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England National Football Team Match No. 800

Liechtenstein 0 England 2 [0-1]

Saturday, 29 March 2003

Liechtenstein Pre-Match

Match Summary and Report Team Records Liechtenstein Pre-Match England Pre-Match

Liechtenstein's Rheinpark Stadion, capacity 3,548, located in the outskirts of the tiny nation's capital, Vaduz, against a picturesque mountain backdrop, hosted the biggest match in its history when England visited for the first match between the two countries, the European Championship 2004 qualifier on 29 March 2003.  The ground had only two small stands, and the Lichtensteiner Fussballverband asked UEFA for permission to erect temporary stands for the game.  Citing safety concerns, UEFA rejected the request, and only 900 tickets were allocated to the Football Association for England supporters.  That ensured that many English fans would try to journey to Vaduz without tickets, and security forces were bolstered with help from neighbouring Switzerland and Austria to cope with potential troublemakers.  The invasion of Iraq  by armed forces from  the U.S. and the U.K. some 10 days before the match prompted concerns the event would become the focus of anti-war protests and that even the increased security forces would prove inadequate.  Eventually local authorities satisfied UEFA that proper security would be provided and the match went ahead without a hitch.

Liechtenstein Squad for the Matches Against England & Slovakia March & April 2003
Player Birthdate Age Pos Club App G

Beck, Matthias

05-Oct-1981 21 M USV Eschen-Mauren - -

Beck, Thomas

21-Feb-1981 22 F FC Vaduz - -
Büchel, Ronny 19-Mar-1982 20 M FC Vaduz - -
Burgmeier, Franz 07-Apr-1982 20 M FC Vaduz - -
D'Elia, Fabio 19-Jan-1983 20 D Chur 97, Switzerland - -
Frick, Mario 07-Sep-1974 28 F Ternano Calcio, Italy - -
Gerster, Andreas 24-Nov-1982 20 M FC Vaduz - -
Gigon, Frédéric 13-Feb-1973 30 D Stade Lausanne, Switzerland - -
Hasler, Daniel 18-May-1974 28 D FC Wil 1900, Switzerland - -
Player Birthdate Age Pos Club App G
Heeb, Martin 05-Nov-1969 33 G USV Eschen-Mauren - -
Jehle, Peter 22-Jan-1982 21 G Grasshopper Club Zürich, Switzerland - -
Nigg, Thomas 28-Jun-1983 19 M USV Eschen-Mauren - -
Ospelt, Jürgen 16-Jan-1974 29 D Chur 97, Switzerland - -
Ritter, Christof 18-Jan-1981 22 D FC Vaduz - -
Stocklasa, Martin 29-May-1979 23 M FC Vaduz - -
Stocklasa, Michael 02-Dec-1980 22 D FC Vaduz - -
Telser, Martin 16-Oct-1978 24 M FC Vaduz - -
Zech, Harry 25-Feb-1969 34 D USV Eschen-Mauren - -

England Football Online thanks Roland Ospelt, Chief  Executive Officer of the Liechtensteiner Fussballverband (Liechtenstein Football Association) for kindly providing us with background information on the Liechtenstein squad.

Squad Background

All Liechtenstein clubs play in the various Swiss Football League divisions.  Mario Frick of Tirnana Calcio in Italy's Serie B is the only Liechtenstein player from a club side outside the Swiss League.   Only two squad members, Daniel Hasler and Peter Jehle, play for Swiss first division clubs; the rest are with clubs in the second, third and fourth divisions.

Only six squad members are full professionals:  Ronny Büchel, Mario Frick, Daniel Hasler, Peter Jehle, Martin Stocklasa and Michael Stocklasa.  Another five are semi-professional:  Thomas Beck,  bank clerk, Franz Burgmeier,  bank clerk, Andreas Gerster,  commercial employee, Christof Ritter, sales employee, and Martin Telser, sanitary worker.  The remaining seven are amateurs:  Matthias Beck, electronic engineer, Fabio D'Elia, student, Frédéric Gigon, teacher, Martin Heeb, groundskeeper, Thomas Nigg, groundskeeper, Jürgen Ospelt, surveyor, and Harry Zech, winegrower.

The world's fourth smallest nation, Liechtenstein has a population of 32,000.


Tuesday, 18 March 2003 - Luxembourg's German national team coach Ralf Loose named an 18-player squad for the European  Championship 2004 qualifying matches against England at Rheinpark Stadion in Vaduz on 29 March 2003 and against Slovakia in Dubnic on 2 April 2003.

Loose made few changes  from  the squad which suffered a 5-0 defeat in the qualifier against Turkey in October.  FC Vaduz defender Christof Ritter is expected by local media to return to the starting line-up at left-back after a lack of match fitness forced him on to the bench against Turkey.   Young defender Remo Eberle, an unused substitute against Turkey, and Mario Wolfinger and Marco Nigg, both left out of the Istanbul match, were not selected.

Luxembourg drew at home with FYR Macedonia, 1-1, in the qualifying group opener in September.  Since England only drew at home, 2-2, against the same opposition in October, Luxembourg are not entirely without hope, although Loose said he would consider a 3-1 or 4-1 loss a good result.


Liechtenstein Results
No. Date Opposition Venue Type F A Result H.T.
49 28-Feb-2001 Latvia Rheinpark Stadion, Vaduz F 0 2 HL [0-0]
50 24-Mar-2001 Spain Estadio José Rico Pérez, Alicante WCP 0 5 AL [0-2]
51 28-Mar-2001 Bosnia-Herzegovina Rheinpark Stadion, Vaduz WCP 0 3 HL [0-1]
52 25-Apr-2001 Austria Tivoli Stadion, Innsbruck WCP 0 2 AL [0-1]
53 02-Jun-2001 Israel Rheinpark Stadion, Vaduz WCP 0 3 HL [0-3]
54 05-Sep-2001 Spain Rheinpark Stadion, Vaduz WCP 0 2 HL [0-1]
55 07-Oct-2001 Bosnia-Herzegovina Bilino Polje Stadion, Zenica WCP 0 5 AL [0-2]
56 13-Feb-2002 Faroe Islands Peyia Municipality Stadium, Paphos, Cyprus F 0 1 NL [0-1]
57 27-Mar-2002 Northern Ireland Rheinpark Stadion, Vaduz F 0 0 HD [0-0]
58 17-Apr-2002 Luxembourg Stadion Holleschbierg, Hesperange F 3 3 AD [3-1]
59 21-Aug-2002 Faroe Islands Gundadalur Stadium, Torshavn F 1 3 AL [1-0]
60 08-Sep-2002 Macedonia FYR Rheinpark Stadion, Vaduz ECP 1 1 HD [0-1]
61 16-Oct-2002 Turkey Ali Sami Yen Stadyumu, İstanbul ECP 0 5 AL [0-3]