stadium, Wembley, London Fr HD
Gerry Daly scored a 52nd minute penalty against Clemence.
524 20 September 1978 4-3 vs. Denmark, Idrætsparken, København ECP AW
Allan Simonsen scored a 25th minute penalty against Clemence.
539 13 May 1980 3-1 vs. Argentina, Wembley Stadium, Wembley, London Fr HD
Daniel Passarella scored a 55th minute penalty against Clemence.
546 18 June 1980 2-1 vs. Spain,  Stadio San Paolo, Napoli, Italy ECF NW

Dani's 48th minute penalty was against Clemence.  Dani was a half-time substitute.

2-1 vs. Spain,  Stadio San Paolo, Napoli, Italy ECF NW

Dani's twice taken penalty was saved by Ray Clemence.  The first disallowed kick was successfully converted.

548 15 October 1980 1-2 vs. Romania, Stadionul 23 August, Bucureşti WCP AL
Anghel Iordănescu scored an 75th minute penalty against Clemence.
564 3 June 1982 4-1 vs. Finland, Olympiastadion, Helsinki Fr AW
Kai Haaskivi scored an 83rd minute penalty against Clemence.