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England's Goalkeeper Uniform
8 to November1989

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P 6 W 2 D 2 L 2 F 6:A 8
50% successful
2 clean sheets

Four-tone green striped shirts appearing as diamonds, making the overall effect look zig-zagged, with black shoulder pads/arm pads, black collar with lighter green trim, white Umbro diamond and England crest. Black shorts. Black socks.
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This rather striking jersey was initially thought to be yellow and black, on its first appearance in the bright sunlight of a June afternoon in Düsseldorf.  Closer inspection in gloomier conditions revealed that it was actually four different shades of green.

Peter Shilton's autobiography revealed that he was originally issued with a green jersey for the opening game of the 1988 European Championship final tournament against the Republic of Ireland; obviously clashing with the emerald shirts of their opponents. For that game, he wore the black shorts and socks of this kit with the grey and silver jersey that had been England's first-choice goalkeeping top for the past two years. The zig-zags then made their debut in the second match of the tournament, as Peter Shilton conceded three goals on his hundredth appearance for England; Marco Van Basten netting a hat-trick.

Over the course of the eighteen months that these jerseys were worn in England internationals, it appears that every single one of them was subtly different. Three days after the Dutch game, the jersey worn by Chris Woods against the USSR was different (apart from the fact that Woods wore a white number 13 on the back, as opposed to Shilton's number 1). The zig-zag columns were positioned slightly over to the left side of the chest so that both the emblem and the Umbro logo sat more centrally across a dark green column. Meanwhile, Peter Shilton was on the bench against the USSR, and his jersey, shown at the top of the page, shows a further shift of zig-zags to position the central dark column directly in line with the middle of the collar, meaning that both of his jerseys were different and that even Shilton's and Woods' jerseys were different for the same game! There does not seem to have been any sort of consistency for any of the other later games. They all vary in these respects and it suggests that they were made without any set template to line the zig-zags up with any other parts of the jersey.

Many thanks to Simon Shakeshaft for providing the photo of Shilton's jersey above. It is part of the National Football Shirt Collection, some of which can be found on the England Match Shirts website as part of the Neville Evans Collection.


Matches in Which England Wore the 1988 Green Goalkeeper Uniform
Season 1987-88


Bobby Robson

European Championship Finals in West Germany
637 15 June 1988 - England 1 Netherlands 3 [0-1]
Rheinstadion, Düsseldorf, Nordrhein-Westfalen (65,000 to 68,400)
van Basten (3)
Peter Shilton wore this uniform, alongside England’s 1987 white uniform, against Netherlands’ orange shirts and white shorts.
638 18 June 1988 - England 1 USSR 3 [1-2]
Waldstadion, Frankfurt am Main, Hessen (53,000)
Aleinikov, Mikhailichenko, Pasulko
Chris Woods wore this uniform, alongside England’s 1987 white uniform, against USSR’s red shirts and white shorts.
Season 1988-89
639 14 September 1988 - England 1 Denmark 0 [1-0]
Wembley Stadium, Wembley, London (25,837)
Webb HW
Peter Shilton and Chris Woods wore this uniform, alongside England’s 1987 white uniform, against Denmark’s red shirts and white shorts.
641 16 November 1988 - Saudi Arabia 1 England 1 [1-0]
King Fahd II International Stadium, Riyadh (8,000)
Majed Abdullah
David Seaman wore this uniform, alongside England’s 1988 red uniform, against Saudi Arabia’s white shirts and green shorts.
642 8 February 1989 - Greece 1 England 2 [1-1]
Olympiako Stadio Athinas Spyros Louis, Athína (3,364 to 10,000)
Saravakos (pen)
Economopoulos OG, Robson
Peter Shilton wore this uniform, with black tracksuit trousers, alongside England’s 1988 red uniform, against Greece’s light blue shirts and blue shorts.
Season 1989-90
651 15 November 1989 - England 0 Italy 0 [0-0]
Wembley Stadium, Wembley, London (67,500)
Peter Shilton and Dave Beasant wore this uniform, alongside England’s 1987 white uniform, against Italy’s blue shirts and white shorts.


England's Record wearing the 1988 Green Goalkeeper Uniform
Type P W D L F A GD FTS CS FAv AAv Pts % W/L
Home 2 1 1 0 1 0 +1 1 2 0.50 0.00 75.0 +1
Away 2 1 1 0 3 2 +1 0 0 1.50 1.50 75.0 +1
Neutral 2 0 0 2 2 6 -4 0 0 1.00 3.00 00.0 -2
Total 6 2 2 2 6 8 -2 1 2 1.00 1.333 50.0 =0