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England's Uniforms

England's Tournament Uniform
World Cup

1990 Away Uniform
1990 World Cup Home Uniform
1990 World Cup Blue Uniform
1992 Euro Away Uniform

Not worn in play


Red short-sleeved shirt, with a dual-layered shadow pattern. One layer includes rows of large interlocking diamonds, the top and bottom of which consist of triangles, each split into three separately-striped compartments. Two of the compartments are triangular, one on each side of the diamond, with diagonal stripes rising from right to left at the top left and bottom right of the diamond, and from left to right at the top right and bottom left of the diamond. A smaller horizontally-striped diamond is the third compartment and sits at the upper and lower points of the large diamond, which also includes a second concentric diamond within. Another layer of geometric shapes is overlaid. Navy-blue winged collar, with small white stripes in a strip near the outer edge, and a red stripe after every fifth white stripe. Large white upside-down triangular insert beneath the neck, with thin navy-blue stripes, split down the middle, with a navy-blue button fastening via a loop of navy-blue material attached to the left side of the insert. Navy-blue diagonal stripes rising from left to right in a white strip near the edge of the sleeves, with two navy-blue concentric diamonds after every fourth stripe. Embroidered emblem on left breast, with 'FIFA WORLD CUP' and then 'ITALY '90' centralised in capitalised white lettering underneath. Two embroidered white concentric diamonds on right breast, with 'umbro' in white lower-case lettering underneath. White numbers on back, in the same font as on the previous Umbro England shirts, with a red border, outlined in white.

White shorts, with white drawstring. A strip of navy-blue diagonal stripes rising from right to left, comprising upper-third of seams, with two navy blue concentric diamonds after every fourth stripe. A large red triangle, and below that, a large navy-blue triangle, each with its base running down middle of seam, underneath navy-blue stripes. Two embroidered navy-blue concentric diamonds on left thigh, with 'umbro' in navy-blue lower-case lettering underneath. Red numbers on right thigh in the same font as on the 1986 World Cup and 1988 European Championship shorts, with embroidered emblem underneath.

Red socks, with white turnover, three navy-blue lions on each.


A new red change kit had only been introduced in May 1990, for the pre-tournament friendly against Uruguay at Wembley, and was swiftly modified to include the World Cup insignia, before being issued to the England squad on arrival in Italy. However, for each outfield player, it was to remain an unused souvenir of a dramatic month for England.

Like the two previous major tournaments, a second-choice shirt was not required. England wore the 1990 white home shirt in all seven of their matches and this same red design was also taken to Sweden, two years later, where it again stayed in the wardrobe.

The shirt at the top of the page was signed by the whole squad and was issued to Tony Dorigo. It appears by kind permission of the Neville Evans National Football Shirt Collection (curator Simon Shakeshaft).