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Wednesday, 9 December 1931
Football Association Friendly Match

England 7 Spain 1 [3-0]

Match Summary
England Party

Spain Party

Arsenal Stadium, Highbury, Islington, County of London
Attendance: 55,000;
Kick-off: tbc GMT

England - Jack Smith (a shot from a Strange pass which Zamora failed to hold 2, shot just under the bar from a Dean pass 38), Tosh Johnson (from a Smith pass 8, unstoppable shot set up by a Dean free-kick 76), Sammy Crooks (high shot from a Rimmer cross 47, Spanish defence in a tangle 80), Bill Dean (headed through a Crooks centre/corner 68)
Spain - Guillermo Gorostiza (a fine drive 87)
Results 1930-39

England won the toss, Spain kicked-off.


Match Summary





Referee - Dr. Peco Joseph Bauwens
44 (24 December 1886), Germany

Linesmen - Stanley Ford Rous, 36 (25 April 1895), Watford, Hertfordshire and A. Carcer, Spanish Referee's Association President.

"Many accidents had occurred to spectators, and scores were allowed over the rails to relieve the congestion"

  Goal Attempts  
  Attempts on Target  
  Hit Bar/Post  
  Corner Kicks Won  
  Offside Calls Against  
  Fouls Conceded  

England Team



No official ranking system established;
ELO rating 6th
Colours: The 1923 uniform - White collared jerseys and dark club shorts
Capt: Ernie Blenkinsop, first captaincy Selectors:
In charge: Henry J. Huband
The fourteen-man FA International Selection Committee, after the draw for the FA Cup second round, on Monday, 30 November 1931.
147th match, W 95 - D 27 - L 25 - F 455 - A 167.
England Lineup
  Hibbs, E. Henry 25 27 May 1906 G Birmingham FC 10 12 GA
  Cooper, Thomas 26 9 April 1905 RB Derby County FC 10 0
  Blenkinsop, Ernest 29 20 April 1902 LB Sheffield Wednesday FC 21 0
  Strange, Alfred H. 31 2 April 1900 RH Sheffield Wednesday FC 11 0
  Gee, Charles W. 22 6 April 1909 CH Everton FC 2 0
  Campbell, Austen F. 30 5 May 1901 LH Huddersfield Town AFC 8 1
Crooks, Samuel D. 23 16 January 1908 OR Derby County FC 11 5
Smith, John W. 33 28 October 1898 IR Portsmouth FC 3 4
Dean, William R. 24 22 January 1907 CF Everton FC 15 18
Johnson, Thomas C.F. 30 19 August 1901 IL Everton FC 3 5
  Rimmer, Ellis J. 24 2 January 1907 OL Sheffield Wednesday FC 4 2


Archie Clarke (Everton FC) and Joe Bradford (Birmingham FC)
2-3-5 Hibbs -
Cooper, Blenkinsop -
Strange, Gee, Campbell -
Crooks, Smith, Dean, Johnson, Rimmer


Age 27.1 Appearances/Goals 8.9 2.5


Spain Team



No official ranking system established;
ELO rating 7th
Colours: Red shirts, dark blue shorts and black socks
Capt: Ricardo Zamora Selectors: José María Mateos
Spain Lineup
  Zamora Martínez, Ricardo 30 21 January 1901 G Madrid CF 35 34 GA
  Zabalo Zubiaurre, Ramón 21 10 June 1910
born in South Shields, England
RB FC Barcelona 1 0
  de Quincoces y López de Arbina, Jacinto F.F. 26 17 July 1905 LB Madrid CF 12 0
  Cilaurren Uriarte, Leonardo 19 5 November 1912 RH Club Athletic Bilbao 1 0
  Gamborena Hernandorena, Francisco 30 14 March 1901 CH Unión Club de Irún SAD 17 0
  Echevarría Arruli, Roberto 23 6 May 1908 LH Club Athletic Bilbao 4 0
  Ventolrà Fort, Martín 24 16 December 1906 OR Sevilla FC SAD 2 1
  León Amador, Antonio 22 30 August 1909 IR Madrid CF 1 0
  Samitier Vilalta, José 29 2 February 1902 CF FC Barcelona 20 1
  Marrero Pérez, Juan 25 8 December 1905 IL Madrid CF 1 0
Gorostiza Paredes, Guillermo 22 15 February 1909 OL Club Athletic Bilbao 5 1


reserves not known

team notes:

Ciriaco Errasti was the original named right-back, his place going to Zabalo.
2-3-5 Zamora -
Zabalo, de Quincoces -
Cilaurren, Gamborena, Echevarria -
Ventolrà, Leoncito, Samitier, Hilario, Gorostiza


Age 24.6 Appearances/Goals 9.0 0.2


    Match Report

England beat Spain in an international match at Highbury yesterday afternoon by seven goals to one. It was the first match between the two countries to be played in this country, and England, whose team was as strong as could have been picked, gained an ample revenge for their defeat in the only previous match of the kind, played at Barcelona in May, 1929, when Spain won by four goals to three. here was a great crowd of 55,000 present to watch the match. The gates were closed some time before the kick-off and many thousands were left outside disappointed...

Within two minutes Smith scored from a pass by Strange, and not long afterwards good play by Smith and Crooks ended in a pass across the goalmouth from which Johnson scored. Smith got the third goal some time later with a hard shot after a pass from Dean, the ball going through just under the bar. In the second half Crooks scored the first goal from a centre by Rimmer, lofting the ball over the goalkeeper's head. Crooks, once more playing with great determination, forced a number of corners, and then centred for Dean to head the ball through the goal. A free-kick for hands taken by Cooper took the ball once more to Dean in the goalmouth and he placed it back to the feet of Johnson, who shot through with a hard kick. Crooks got the seventh goal, once more coming in to the centre to take a pass from the other wing...

Gorostiza, who is known as the " Red Bullet " for the power of his shooting, proved true to his name with a hard low drive which went with a swerve through the goal just out of the reach of Hibbs's outstretched left hand. - The Times - Thursday 10th December, 1931


It was on 9 December 1931, a few hours after the Spanish team had gone down to a heavy defeat in London, that Spain officially became a republic on their approval of a new constitution.

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