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England National Football Team Match No. 765

England 0 Argentina 0 [0-0]

Wednesday, 23 February 2000

Argentina Pre-Match

Match Summary and Report Team Records England Pre-Match Argentina Pre-Match


Argentina Squad for the Match Against England February 2000
Player Birthdate Age Pos Club App G
Almeyda, Matías Jesús 21-Dec-1973 26 M SS Lazio, Italy 24 -
Matías Almeyda withdrew from the squad injured.
Arruabarrena, Rodolfo Martin 20-Jul-1975 24 D CA Boca Juniors - -
Rodolfo Arruabarrena was given a late call to the squad as a replacement for the injured Juan Pablo Sorín.
Ayala, Roberto Fabián 14-Apr-1973 26 D Milan AC, Italy 55 2
Batistuta, Gabriel Omar 01-Feb-1969 31 F AC Fiorentina, Italy 69 50
Burgos, Germán Adrián Ramón 16-Apr-1969 30 G RCD Mallorca, Spain 25 GA 19
Cavallero, Pablo Oscar 13-Apr-1974 25 G RCD Espańyol de Barcelona, Spain 4 GA 3
Chamot, José Antonio 17-May-1969 30 D Milan AC, Italy 39 2
Crespo, Hernán Jorge 05-Jul-1975 24 F Parma AC, Italy 20 7
González, Cristian 04-Aug-1974 25 M Valencia CF, Spain 2 2
Husain, Claudio Daniel 20-Nov-1974 25 M CA Vélez Sarsfield - -
Player Birthdate Age Pos Club App G
López, Claudio Javier 17-Jul-1974 25 F Valencia CF, Spain 32 5
López, Gustavo 13-Apr-1974 25 M RC Celta de Vigo, Spain 9 3
Ortega, Arnaldo Ariel 04-Mar-1974 25 F Parma AC, Italy 64 14
Pochettino, Mauricio Roberto 02-Mar-1972 27 D RCD Espańyol de Barcelona, Spain 7 1
Sensini, Roberto Néstor 12-Oct-1966 33 D SS Lazio, Italy 51 0
Simeone, Diego Pablo 28-Apr-1970 29 M SS Lazio, Italy 87 1
Sorín, Juan Pablo 05-May-1976 23 M Cruzeiro EC, Brazil - -
Juan Pablo Sorín withdrew from the squad injured.
Verón, Juan Sebastián 09-Mar-1975 24 M SS Lazio, Italy 27 2
Vivas, Nelson David 18-Oct-1969 30 D RC Celta de Vigo, Spain on loan from Arsenal FC, England 24 1
Zanetti, Javier Adelmar 10-Aug-1973 26 M Internazionale Milano FC, Italy 48 3

All information correct and inclusive of Argentina's match against Spain on 17 November 1999.


Tuesday, 9 February 2000 -- Coach Marcelo Bielsa announced the 19-man Argentina squad that will face England on Wednesday, February 23, 2000 at Wembley Stadium.  The squad is full-strength, containing 17 players from European clubs and only two based in South America, midfielder Claudio Husain of Argentina's Vélez Sarsfield and defender Juan Pablo Sorin of Brazil's Cruzeiro.

Most of the players based in Argentina are unavailable for selection because Argentina's top four club sides begin their Copa Libertadores campaigns just before the England match.  Bielsa also said he wishes to see his main foreign-based players under the pressure of a match against a top opponent.

The most notable absentees are midfielders Fernando Redondo of Real Madrid and Marcelo Gallardo of AS Monaco.  Argentine news reports indicated that Bielsa preferred the more combative duo of Matías Almeyda and Diego Simeone, both of Lazio, over the playmaking Redondo, apparently a reflection of his estimate of English football.  Gallardo is injured.

The match at what Argentine newspaper El Clarín called the "Catedral del Fútbol" will serve as a preparatory exercise for Argentina's marathon 18-match World Cup 2000 qualification campaign, which opens 29 March with a home match against Chile.

Friday, 18 February 2000 - Bielsa called up Boca Juniors defender Rodolfo Martin Arrubarrena to replace the injured Juan Pablo Sorín of Cruzeiro in Brazil and confirmed that Lazio midfielder Matías Almeyda will also miss the England match through injury.  Almeyda suffered torn muscle fibres in his right thigh during training with his club side Tuesday.


Argentina Results
No. Date Opposition Venue Type F A Result H.T.
714 03-Feb-1999 Venezuela Estádio Jose "Pachencho" Romero, Maracaibo F 2 0 AW [1-0]
715 10-Feb-1999 Mexico Memorial Coliseum, Los Angeles, U.S.A. F 1 0 NW [0-0]
716 31-Mar-1999 Netherlands Amsterdam ArenA, Amsterdam F 1 1 AD [1-1]
717 09-Jun-1999 Mexico Soldier Field, Chicago, U.S.A. F 2 2 ND [1-1]
718 13-Jun-1999 U.S.A. Robert F. Kennedy Stadium, Washington, D.C. F 0 1 AL [0-0]
719 26-Jun-1999 Lithuania Estádio José Amalfitani, Buenos Aires F 0 0 HD [0-0]
720 01-Jul-1999 Ecuador Estádio Feliciano Cáceres, Luque, Paraguay SAC 3 1 NW [1-0]
721 04-Jul-1999 Colombia Estádio Feliciano Cáceres, Luque, Paraguay SAC 0 3 NL [0-1]
722 07-Jul-1999 Uruguay Estádio Feliciano Cáceres, Luque, Paraguay SAC 2 0 NW [1-0]
723 11-Jul-1999 Brazil Estádio Antonio Oddone Sarubbi, Ciudad del Este, Paraguay SAC 1 2 NL [1-1]
Argentina were eliminated in the quarter-finals of the 1999 Copa América (South American Championship) tournament.
724 04-Sep-1999 Brazil Estádio Antonion Vespucio Liberti ("El Monumental"), Buenos Aires F 2 0 HW [1-0]
725 07-Sep-1999 Brazil Estadio Beira Rio, Porto Alegre F 2 4 AL [1-2]
726 13-Oct-1999 Colombia Estádio Olímpico, Córdoba F 2 1 HW [1-0]
727 17-Nov-1999 Spain Estádio Olímpico, Sevilla F 2 0 AW [0-0]