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Penalties Index


five penalties against Gordon Banks
four conceded, one saved...

Penalty kicks conceded
Penalty kicks prevented
Penalty kicks missed
Penalty kicks scored


367 6 April 1963
25 years 97 days
1-2 vs. Scotland, Empire Stadium, Wembley BC AW
Jim Baxter scored in the 32nd minute against the debuting Banks, who was sent the wrong way.

408 26 July 1966
28 years 208 days
2-1 vs. Portugal, Empire Stadium, Wembley WCF HW
Eusébio sent Banks the wrong way with his 82nd minute penalty.

428 15 January 1969
31 years 16 days
1-1 vs. Romania, Empire Stadium, Wembley Fr HD
Florea Dumitrache scored in the 74th minute against Banks.
435 12 June 1969
31 years 164 days
1-2 vs. Brazil, Estádio Jornalista Mário Filho, Rio de Janeiro Fr AL

Carlos Alberto 28th minute penalty kick against Banks is saved.

459 29 April 1972
34 years 121 days
1-3 vs. West Germany, Empire Stadium, Wembley ECP HL
Günter Netzer scored in the 85th minute against Banks, who despite getting both hands to it, went in off the post.