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Match No. 778 vs. Albania Match No. 780 vs. Greece Match Results

England National Football Team Match No. 779

England 4 Mexico 0 [3-0]

Friday, 25 May 2001

Match Summary and Report

Pride Park Stadium, Derby, 25 May 2001 - The team that faced Mexico.
Back row - Ashley Cole, Emile Heskey, Martin Keown, Rio Ferdinand, Nigel Marytn, Phil Neville.
Front row - Michael Owen, Paul Scholes, Robbie Fowler, David Beckham (captain), Steven Gerrard.


Match Summary

Status: Friendly match.
Venue: Pride Park Stadium, Derby, capacity 33,597.
Attendance: 33,597.
Goals: England - Paul Scholes, 3rd min.
England - Robbie Fowler, 14th min.
England - David Beckham, 29th min.
England - Teddy Sheringham, 74th min.
Cautions: None.
Expulsions: None.
Referee - Lucílio Cardosa Cortez Batista, 36 (26 April 1965), Portugal, FIFA-listed 1996.
Assistant referees -
Conditions: Kickoff was at 8:00 p.m. BST.
Miscellany: Mexico - José Abundis, 65th min. missed his penalty by shooting wide. Heskey clumsily brings down Mexican substitute Osorno inside the area.  Abundis screws the spot-kick wide of James's left-hand post.




Goal Attempts 15 11
Attempts on Target 10 8
Hit Bar/Post 0 0
Corner Kicks Won 3 6
Offside Calls Against 4 6
Fouls Conceded 15 11
Time of Possession - -


England Team


14th in FIFA ranking of 16 May 2001; 11th in Elo world ranking before this match and 10th after this match.

Colours: White shirts with red stripe down left side, navy blue shorts with red stripe down right side, white socks - The "2001" home uniform.
Coach: Sven-Göran Eriksson, 53, appointed 31 October 2000, took post 12 January 2001, 
4th match,
W 4 - D 0 - L 0 - F 12 - A 2.
Captain: David Beckham, 5th captaincy.  When Beckham went off at half-time, Gareth Southgate took the captain's armband.

England Lineup

Player Birthdate Age Pos Club App G Career
1-Martyn, A. Nigel, sub off 46th min. 11-Aug-1966 34 G

Leeds United AFC

16 0 1992-2002
2-Neville, Philip J. 21-Jan-1977 24 D Manchester United FC 32 0 1996-active
3-Cole, Ashley, sub off 46th min. 20-Dec-1980 20 D Arsenal FC 2 0 2001-active
4-Gerrard, Steven G., sub off 46th min. 30-May-1980 21 M

Liverpool FC

4 0 2000-active
5-Ferdinand, Rio G., sub off 46th min. 07-Nov-1978 22 D Leeds United AFC 14 0 1997-active
6-Keown, Martin R., sub off 46th min. 24-Jul-1966 34 D Arsenal FC 37 2 1992-2002
7- Beckham, David R.J., sub off 46th min. 02-May-1975 26 M

Manchester United FC

41 3 1996-active
8- Scholes, Paul, sub off 46th min. 16-Nov-1974 26 M Manchester United FC 34 12 1997-2004
9- Fowler, Robert B., sub off 55th min. 09-Apr-1975 26 F

Liverpool FC

17 4 1996-2002
10-Owen, Michael J., sub off 46th min. 14-Dec-1979 21 F Liverpool FC 28 10 1998-active
11-Heskey, Emile W.I., sub off 67th min. 11-Jan-1978 23 M Liverpool FC 15 2 1999-active

England Substitutes

Player Birthdate Age Pos Club App G Career
12-Carragher, James L.D., sub on 46th min. for Ferdinand 28-Jan-1978 23 D/M Liverpool FC 3 0 1999-2007
14-Powell, Christopher G.R., sub on 46th min. for A Cole 08-Sep-1969 31 D Charlton Athletic FC 3 0 2001-2002
15-Southgate, Gareth, sub on 46th min. for Keown 03-Sep-1970 30 D Middlesbrough FC 42 1 1997-active
17-Butt, Nicholas, sub on 46th min. for Scholes 21-Jan-1975 26 M Manchester United FC 13 0 1997-active
18-Carrick, Michael, sub on 46th min. for Gerrard 28-Jul-1981 19 M West Ham United FC 1 0 2001-active
19-Cole, Joseph J., sub on 46th min. for Beckham 08-Nov-1981 19 M

West Ham United FC

1 0 2001-active
21-Smith, Alan, sub on 46th min. for Owen 28-Oct-1980 20 F

Leeds United AFC

1 0 2001-active
22-James, David B., sub on 46th min. for Martyn 01-Aug-1970 30 G

Aston Villa FC

4 0 1997-active
20- Sheringham, Edward P., sub on 55th min. for Fowler 02-Apr-1966 35 F Manchester United FC 41 10 1993-2002
16-Mills, Daniel B., sub on 67th min. for Heskey 18-May-1977 24 D

Leeds United AFC

1 0 2001-active


Martyn (James) -
P Neville, Ferdinand (Carragher), Keown (Southgate), A Cole (Powell) -
Beckham (J Cole), Gerrard (Carrick), Scholes (Butt), Heskey (Mills) -
Owen (Smith), Fowler (Sheringham).

Not Used:
13-David Seaman.

Mexico Team


13th in FIFA ranking of 16 May 2001; 21st in Elo world ranking before this match and 25th after this match.

Colours: Green shirts with white band across sleeves and chest, white shorts, green socks; made by Atletica.
Coach: Enrique Meza, 53, appointed team coach 14 September 2000
14th match,
W 5 - D 3 - L 6 - F 21 - A 19.
Captain: Claudio Saurez.

Mexico Lineup

Player Birthdate Age Pos Club App G Career
1-Sánchez, Oswaldo 21-Sep-1973 24 G CD Guadalajara [Chivas Rayadas] - - -active
2-Suárez, Claudio 17-Dec-1968 32 D CD Universidad Autonoma de Nuevo Leon [Tigres] - - -active
3-Beltrán, Joaquin, sub off 46th min. 29-Apr-1977 24 D Club Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Mexico - - -active
4-Oteo, David A. 27-Jul-1973 27 D CD Universidad Autonoma de Nuevo Leon [Tigres] - - -active
16-Coyote, H. Alberto, sub off 77th min. 26-Mar-1967 34 M CD Guadalajara [Chivas Rayadas] - - -active
6-Ruiz, Marco Antonio 12-Jul-1969 31 M CD Guadalajara [Chivas Rayadas] - - -active
20-Ruiz, Víctor, sub off 58th min. 07-Jun-1969 31 M CD Toluca - - -active
8-Rodriguez, Juan Pablo, sub off 83rd min. 07-Aug-1979 21 M

CD Atlas de Guadalajara

- - -active
9-Abundis, José Manuel 11-Jun-1973 27 F CD Atlante - - -active
15-Nigris, Antonio de 01-Apr-1978 23 F

CF Monterrey

- - -active
22-Chávez, Hugo G., sub off 46th min. 16-Oct-1976 24 D Club Atletico Morelia - - -active

Mexico Substitutes

Player Birthdate Age Pos Club App G Career
5-Davino, Duilio C., sub on 46th min. for Beltran 21-Mar-1976 25 D CF América - - -active
13-Pardo, Pável, sub on 46th min. for Chavez 26-Jul-1976 24 D CF América - - -active
11-Osorno, Daniel, sub on 58th min. for V Ruiz 16-Mar-1979 22 F

CD Atlas de Guadalajara

- - -active
7-Rangel, J. David, sub on 77th min. for Coyote 12-Nov-1969 31 M

CD Toluca

- - -active
21-Pérez Gómez, Luis Ernesto, sub on 83rd min. for Rodriguez 12-Jan-1981 20 M

CF Monterrey

- - 1999-active


Not Used:
12-Eubrey Cabuto, 14-German Villa, 24-Oscar Dautt.

Match Report

[To come.]

Best start for an England manager since Winterbottom (whose team drew in his fifth match in charge).

Biggest victory since 6-0 against Luxembourg under Hoddle.

Agreement between teams that 11 substitutes could be used, and England's 10 substitutions break record set in Malta match of last year.  Seaman the only unused sub for England.  

Teddy Sheringham signs next day with Tottenham Hotspur; scores for England on last day as Manchester United player.

Four debuts, all as substitutes:  Smith, Carrick, Cole and Mills.


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