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Wednesday, 17 June 1992
European Championship 1992 Finals Group One, match nine

Sweden 2 England 1 [0-1]


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Råsunda Fotbollstadion, Solna kommun - Attendance: 30,126
8.15 p.m. local time, 7.15 p.m. BST
  Live on xx (UK) - Commentator: xx

England - David Platt (3).
Sweden - Jan Eriksson (51), Tomas Brolin (82).
England - Tony Daley (10), Neil Webb (81).
Sweden - Patrik Andersson (43), Stefan Schwarz (69), Joachim Bj
örklund (70)

? kicked-off. 9- minutes (-).


Match Summary


Officials from Portugal




Referee (black) - José Rosa dos Santos,
x (x), x, FIFA listed x.

Linesmen - Valdemar Aguiar Pinto Lopes & Antonio Guedes Gomes de Carvalho.

Fourth official - Jorge E. Monteiro Coroado.


x Goal Attempts x
x Attempts on Target x
x Hit Bar/Post x
x Corner Kicks Won x
x Offside Calls Against x
x Fouls Conceded x
x Possession x

Sweden Team



ELO (14th to 11th)
Colours: Made by Adidas - Yellow shirts with three blue broad stripes down left shoulder, blue shorts with three yellow broad stripes up right side, yellow socks with blue Adidas trim.
Capt: Jonas Thern Coach: Tommy Svensson, 47, appointed 1991.
Sweden Lineup
1 Ravelli, Thomas 32 13 August 1959 G IFK Göteborg 91 ? GA
2 Nilsson, N. Roland 28 27 November 1963 D Sheffield Wednesday FC, England 46 1
3 Eriksson, Jan 24 24 August 1967 D IFK Nörrkoping - -
4 Andersson, Patrik 20 18 August 1971 D Malmö FF 7 0
5 Björklund, Joachim 21 15 March 1971 D SK Brann Bergen, Norway - 0
6 Schwarz, Stefan 23 18 April 1969 M Sport Lisboa e Benfica, Portugal - -
7 Ingesson, Klas 23 20 August 1968 M Yellow Red Koninklijke VC Mechelen, Belgium - -
17 Dahlin, Martin N. 24 16 April 1968 F VfL Borussia Mönchengladbach, Germany - -
9 Thern, Jonas 25 20 March 1967 M Sport Lisboa e Benfica, Portugal - -
10 Limpár, Anders E., sub off 46th min. 26 24 September 1965 M Arsenal FC, England - -
11 Brolin, Tomas 22 29 November 1969 F AC Parma, Italy - -
Sweden Substitutes
20 Ekström, Jonny, on 46th min. for Limpar 27 7 August 1965 D Olympique de Marseille - -

unused substitutes:

8-Stefan Rehn, 12-Lars Eriksson, 13-Mikael Nilsson, 14-Magnus Erlingmark, 15-Jan Jansson, 16-Kennet Andersson, 18-Roger Ljung, 19-Joakim Nilsson.
formation formation -

Averages (Starting XI):

Age tbc Appearances/Goals tbc tbc


England Team



ELO (3rd to 5th)
Colours: The 1990 home uniform - White shirts with navy blue trim, navy blue shorts with white & red trim, white socks with navy blue tops.
Capt: Gary Lineker, 18th captaincy Coach: Graham Taylor, 47, appointed 23 July 1990;
24th match, W 13 - D 9 - L 2 - F 34 - A 17.
England Lineup
1 Woods, Christopher C. E. 32 14 November 1959 G Sheffield Wednesday FC 34 x GA
19 Batty, David 23 2 December 1968 M Leeds United AFC 10 0
3 Pearce, Stuart 30 24 April 1962 D Nottingham Forest FC 50 2
4 Keown, Martin R. 25 24 July 1966 D Everton FC 9 1
5 Walker, Desmond S. 26 26 November 1965 D Nottingham Forest FC 47 0
12 Palmer, Carlton L. 26 5 December 1965 M Sheffield Wednesday FC 7 0
7 Platt, David A. 26 10 June 1966 M AS Bari, Italy 32 11
15 Webb, Neil J. 28 30 July 1963 M Manchester United FC 26 4
18 Daley, Anthony M. 24 18 Otcober 1967 F Aston Villa FC 7 0
10 Lineker, Gary W., sub off 64th min. 31 30 November 1960 F Tottenham Hotspur FC 80 48
11 Sinton, Andrew, sub off 79th min. 26 19 March 1966 M Queens Park Rangers FC 5 0
England Substitutes
17 Smith, Alan M., on 64th min. for Lineker 29 21 November 1962 F Arsenal FC 13 2
16 Merson, Paul, on 79th min. for Sinton 24 20 March 1968 F Arsenal FC 7 1

unused substitutes:

2-Keith Curle, 8-Trevor Steven, 9-Nigel Clough, 13-Nigel Martyn, 14-Tony Dorigo, 20-Alan Shearer.
formation formation

Averages (Starting XI):

Age tbc Appearances/Goals tbc tbc



    Match Report by Mike Payne to come

England knew they had to win their final game against the host country, Sweden, in Stockholm to be sure of a place in the semi-finals.  In pursuit of that victory the manager Graham Taylor again made changes introducing Tony Daley, Aston Villa's speedy winger, into his attack and Manchester United's Neil Webb into midfield in the hope of producing a better supply to his strikers.  It was a sound enough intent against the Swedes, who had drawn with France 1-1 and defeated Denmark 1-0 in their earlier matches.

England could not have begun more encouragingly, taking the lead in only the fourth minute of the match with David Platt against the scorer.  Platt, whose move from Bari to Juventus for over £6m had been finalised while he was in Sweden, had been England's only scorer in the four previous internationals, perhaps a pointer to the major problem the side encountered in Sweden.  However, he was there to finish a move that had been begun by Webb, with David Batty heading the ball on and Gary Lineker providing the centre.

The goal stunned the Swedes and it was England's opportunity to take advantage; but once again the second goal that would surely have finished the Swedes didn't come.  There was a wonderful chance in the 34th minute when Daley was freed down the right flank by Platt.  It seemed all he had to do was roll the ball into Lineker's path, but yet again the final ball was a poor one.  The chances came, Daley wasting a header and Andy Sinton shooting wide, but at half-time England still held that slenderest of advantages.  The fears were confirmed in the second half when the Swedes came out a transformed side.

Jan Eriksson, who had been a Tottenham trialist earlier in the year, headed his second goal of the tournament, almost a replica of his first against France.  It was now the Swedes who gained in strength and they used that physical edge to overwhelm England,  A winner threatened, and when it came it was a fine sweeping move between Martin Dahlin and Tomas Brolin with Parma's Brolin supplying the final touch.  There was no coming back for England who seemed mentally and physically drained.  The Swedes, who are fed a weekly diet of English soccer, had beaten the country they learned from at their own game. - The F.A. England Year 1992-93, Stanley Paul & Co Ltd, London, 1992, pages 22 & 23.

England's European championship challenge ended with a depressing defeat by Sweden, who were allowed back into the game after David Platt had scored an early goal. Tony Daley missed two opportunities to make the game safe before Sweden gradually took control following the half-time substitution of Anders Limpar by the veteran Johnny Ekstrom and a change of tactics that had England's defenders completely bewildered. Jan Eriksson headed an equaliser in the fifty-first minute, and as England struggled to contain the suddenly buoyant Swedes Graham Taylor made the controversial decision to call off skipper Gary Lineker for Alan Smith. Lineker had fired his final shots for England after eighty caps and still a goal short of Bobby Charlton's all-time record. England, needing a win to book a place in the semi-finals, were being exposed to the perils of panic, and it was the Swedes who  conjured the goal that mattered seven minutes from the end when the gifted Tomas Brolin exchanged passes with Dahlin before firing in the winner. The media roof now fell in on Graham Taylor, who was depicted on the back page of The Sun newspaper as a Turnip head – and ever since he has been haunted by the nickname. 'Taylor the Turnip.' In the weeks following England's exit stories emerged that revealed a huge split between Taylor and his skipper Lineker had been damaging the team spirit during the European championships. - Norman Giller

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Official teamsheet
Mike Payne - football historian and contributor