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157 vs. Ireland
159 vs. Scotland

Monday, 28 November 1927
Home International Championship 1927-28 (40th) Match

England 1 Wales 2 [0-2]

Match Summary
England Party

Wales Party

Turf Moor, Brunshaw Bottom, Burnley, Lancashire
Attendance: 25,000;
Kick-off: tbc GMT

Wales - Wilf Lewis (a grand left foot shot that went in off the far post 22), Jack Hill (diverted the ball into his own goal 40)
England -  Roy Goodall (missed penalty 50), Fred Keenor (hit into his own goal from a Page corner 79)
Results 1919-30

Wales won the toss, England kicked-off.


Match Summary





Referee - William Bell

Linesmen - A.T. Hall, Burnley, and not known

  Goal Attempts  
  Attempts on Target  
  Hit Bar/Post  
  Corner Kicks Won  
  Offside Calls Against  
  Fouls Conceded  

England Team



No official ranking system established;
ELO rating 11th to 13th
Colours: The 1923 uniform - White collared jerseys and dark club shorts
Capt: Jack Hill, fifth captaincy Selectors:
In charge: Charles E. Sutcliffe
The fourteen-man FA International Selection Committee, following the trial match, on Monday, 21 November 1927.
125th match, W 80 - D 25 - L 20 - F 381 - A 132.
England Lineup
58   Tremelling, R. Daniel 30 12 November 1897 G Birmingham FC 1 2ᵍᵃ
524 only app 1927
  Goodall, F. Roy 24 31 December 1902 RB Huddersfield Town FC 6 ¹
sixth penalty missed (ninth taken overall)   
525   Osborne, Reginald 29 23 July 1898
in Wynberg, South Africa
LB Leicester City FC 1 0
526   Baker, Alfred 29 27 April 1898 RH Arsenal FC 1 0
  Hill, John H. 30 2 March 1897 CH Burnley FC 8 ¹
the eighth own goal conceded by England
  Nuttall, Henry 30 9 November 1897 LH Bolton Wanderers FC 2 0
  Hulme, Joseph H.A. 23 26 August 1904 OR Arsenal FC 5 1
  Brown, George 24 22 June 1903 IR Huddersfield Town AFC 7 3
  Dean, William R. 20 22 January 1907 CF Everton FC 7 12
  Rigby, Arthur 27 7 June 1900 IL Blackburn Rovers FC 5 3
final app 1927
  Page, Louis A. 28 27 March 1899 OL Burnley FC 7 1


Joe Spence (Manchester United FC) and Harry Healless (Blackburn Rovers FC)


Not since the 1881-82 season have England lost their first two matches in a season, it is the sixth time they have lost two games in a season.
The first time two own goals have been scored in one match by both oppositions.
For the first time, England have missed three prenalty-kicks in a row.
2-3-5 Tremelling -
Goodall, Osborne -
Baker, Hill, Nuttall -
Hulme, Brown, Dean, Rigby, Page.


Age 26.7 Appearances/Goals 4.5 1.8


Wales Team



No official ranking system established;
ELO rating 26th to 19th
Colours: Made by St. Margaret's - Red shirts with white laced-up collars, white shorts, red socks
Capt: Fred Keenor Selectors: Team selection chosen by Committee, on Thursday, 17 November 1927.
Wales Lineup
  Gray, Albert 27 23 September 1900 G Manchester City FC, England 11 16ᵍᵃ
  Williams, Benjamin D. 27 29 October 1900 RB Swansea Town FC 1 0
  Evans, Thomas J. 24 7 April 1903 LB Clapton Orient FC, England 3 0
  Bennion, S. Raymond 31 1 September 1896 RH Manchester United FC, England 4 0
  Keenor, Frederick C. 33 31 July 1894 CH Cardiff City FC 21 2
the fourteenth own goal scored for England
  John, Robert F. 28 3 February 1899 LH Arsenal FC, England 6 0
  Hole, William J. 30 1 November 1897 OR Swansea Town FC 6 1
  Davies, Leonard S. 28 28 April 1899 CF Cardiff City FC 17 5
Lewis, Wilfred L. 24 1 July 1903 CF Swansea Town FC 3 2
  Jones, Charles 27 12 December 1899 IL Nottingham Forest FC, England 4 0
  Cook, Frederick 25 20 January 1902 OL Portsmouth FC, England 4 0


reserves not known


Fred Keenor is the oldest player so far to score an own goal in favour of England, and the first captain.
2-3-5 Gray -
Williams, Evans -
Bennion, Keenor, John -
Hole, Davies, Lewis, Jones, Cook


Age 27.6 Appearances/Goals 7.3 0.8


    Match Report

All chance of England winning the International Championship this season disappeared yesterday when, on the ground of the Burnley club, they played and lost their second fixture of the series, Wales winning by two goals to one. Wales now lead in the competition with one win and one draw (three points), while Ireland have won and Scotland drawn the one fixture played by each country to date.

England gave a disappointing display in every respect, and, outplayed for the most part, they lost to a superior team in a game that did not produce much high-class football. A modern craze for doing everything in a hurry spoiled all efforts at combination on both sides. All three goals were lucky affairs. Wales scored the first with a speculative, if brilliant, shot, which the wind helped inside the far post, while England's captain, Hill, had the mortification of giving away the goal that decided the issue when steadiness would have removed all risk. England's score came from a corner, the ball going through direct...

Want of confidence had proof in Goodall's failure with a penalty kick when England during one period were having all the play. - The Times - Tuesday 29th November, 1927


It was on 28 November 1927 that the British Olympic Association agreed to send a team to Amsterdam for the following year's games. The question of whether 'broken time' payments for loss of earnings could be made to athletes who were supposed to be of amateur status was still hotly disputed, however, and the refusal of the International Olympic Committee to outlaw them completely, eventually led to a British football team not taking part.

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